Hi folks, it's a bit late, but here's the final wash-up of the Mingara, and 'family', results from the recently completed World Masters Games held in Auckland. This is a full list so some will be repeated.

Richelle Ingram W45-49 3rd eq 100m 14.43, 4th 200m 29.84, 2nd 400m 1:11.30, 5th LJ 3.60m, 7th Discus 19.75m, 5th Jav 20.06m - a truly inspirational week's efforts, Shazza!!
January Jones W50-54 6th 100m 15.13, 5th 200m 31.39, 5th 400m 1:15.90, 5th LJ 2.87m
Sally Hunt W50-54 1st 800m 2:47.02, 2nd 1500m 5:47.09, 2nd 5000m 21:23.24, 1st 4x400m 200-239yrs, 1st 6km CC 28:29.40
Julie Peksis W55-59 5th 1500m 6:46.29, 10th 6km CC 33:41.10

Andrew Cassin M45-49 1st 100m 11.88, 1st LJ 5.85m
John Musich M60-64 20th Criterium 40:02.10, 40th 90km Road Race 2hrs49:10.32

Congratulations to everyone on their superb performances and, whilst I usually don't like singling anyone out in particular, an extra special STAR to Sally Hunt for that awesome 800m finish, and to be presented her medals by the All-Time Great John Walker!!!


PS Again, hopefully I haven't missed any, especially yours Julie Peksis but I can only find the 2 results for you. Hope you're on the mend well and truly after coming off 2nd best to a volcano!

Hi folks, in response to a query from one of our members regarding Mingara's overall results in the ANSW Summer Premiership, I contacted them last week to seek an answer. Without boring everyone silly, the simple answer is that the administration of the SP was unbelievably time consuming, incredibly complex and little understood, and basically meaningless, so it was dropped.

There are 2 Summer team competitions run by ANSW (for us, it's 3 as we also have the bonus of NSW Country C'ships). They are, State Relays and Club Championships. Whilst I'm fairly certain I've posted the results from these C'ships, I'm doing it again just in case I didn't.

Mingara Club C'ships standings:

Junior Girls 12th/35, 2nd Country

Junior Boys 4th/43, 1st Country

Open Female 12th/28, 4th Country

Open Male 6th/33, 1st Country

Masters Female 2nd/16, 1st Country

Masters Male 3rd/30, 1st Country

Mingara State Relays standings:

Junior Girls 20th/27, 8th Country

Junior Male 0 teams entered!!!

Open Female 12th/15, 2nd Country

Open Male 4th/21, 1st Country

Masters Female 3rd/12, 1st Country

Masters Male 3rd/17, 1st Country

As can be seen from those outstanding results, we are extremely strong in Masters which comes as no great surprise given the terrific depth and strength of talent at the club, though we do have a few areas to work at improving for next season. We are far and away one of, if not, the strongest clubs outside the Sydney Metro area as evidenced by 3 Hooper Cup victories in a row and that's amply in evidence by the above results.

I hope and trust everyone ate humungous amounts of chocolate over the Easter break but are now getting back into serious training for season 2017/18 and the Winter competitions run by CCXC and ANSW. See you all at Presentation Day.



Hi folks, here’s a wrap-up of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes results from the recently completed National Junior and Open C’ships. No stories, just the results and apologies for them being 4 days after the conclusion of the event. Suffice to say, everyone performed admirably and all deserve congratulations for their fabulous efforts.

Matthew Scarr MU/20 800m qualified for final in 1:55.1822nd MU/20 1500m 4:08.56(Team Overton)

Terry Mihellis MU/18 800m 16th 1:57.27 PB(Team Overton)

Callum Sutton MU/17 Discus 7th 44.78m PB, 7thHammer 43.57m PB

Harley Simity MU/16 Hammer 9th 31.73m (Team Momentum)

Hamish Hart MU/14 800m 5th in heat 13th overall2:15.65, 2nd 1500m 4:25.163000m 9th 9:36.97 (Hamish is an U/13 thus competing up an age group so very commendable!)

Ashley Pernecker WU/14 800m 4th in heat 13thoverall 2:24.37, 400m 6th in heat 18th overall 63.26 (Tominators)

Cameron Cheney MU/14 Javelin 4th 31.55m

Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 200m 8th in heat 23rdoverall 23.74 (Team LWL)

Zac Martin MU/17 3000m 9th 9:05.67

Rae Anderson WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 3rdAustralian 4th overall 26.72m, 2nd Discus 27.18m(Team Momentum)

Kaya Ardita MU/16 100m Hurdles 4th in heat 9thoverall 14.69 (Team LWL)

Joel Kemp MU/14 3000m Race Walk 2nd 14:10.57(Team Overton)

Allanah Pitcher WU/15 3000m Race Walk 3rd14:25.63, 2nd WU/17 5000m Race Walk 24:47.00(Team Overton)

Hannah Bolton WU/15 3000m Race Walk 4th14:48.47, 4th U/17 5000m Race Walk 26:35.83(Team Overton)

Danielle Vesper WU/15 3000m Race Walk 12th18:22.90(Team Overton)

Matt Winsor MOpen 100m 7th in heat 36th overall 11.27, 200m 6th in heat 27th overall 22.43 (Matt’s an U/20 so up an age)

Ryan Vesper MU/14 3000m Race Walk 8th17:02.66 (Ryan is an U/13 so back in this age next yr!,(Team Overton))

Izabella Dunne WU/14 3000m Race Walk 6th15:51.40(Team Overton)

Chloe McLoughlin WU/14 3000m Race Walk 13th18:34.75(Team Overton)

Tyler Jones MOpen 10000m Race Walk 3rd42:01.39 (Tyler’s an U/20)(Team Overton)

Dylan Richardson MOpen 10000m Race Walk 12th47:55.68 (Dylan’s an U/18)(Team Overton)

Aanika Milne WOpen 100m Hurdles 7th in heat 19th overall 15.25 (Aanika’s 36, and gave away up to 18yrs on her fellow competitors!!!, Team LWL)

Jackson Barnes MU/14 High Jump 2nd 1.65m(Team Horsnell)

Jay Felton MOpen 10000m Race Walk 7th44:51.84 (ex-Mingara)

Carl Gibbons MOpen 10000m Race Walk 8th 44:58.02(Team Overton)

Oscar Tebbutt MOpen 10000m Race Walk 13th49:42.41 (Oscar is only 16, Team Overton!)

Katie Gunn WU/15 Long Jump 2nd 5.51m, 4thTriple Jump 11.24m

Tyler Gunn MOpen 400m 8th in Final 48.292nd 400m 47.48, 2ndMOpen4x400m Relay (Tyler’s only 18 this year!!!)

Archie Tebbutt MU/14 3000m Race Walk 5th16:05.06(Team Overton)

Emily CoppinsWOpen 200m 4th in heat 26thoverall 25.32 (Team LWL)

Nicola McDermott WOpen High Jump 4th 1.83m (Team Horsnell)

Bethany Kranendonk WU/18 Long Jump 9th 5.43m(Team Horsnell)

April Brown-Peters 13th WU/17 Hammer 32.47(Team Momentum)

Chelsea Goodhew6th WU/20 10,000m Walk 57:41.61 (Team Overton)

Katelyn Smith WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 4thAustralian 5th overall 21.61m, 7th Discus 19.72m, 6th Shot Put 7.38m

Jack McGinniskin MU/16 3000m Race Walk 5th14:40.51 (Team Overton)