Hi folks, here’s a wrap-up of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes results from the recently completed National Junior and Open C’ships. No stories, just the results and apologies for them being 4 days after the conclusion of the event. Suffice to say, everyone performed admirably and all deserve congratulations for their fabulous efforts.

Matthew Scarr MU/20 800m qualified for final in 1:55.1822nd MU/20 1500m 4:08.56(Team Overton)

Terry Mihellis MU/18 800m 16th 1:57.27 PB(Team Overton)

Callum Sutton MU/17 Discus 7th 44.78m PB, 7thHammer 43.57m PB

Harley Simity MU/16 Hammer 9th 31.73m (Team Momentum)

Hamish Hart MU/14 800m 5th in heat 13th overall2:15.65, 2nd 1500m 4:25.163000m 9th 9:36.97 (Hamish is an U/13 thus competing up an age group so very commendable!)

Ashley Pernecker WU/14 800m 4th in heat 13thoverall 2:24.37, 400m 6th in heat 18th overall 63.26 (Tominators)

Cameron Cheney MU/14 Javelin 4th 31.55m

Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 200m 8th in heat 23rdoverall 23.74 (Team LWL)

Zac Martin MU/17 3000m 9th 9:05.67

Rae Anderson WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 3rdAustralian 4th overall 26.72m, 2nd Discus 27.18m(Team Momentum)

Kaya Ardita MU/16 100m Hurdles 4th in heat 9thoverall 14.69 (Team LWL)

Joel Kemp MU/14 3000m Race Walk 2nd 14:10.57(Team Overton)

Allanah Pitcher WU/15 3000m Race Walk 3rd14:25.63, 2nd WU/17 5000m Race Walk 24:47.00(Team Overton)

Hannah Bolton WU/15 3000m Race Walk 4th14:48.47, 4th U/17 5000m Race Walk 26:35.83(Team Overton)

Danielle Vesper WU/15 3000m Race Walk 12th18:22.90(Team Overton)

Matt Winsor MOpen 100m 7th in heat 36th overall 11.27, 200m 6th in heat 27th overall 22.43 (Matt’s an U/20 so up an age)

Ryan Vesper MU/14 3000m Race Walk 8th17:02.66 (Ryan is an U/13 so back in this age next yr!,(Team Overton))

Izabella Dunne WU/14 3000m Race Walk 6th15:51.40(Team Overton)

Chloe McLoughlin WU/14 3000m Race Walk 13th18:34.75(Team Overton)

Tyler Jones MOpen 10000m Race Walk 3rd42:01.39 (Tyler’s an U/20)(Team Overton)

Dylan Richardson MOpen 10000m Race Walk 12th47:55.68 (Dylan’s an U/18)(Team Overton)

Aanika Milne WOpen 100m Hurdles 7th in heat 19th overall 15.25 (Aanika’s 36, and gave away up to 18yrs on her fellow competitors!!!, Team LWL)

Jackson Barnes MU/14 High Jump 2nd 1.65m(Team Horsnell)

Jay Felton MOpen 10000m Race Walk 7th44:51.84 (ex-Mingara)

Carl Gibbons MOpen 10000m Race Walk 8th 44:58.02(Team Overton)

Oscar Tebbutt MOpen 10000m Race Walk 13th49:42.41 (Oscar is only 16, Team Overton!)

Katie Gunn WU/15 Long Jump 2nd 5.51m, 4thTriple Jump 11.24m

Tyler Gunn MOpen 400m 8th in Final 48.292nd 400m 47.48, 2ndMOpen4x400m Relay (Tyler’s only 18 this year!!!)

Archie Tebbutt MU/14 3000m Race Walk 5th16:05.06(Team Overton)

Emily CoppinsWOpen 200m 4th in heat 26thoverall 25.32 (Team LWL)

Nicola McDermott WOpen High Jump 4th 1.83m (Team Horsnell)

Bethany Kranendonk WU/18 Long Jump 9th 5.43m(Team Horsnell)

April Brown-Peters 13th WU/17 Hammer 32.47(Team Momentum)

Chelsea Goodhew6th WU/20 10,000m Walk 57:41.61 (Team Overton)

Katelyn Smith WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 4thAustralian 5th overall 21.61m, 7th Discus 19.72m, 6th Shot Put 7.38m

Jack McGinniskin MU/16 3000m Race Walk 5th14:40.51 (Team Overton)