Hi folks, Mingara was well represented at the last ANSW Allcomers for the season y'day at the Bankstown Invitational. The weather was shocking, again, but everyone ran superbly. Poor Super Sal had pouring rain during her 3km warm-up and before her 800m but it stopped for both actual races. Cherie forgot (channeling Nicole Robinson here, hahaha!!!) her running shorts so had to complete her 200m in leggings that were falling down the entire race!! John decided to run his first 400m since 1969 and I suspect it'll be another 48yrs before he runs another one though I do have my eye on Country next year and a few 4x400m at State Relays (just don't tell him, hahaha!!!), Ben's going back to school to learn how to start when the gun sounds, not 1/2 a second beforehand so not to get DQed, Matt Scarr was brilliant again in the 1500m B race at the Invitational running under 4mins again, Cam Cheney raced against an 84yr old in the 100m and his dad Jason was against kids young enough to be his sons, and I chickened out of the LJ because it was too bloody wet!!

Here's all the club results.
Matt WInsor 10th Open Men's 100m 11.53
Ben Denham DQ Open Men's 100m
Jason Cheney 39th Open Men's 100m (5th Masters) 12.86
Cameron Cheney 46th Open Men's 100m (1st U/15) 16.69
Super Sally 8th Open Women's 3000m (2nd 50+) 12:53.11, 18th 800m (2nd 50+) 3:04.94
Cherie Myers 29th Open Women's 200m (4th Masters) 32.29
John Wall 31st Open Men's 400m (5th Masters) 1:19.51
Kaya Ardita 1st Men's 100m Hurdles 84cm 14.71
Matt Scarr 5th Open Men's 1500m 'B' Race 3:59.68 (3rd U/20)
Mick Daly 41st Men's Open 100m (7th Masters) 13.40
Jake Ellis (Team Horsnell) 4th= Open Men's HJ 1.95m


PS On our way home, Super Sal and I went with John and Cherie, the girls BOTH scoffed a humungous slice of chocolate cheesecake whereas the two boys were much braver and didn't even touch ours!!!! Mine was really nice for morning tea let me assure you, hahaha!!!