Hi folks, here’s the complete report from the ANSW Open and Para C’ships held at SOPAC over the w’end of Feb 24-26 Feb. Our Mingara athletes did themselves, their club and their families proud with their performances. From Rae winning the Para Ambulant Javelin to Jacquie running another PB in the 400m to Aanika qualifying for the semi-finals in the 100m to Matt Scarr qualifying for the 1500m final, they were all brilliant.

Apart from the Mingara performances there were two other highlights on the night. The first actuality had no lights as there was a complete 10min blackout just before the Steeplechasers commenced their races. The second was an almost triple deadheat in a heat of the Women's 800m. First and second were separated by thousandths of a second, with third one onehundredth (0.01) behind. And, to make that result even more astonishing, the young lass who finished third unbelievably did not qualify for the Final as only the first two in each heat were automatic plus the next 4 fastest and she missed by 0.03!!!

Here's the Mingara and Central Coast results from Day 1.

Aanika Milne 11th Open Women's 80m Hurdles 15.54 (her 3rd fastest time!!); qualified Semi-finals of the 100m in 12.89

Jacqueline O'Neill 26th Open Women's 400m 1:01.41 PB

Matt Winsor qualified for the Semi-finals of the Open Men's 100m in 11.50

Lauren Keating 33rd Open Women's 100m 13.22

Kia Prokopiou 41st Open Women's 100m 13.54

Marr Scarr qualified for the Open Men's 1500m Final in 3:55.12

Edan Clarke 15th Open Men's 1500m (3rd in heat) in 3:58.48

Andrew Land 38th Open Men's 1500m in 4:20.37

Charlie Brooks 6th Open Men's 10000m in 34:38.07

Rae Anderson 1st Women’s Para Ambulant Javelin 27.67m

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 10th Open Women's Javelin 31.35m

Emily Coppins qualified for the Semi-finals of the Open Women's 100m in 12.58

Tyler Gunn qualified 2nd fastest in the Open Men's 400m in 47.71

*Jackson Collett (ex-Mingara, qualified fastest)

Katelyn Smith 2nd Women's Para Ambulant Javelin 21.34m

There will be more sensational performances tonight I'm certain. Mingara is well represented across the meet, as is the Central Coast. At least 3 of our wonderful Masters Ladies will be in the Invitational 400m also tonight. Nicky Kelly, January Jones and Cherie Myers, go girls!!

Hi folks, another simply brilliant night of athletics on Day 2 at SOPAC y'day. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the 'three-peat' from our Paralympian Rae Anderson in the Ambulant Discus. As most will have already read Supercoach Kerry's post, Rae not only threw a PB of over 2m which is ASTONISHING just by itself, but, she also threw an IAAF London World C'ships qualifier and set a new National record!! However, on a much, more important scale, she also set a club record, hahaha!!!

Team Overton just goes from strength to strength. Not satisfied with having half the competitors in both the Women's and Men's 5000m Race Walks in their training squad, TO athletes filled the podium in the Men’s race and came 4th, and had 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the Women's, and that was with the clear favourite Allanah pulling up with injury whilst clearly leading.

Our 3 Ladies Masters 400m runners were all terrific with Nicky Kelly just missing a Top 3 finish. Both January and Cherie ran their hearts out and all three should be proud of their efforts.

Here's the results from Day 2.

Rae Anderson 1st Open Women's Para Ambulant Discus NSW Champion 29.37m

Terry Mihellis 17th Open Men's 800m 1:58.47

Kia Prokopiou 7th in heat 36th overall Open Women's 200m 27.78

Jacqueline O'Neill 8th in heat 38th overall Open Women's 200m 27.90

Matt Winsor 9th in heat 25th overall Open Men's 100m 11.65

Tyler Jones 1st Open Men's 5000m Race Walk NSW Champion 20:37.19

Dylan Richardson 3rd Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 22:20.30

Hannah Bolton 2nd Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 25:35.50

Allanah Pitcher Open Women's Race Walk DNF

Nicky Kelly 4th Women's Masters 400m 1:04.80

January Jones 8th Women's Masters 400m 1:13.83

Cherie Myers 9th Women's Masters 400m 1:20.44

Matthew Scarr 8th Open Men's 1500m 3:58.15

Bethany Kranendonk Open Women's Long Jump 5.14m

Katelyn Smith 4th Open Women's Para Ambulant Discus 23.42m

Samantha Farrant 10th Open Women's Discus 37.75m

Kelly Hunter 8th Open Women's Discus 38.32m (Kelly threw 40.62m in qualifying)

Emily Coppins 8th Open Women's 200m Final 25.93 (25.71 1st in heat to qualify for the Final)

Carl Gibbons 2nd Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 21:58.62

Oscar Tebbutt 4th Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 23:30.02

Kyle Bedford 6th Open Men's 5000m Race Walks 25:03.82

Jack McGinniskin 9th Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 28:35.82

Chelsea Goodhew 3rd Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 24:48.91

Molly O'Neill 5th Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 26:26.17

Rhys Donkin 5th Open Men's Pole Vault 4.10m

Tyler Gunn 2nd Open Men's 400m 47.87

Congratulations everyone.

Hi folks, how bloody good is it to be back into your own home after a few days away? I left here on Wednesday to complete an overnight bus driving job taking a cricket team from Oakhill College in Castle Hill to Wagga Wagga for a cricket match, which thankfully they won otherwise the 7hr trip home may not have been anywhere near as enjoyable. I'm extremely lucky my mum lives about 15mins from SOPAC which makes it the perfect spot for my competing and watching athletics. As many of you have already read, and commented upon (thank you very much for your kind words and support as it makes it all worthwhile), I've spent the w'end at SOPAC watching the ANSW State Open and Para C'ships.

The athletics, on the whole, was sensational and the Mingara athletes, and those from the Central Coast, were simply AWESOME. Today was no exception from Aanika and Emily Coppins (team LWL) in the semi-finals of the Open Women's 100m (where she finished 22nd out of 27) to Matt Winsor and Jack Vane-Tempest in the 200m Men's Open heats it was another very, enjoyable day.

Here's the results from Day 3.

Matt Winsor 3rd in heat 21st overall Open Men's 200m 23.12

Jack Vane-Tempest 6th in heat 31st overall Open Men's 200m 23.83

Aanika Milne 9th in heat 22nd overall Open Women's 100m 12.90

Kelly Hunter 10th Open Women's Shot 11.11m

Samantha Farrant 12th Open Women's Shot 10.87m

Jake Ellis (Team Horsnell) 4th Open Men's HJ 1.98m

Katelyn Smith 4th Open Para Ambulant Shot 7.88m

Nicola McDermott (Team Horsnell) 1st Open Women's HJ 1.83m

Rhys Donkin 8th Open Men's Discus 34.27m, 8th in heat 38th overall Open Men's 200m 24.94

Emily Coppins 6th in heat 17th overall Open Women's 100m 12.75


Feb 18th 2017

Hi folks, here’s the summary of reports for the brilliant results of our Mingara athletes from the ACT C'ships.

Bess Chippendale's 59.36 in the Girls U/18 400m is a new club 17yrs record taking almost 5 secs from the previous record held by Therese Auton.

Hannah Regan in the Girls U/18 100m twice broke Bronte Carroll's record, first in the heat where she lowered it to 12.30, then in the final where she went even quicker with 12.26!!

Jacqui O'Neill, whilst hoping to dip under the 60sec mark, came very close with a 1:02.08 PB to finish 26th overall in the Open Women's 400m.

Ben Denham 8th U/18 100m final in 11.51, 12th 200m 24.18
Matt Winsor 4th U/20 100m final in 11.04 PB, 6th 200m 22.30 PB
Bronte Carroll 4th U/20 100m 12.83, 7th 200m 26.81
Jack Vane-Tempest 14th U/20 200m 22.99
Bess Chippendale 8th U/18 200m 26.59

Hi folks, here's the Team Overton and Mingara athletes results from today's Oceania and Australian 20km Race Walking C'ships held in Adelaide.

Tyler Jones Open 20km 16th 1hr 27:12
Carl Gibbons Open 20km 19th 1hr 32:7
Jay Felton Open 20km 20th 1hr 35:46
Chelsea Goodhew U/20 10km 3rd 56:06.00
Dylan Richardson U/20 10km 4th 46:52.00

Hi folks, here's the results of the Mingara athletes who competed at SOPAC in the ANSW 5km C'ships and Allcomers today.

Vicki Townsend 1st 80mH W50-54 4th overall 14.97, 1st W50-54 Discus 8th overall 27.23m
January Jones 5th 60m W50-54 37th overall 9.39, 5th 100m 47th overall 15.19
Julie Peksis 2nd 100m W55-59 51st overall 17.22, 2nd W55-59 800m 36th overall 3:04.70
Sally Hunt 2nd 800m W50-54 34th overall 2:48.35, 1st W50-54 5000m 23rd overall 22:02.61
Matt Scarr 1st MU/20 800m 4th overall 1:53.99
Nathanael Shergold 4th M30-34 800m 43rd overall 2:21.95
Charlie Brooks MOpen 14th 5000m 'D' race 16:20.97
Matt Robbie M30-34 15th 5000m 'D' Race 16:22.23
Edan Clarke MOpen 7th 5000m 'C' Race 15:39.39
Andrew Land MOpen 10th 5000m 'C' Race 15:51.08

Congratulations everyone on your brilliant efforts in what was a stop-start day due to the conditions.


Summary of the outstanding performances of the Mingara team at the ANSW Country C’ships
Dubbo Jan 21-22.
By Geoff Crumpton

We had the sensational roll-up of 49 competitors comprising 28 Women and 21 Men making us, I’m fairly sure, the largest team at the C’ships so congratulations to all of you for supporting the club so well. At the start of the 2016/17 season, the committee targeted 3 major events, the Club C’ships, State Relays and Country and I believe we’ve certainly succeeded beyond our expectations.

To the coaches, Larry Spencer and Lenore Katherine, Tom Ristuccia, John Wall and Kerry Smith, an enormous thank you for your brilliant efforts for without your input, your training regimes, your support and encouragement, none of these amazing athletes would have performed as well as they did.

Thanks to all the parents, g’parents, brothers and sisters who came along. I’d like to mention you all but I’m afraid I’ll forget someone so a collective thank you will have to suffice, sorry about that!

To Cherie Myers whose wonderful hands allowed quite a few half-broken athletes to get back in the saddle and continue competing, a HUUUUUUGE thanks.

Junior Women


Sienna Pitcher U/11 3rd 800m 3:08.63, 4th Shot 3.64m;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76, 5th 1500m Walk 9:20.19*. (Sienna’s U/11 results unfortunately didn’t score club pts and the relay team just gets 7pts)


Marianne Papalexion7th 100m 16.04, 5th 200m 32.53, 6th 800m 3:01.07, 6th 1500m 6:01.44, 3rd Shot 2.99m, 8th Discus 6.79m, 4th HJ 0.95m, 8th LJ 2.79m. Total Points = 17


Jade Beaven3rd 100m 14.00, 3rd 200m 28.03;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76. Total Points=10
Kaitlyn Norris 7th 200m 28.93, 6th 800m 2:51.98, 4th LJ 4.24m. Total Points = 7
Ashley Pernecker 3rd 200mH 40.57*, 5th 400m 1:09.06, 4th 800m 2:31.01, 3rd 1500m 5:19.26, 9th 80mH 19.10, 13th Discus 10.43m, 3rd HJ 1.35m*, 4th LJ 4.05m; WU/15 1st 3000m 11:30.45*; WU/16 7th Hammer 12.84m*. Total Points = 32
Hannah Bolton2nd 1500m Walk 7:29.34, 5th Javelin 16.88m;WU/15 3rd 1500m 5:57.72;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76, WU/16 3000m DNF; WU/17 2nd 3000m Walk 16:07.54. Total Points=20


Allanah Pitcher 2nd 800m 2:30.95, 2nd 1500m 5:08.15;WU/16 1st 1500m Walk 6:47.35**; U/17 1st 3000m Walk 14:31.33**. Total Points = 26


Jez Navusolo3rd 100m 13.33, 2nd 200m 26.98, 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76. Total Points = 11


Hannah Regan 2nd 100m 13.04, 4th 200m 26.08;Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 10
Shelby Cochrane 1st Shot 12.33m, 2nd Discus 33.75m*, 6th Javelin 21.84m. Total Points = 15
Isabella Jones 5th 400m 1:07.04, 1st 800m 2:41.86, 3rd 1500m 6:02.67, 6th LJ 3.77m. Total Points = 17


Bess Chippendale 4th 400m 1:06.54, 4th Javelin 15.75m. Total Points = 8
Rachael Mortell4th 100mH 17.97*, 3rd 400mH 1:14.29, 3rd TJ 9.60m. Total Points = 14

U/20 Women

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 3rd Javelin 31.51m. Total Points = 5
Bronte Carroll 2nd 100m 13.02, 1st 200m 26.60*; Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 13
Tonia Brooks 1st Hammer 32.32m, 2nd Shot 10.84m*, 3rd Discus 36.03m. Total Points = 18

Open Women

Rae Anderson 9th Discus 25.71m, 4th Javelin 26.69 (World IPCC B Qualifier). Total Points = 4
Lauren Keating 5th 100m 13.21, 8th 200m 27.18, Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 3
Jacqueline O'Neill 10th 100m 13.78, 6th 200m 26.92, 2nd 400m 1:02.36, 1st 400mH 1:15.25. Total Points = 15
Kelly Spencer 2nd 400mH 1:17.17, 6th 100m 13.27, Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 8

Masters Women

Aanika Milne 1st 100mH 15.29 National Open Qualifier), 1st 400mH 1:08.85, 1st LJ 4.96m*; 4th Open 100m 12.81, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34. Total Points = 25
Melanie-Anne Trimboli3rd 800m 2:57.43, 3rd 1500m 6:08.69. Total Points = 10


Nicole Robinson 1st 100m 13.39, 1st 80mH 14.36*, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 4th Shot 7.41m, 1st Triple Jump 9.15m*. Total Points = 25
Cherie Myers 5th 100m 15.28, 5th 200m 31.66, 3rd 400m 1:20.31, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 3rd Shot 7.55m, 2nd Javelin 17.36m. Total Points = 21


Julie Peksis 5th 100m 17.18, 5th 200m 34.69, 5th 400m 1:19.17, 3rd 800m 3:08.41, 2nd 1500m 6:44.06, 2nd 3000m 14:57.56, 5th Discus 17.37m. Total Points = 30
Sally Hunt 4th 400m 1:15.83, 2nd 800m 2:54.09, 1st 1500m 6:00.39, 1st 3000m 12:54.86; Open 2nd 5000m 22:02.81. Total Points = 30
Vicki Townsend 4th 100m 14.94, 4th 200m 30.53, 1st 80mH 14.63**, 1st Shot 9.91m, 1st Discus 27.17m, 3rd Javelin 19.17m, 1st HJ 1.28m, 2nd LJ 4.03m, 2nd TJ 8.69m. Total Points = 53!!!
January Jones Shot 3rd 100m 14.90, 3rd 200m 30.16, 2nd 400m 1:11.75*, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 5th Shot 6.23m. Total Points = 21

Junior Men

Dion Papalexion4th 200m 37.90, 4th 100m 18.10. Total Points = 8


Cameron Cheney 3rd 100m 16.25, 3rd 200m 33.01, 4th Hammer 19.52m, 5th Shot 8.99m, 6th Discus 22.06m, 1st Javelin 28.95m, 3rd LJ 4.12m,6th TJ 7.64m. Total Points = 33
Callum Sutton 1st Hammer 35.39m, 2nd Shot 12.33m*, 1st Discus 43.78m. Total Points = 20


Ben Denham 3rd 100m 11.51,5th 200m 23.57; Open 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 8

U/20 Men

Jack Vane-Tempest 5th 100m 11.86, 3rd 200m 22.60, 5th Long Jump 5.90m;Open 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 11
Matt Winsor 1st 100m 11.39,2nd 200m 22.16; Open 4th 400m 50.58, 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 17

Open Men

Mitchell Tysoe3rd 11.16, 5th 22.08, 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 8
Kevin Tuene 8th 12.88
Chris Lill 4th 100m 11.61, 2nd LJ 6.72m*. Total Points = 10
Charlie Brooks 4th 800m 2:24.59, 6th 1500m 4:47.81, 1st 5000m 17:09.66, 1st 3000m Steeple 11:00.87. Total Points = 20
Nathanael Shergold 3rd 800m 2:24.44, 7th 1500m 5:07.55, 4th 5000m 19:38.92. Total Points = 10

Masters Men

William Connors 1st Hammer 27.89m*, 1st Shot 9.17m*, 1st Discus 24.68m*, 1st Javelin 35.29m*, 2nd HJ 1.25m*. Total Points = 34


Matt Bolton 9th Javelin 25.81m; 6th Open Javelin 27.66m. Total Points = 2
George Papalexion5th 100m 13.64, 6th 200m 27.66, 6th 400m 1:05.85, 4th Javelin 32.36m. Total Points = 11
Stuart Sutton 1st Hammer 29.55m, 2nd Shot 10.00m, 1st Discus 34.78m. Total Points = 20
Jason Cheney 3rd 100m 13.26, 2nd 200m 26.57, 3rd 400m 1:01.38, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 4th Hammer 21.43m, 5th Shot 8.25m, 5th Discus 25.63m,5th Javelin 30.03m,3rd LJ 4.73m, 1st TJ 8.73m; Open 6th LJ 4.87m. Total Points = 45
Paul Kelaher6th 100m 14.55, 7th 200m 29.47, 4th 400m 1:01.47,3rd 800m 2:26.26, 3rd 1500m 5:13.94, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 6th Shot 7.57m; Open 4th Shot 8.51m. Total Points = 23


David Smith 2nd 100m 13.74, 2nd 200m 28.33, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 2nd LJ 4.48m*. Total Points = 18
Geoff Crumpton 5th 100m 20.78, 1st Hammer 30.30m, 2nd Shot 9.64m, 1st Discus 32.77m, 2nd Javelin 27.33m, 3rd LJ 2.20m; 1st Open Hammer 19.44m, 5th Open Shot 7.78m, 4th Open Discus 20.46m, 7th Open Javelin 25.72m. Total Points = 49


John Wall 1st 100m 13.93**, 1st 200m 27.96**, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84. Total Points = 14
Ken Stubbs 3rd 100m 19.90, 3rd 200m 39.68, 3rd 400m 1:47.49*, 2nd 1500m 9:01.45, 1st Hammer 25.13m*, 1st Shot 8.75m, 2nd Discus 22.99m, 3rd Javelin 23.30m, 1st HJ 1.00m, 1st LJ 2.65m. Total Points = 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The total points, by my reckoning, is 471 for the Men and 512 for our brilliant women!!! A grand total of 983 which is some 200pts more than was calculated by ANSW, and much closer to my original estimate! Still, it doesn’t matter who’s correct, WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone can be bothered, the points allocation is: 7 for 1st, 6 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 3 for 5th, 2 for 6th and 1 for 7th. I used the same points for the relays. Relay points are included in the team total, not each person’s.

*Club Records = 26
**ANSW Country Record = 5
1 Australian National Open Qualifier
1 IPCC World B Qualifier.

What a truly amazing w’end by the best little club outside the Metropolitan area and we are easily the best Country Club in the State.


PS If there’s any errors or miscalculations, please don’t hesitate to contact me and bring them to my attention. I need to know as these results will be recorded in my season results for each athlete.