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BlacktownAllcomers Results Nov 19th 2017

Hi folks, I did say I had a few messages, and here's another one, hahaha!!!

Please find below the results from the Allcomers meet held at Blacktown last Saturday. As there's no points allocated to Allcomers, the results don't have the ages of the athletes so all I can do is post where they placed in their particular event, but not in their specific age group.

Jacqueline O'Neill 400m Hurdles 6th 1:11.22, 200m 36th 27.58
Lauren Keating 60m 23rd 8.40, 100m 28th 13.25
Bronte Carroll 100m 26th 13.14, 200m 16th 25.94*
Bess Chippendale 400m 7th 58.36*, 200m 25th 26.87

Ben Denham 100m 15th 11.48, 200m 29th 24.04
Gavin Murray 5kg Hammer 2nd 40.71m, 5kg Shot 4th 11.45m

Vicki Townsend 60m 40th 9.28, 100m 60th 15.03, 3kg Shot Put 4th 10.98m, Triple Jump 11th 8.50m

Congratulations to all, but especially Bronte and Bess for their new Club Records!!!


*Club Records

***All records are up-to-date as of Dec 1st***

By Geoff Crumpton

Hi folks, after a huge sleepin, and a very, lazy morning, it's time for the State Relays Report as I know workplaces across the Coast and in 'the Big Smoke' are suffering from an overwhelming pack of productivity from ALL Mingara members and supporters who are waiting on the edge of their seats for this, hahaha!!!

Before I continue to wax lyrical, a special mention and an enormous thank you must go to Cheryl Ann and Greg Rowe for their unbelievably amazing support, encouragement, loyalty, co-operation and assistance over the entire two days. These two live on the CC, drove up and back, and were there from 8.00am to the finish on both days. Cheryl Ann handled the uniforms, the numbers, the payments and numerous other enquiries when I was otherwise engaged. Greg probably ran and walked 20kms up, down and around the track lap-scoring for countless 1500m Walks and Runs, making sure our teams were at the check in area and generally being my 'go to' when something required official confirmation. To say the pair of you went well and truly above and beyond is a completely fair statement and I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to what was, an incredibly successful 2 days.

To ALL the mums and dads, who brought your children to and from home on either or both days, your contributions were not taken for granted and were an integral part of the reasons for said successes. Without mum and dad's 'taxi service', clubs like ours cannot, and would not, survive very long. All power to ALL of you!!

Finally to the athletes themselves, where each and every one of you, whether you competed in one event or many, contributed to the success of the club. Not only did we have the largest Country club representation, apart from UTS Norths who are in the vicinity of 4 times our size, we had the highest number of team entries, 76 in total consisting of Walkers, Runners, Jumpers and the mightiest group of all, THROWERS! You all deserve the highest commendation and thanks from me and by extension the Club Committee. In the end, with all the withdrawals, we ended up with 63 teams which, whilst still a fabulous effort and almost double our entries from last year, still means we ‘lost’ 13 teams through people pulling out. Yes, I probably tried too hard to fill teams and that cost us in the long run as, just one late withdrawal a couple of times meant the loss of two or three teams. I learnt a valuable lesson and one that I’ll be mindful of next year.

I don't often single out individuals for special mention but I need to in this report as a couple of our youngest members were unbelievable in what they accomplished this w'end. 'Might Mouse' Sienna Pitcher helping her U18 (Sienna is 10!!) 1500m Walks team to a Bronze medal in a time that was some 3mins faster than the winners of the Open Women's walk! Chris Rae, at 12, being given 5mins notice to run a 1500m in the U18s with his big brother Sean, Tom Herbert and Jack McGinniskin none of whom is over 15yrs of age! Tori Robertson, who, following the late withdrawal of one of the runners, competed in the U20 Women's 4x200m at 12yrs of age and, I hope you're all sitting down for this, they won a Bronze Medal!!!!! The team actually only had 1 'true' U20, one was U18, one was U16 and Tori's U14!! Nathan Kelly at barely 11, and Ryan Vesper 12, teaming up withTom and Sean again, winning a Bronze medal in an U16 4x400m relay! Izzabella Dunne and Marianne papalexion running in an enormous number of events, especially on Sunday, after quite a number of our young girls had to withdraw on Sat through illness and injury. Cameron Cheney and Ikey Allen were brilliant with Ikey filling in for a missing runner in a girls team only to find out on the start line that the officials who'd made the decision to allow him to run had been incorrect. He simply said, in an amazing display of maturity for one so young, "well, if we're DQed, can I run anyway so the girls get to compete", and was told, Yes. Jade Pettit and Hayley Corduroy were terrific, as were the members of the LWL Sprint Squad. TimoLeseberg and Dion Papalexion were fabulous with both boys competing out of their age groups. Mia Hardy, Ava Zappia and Rachael Mortell who, despite people not turning up so they missed events, stuck it out and gave it their best shot. All told, whilst everyone performed superbly, our younger members, many of whom had never been to a relays before, learnt valuable lessons in putting team success against individual gain and the entire club thank you for that.

Lastly, to my comrades in arms at the Blue Ribbon event on Sunday, the Men's 120+ Shot Put, Gav Murray, Stuart Sutton and the 'baby' of the Team Will Connors. We SMASHED IT!!!! Brilliant throwing gents for, not only did we defeat UTS Norths whose combined age was at least 30yrs under ours, but, I beat my old mate and great friend Anatoly Kirievsky from Asics Wests by the HUUUUUGE margin of 3cms!! Go eat a horse, Anatoly, hahaha!!!

Here’s the results from the w’end. A pointscore will be forthcoming and I suspect we did very well in that aspect of the C’ships also. ANSW results don’t have the names of the Individual team members listed which I do and hopefully, due to the number of changes we had to make, I do get all the teams correct. One thing I am sure of, we set quite a number of new club records as we’ve never fielded teams in those events so congratulations to all those team members.



PS If my counting is correct, we set 24 club records, equalled one and the Men’s U18 4X1500m team set a new STATE Record! Go Dylan, Allanah, Jack and Oscar!!!!
PPS Also, I trust I didn’t miss any events or anyone’s names who competed. If so, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll fix asap.

MU14 4x1500m Walk 32:40.48* Ryan Vesper, Archie Tebbutt, Myles Ashby, Dylan Daly (Archie and Miles are Gosford, Dylan's Wyong)
MU14 4x100m 7th 59.89 Ikey Allen, Dion Papalexion, Cameron Cheney, Chris Rae 
MU14 4x200m 7th 2:03.32* Cameron Cheney, Ikey Allen, Chris Rae, Nathan Kelly
MU14 Long Jump 5th 14.08m* Cameron Cheney, TimoLeseberg, Ikey Allen, Nathan Kelly

MU16 4x400m 3rd 4:22.99* Sean Rae, Tom Herbert, Ryan Vesper (12), Nathan Kelly (11)
MU16 4x800m 6th 9:48.63 TimoLeseberg (12, Sean Rae, Dion Papalexion (12), Jack McGinniskin

MU18 4x1500m Walk 1st 25:29.40** Dylan Richardson, Allanah Pitcher, Jack McGinniskin, Oscar Tebbutt (Oscar is Gosford)
MU18 4x100m 17th 48.69 Cam Steer, Ben Denham, Sean Rae, Tom Herbert 
MU18 4x200m 10th 1:40.07 Denham, Steer, S Rae, Herbert
MU18 4x1500m 7th 22:02.86* Tom Herbert, Sean Rae, Chris Rae, Jack McGinniskin

MU20 4x200m 4th 1:39.42* Cam Steer, Ben Denham, Jack Vane-Tempest, Tom Herbert

MOpen 4x1500m Walk 1st 25:39.79 Tyler Jones, Carl Gibbons, Hannah Bolton, Lauren Bourke 
MOpen 4x100m 13th 49.21 Kevin Tuene, Paul Carr, Ernie Leseberg, Jack Vane-Tempest 
MOpen 4x1500m 8th Angus Baldwin, Andrew Land, Nate Shergold, Sally Hunt (53)****
MOpen Medley 10th 4:30.51 Angus Baldwin, Craig Cameron, Jason Cheney, Paul Kelaher
MOpen Shot Put 6th 30.73m* Gavin Murray, Paul Carr, Will Connors, Geoff Crumpton
MOpen Discus 5th 89.02m Will Connors, Gavin Murray, Jason Cheney, Geoff Crumpton
MOpen Javelin 5th 95.85m* Paul Carr, Gavin Murray, Mike Aiken, Geoff Crumpton

M120+ 4x100m 4th 60.44 Paul Kelaher, Paul Carr, Mike Aiken, Matt Dunne
M120+ 4x400m 4th 4:21.46 Paul Kelaher, Paul Carr, Jason Cheney, Matt Dunne 
M120+ 4x800m 3rd 11:34.16* Tony Murphy, Nathanael Shergold, Matt Dunne, Paul Kelaher
M120+ 4x1500m 3rd 21:35.61* Paul Kelaher, Mark Byfield, Nate Shergold, Ryan McKendrick
M120+ Shot 1st 38.65m* Gavin Murray, Will Connors, Stuart Sutton, Geoff Crumpton
M120+ Javelin 3rd 117.11m Will Connors, Gavin Murray, George Papalexion, PaulCarr

M160+ 4x100m 4th 49.95Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, Paul Carr, John Wall
M160+ 4x200m 1st 1:42.77 Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid, Matt Dunne
M160+ 4x800m 5th 11:08.51* Nate Shergold, Ryan McKendrick, Mark Byfield, Paul Carr
M160+ 4x1500m 7th 23:32.73* Tony Murphy, Paul Kelaher, Nathanael Shergold, Matt Dunne

M200+ 4x100m 1st 49.25* Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, John Wall, Dave Smith
M200+ 4x200m 1st1:44.54 Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, John Wall, David Smith
M200+ 4x1500m 6th 23:24.43 Paul Kelaher, Mark Byfield, Paul Carr, Matt Dunne

M240+ 4x100m 1st53.54 John Wall, Paul Carr, David Smith, Paul Kelaher
M240+ 4x200m 1st 1:53.50 John Wall, Paul, Carr, Brett Reid, David Smith

WU14 4x100m 8th 58.88* Tori Robertson, Hayley Corduroy, Izabella Dunne, Marianne Papalexion
WU14 4x200m 5th 1:53.70* Jade Pettit, Jade Beavan, Tori Robertson, Hayley Corduroy
WU14 4x800m 7th 11:32.06 Marianne Papalexion, Sienna Pitcher, Izabella Dunne, Stella Norris
WU14 Long Jump 4th 16.26m* Jade Pettit, Hayley Corduroy, Tori Robertson, Marianne Papalexion

WU16 4x200m 15th 2:02.99* Marianne Papalexion, Tori Robertson, Hayley Corderoy, Izabella Dunne

WU18 4x1500m Walk 3rd 32:41.86* Sienna Pitcher (11), Amy Walker (16), Izabella Dunne (12), Chloe McLoughlin (12)
WU18 4x100m DQed
WU18 4x800m 2nd 11:25.75 Mia Hardy, Isabella Jones, Rachael Mortell, Allanah Pitcher
WU18 Long Jump 9th17.98m Jez Navusolo, Rachael Mortell, Hayley Corduroy, Ava Zappia = Club Rcd

WU20 4x100m 5th 51.33* Bronte Carroll, Hannah Regan, Jade Beavan, Jez Navusolo
WU20 4x200m 3rd 1:47.36* Bronte Carroll, Hannah Regan, Jez Navusolo, Tori Robertson (12!)

WOpen 4x100m 11th 51.41 Jacqui O’Neill, Lauren Keating, Kia Prokopiou, Bronte Carroll WOpenWOpen 4x200m 6th 1:51.38 Jacqui O’Neill, Bronte Carroll, Hannah Regan, Bess Chippendale
WOpen Medley 7th 4:28.84 Jacqui O’Neill, Bess Chippendale, Hannah Regan, Bronte Carroll
WOpen Shot Put 5th 31.26m Tonia Brooks, Shelby Botfield-Mohr, Rae Anderson, Krystal Warn
WOpenDiscus 5th 102.68m* Shelby Botfield-Mohr, Tonia Brooks, Rae Anderson, Emma Herford
WOpen Javelin 6th 90.04m* Tonia Brooks, Shelby Botfield-Mohr, Rae Anderson, Krystal Warn

W120+ 4x100m DQ Baton dropped, oops!!
W120+ 4x200m 1st 1:57.23 Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne, Richelle Ingram, Nicky Kelly
W120+ 4x800m 2nd 12:48.81 Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Bev Durston, Nicky Kelly
W120+ Shot Put 2nd 25.80m January Jones, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers
W120+ Javelin 2nd59.79m January Jones, Cherie Myers, Nicole Robinson, Richelle Ingram

W160+ 4x100m 3rd 54.28 Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne, Richelle Ingram, Nicky Kelly
W160+ 4x200m 5th 2:19.45 January Jones, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers
W160+ 4x400m 3rd 5:32.94 April Carlin, Rebecca Gorman, Cherie Myers, Richelle Ingram
W160+ 4x800m 3rd 13:00.59 Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Bev Durston, Mel Trimboli (Mel set a new PB as the 1st runner)
W160+ 4x1500m 4th 34:00.64 Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers, April Carlin

W200+ 4x100m 4th 65.42 April Carlin, Cherie Myers, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis
W200+ 4x200m 4th 2:14.88* April Carlin, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers, Rebecca Gorman
W200+ 4x400m 1st 6:19.88 April Carlin, Cherie Myers, Bev Durston, Julie Peksis

Hi folks, apologies for the very, slow post regarding last Saturday's Treloar Shield results. I've been rather busy with relays!! No stories this time, just the results.

Kia ProkopiouWOpen 10th 100m 13.06
Lauren Keating WOpen 12th 100m 13.09
Cherie Myers W45-49 5th 15.72, 4th Shot Put 6.02m
Ben Denham MU18 5th 11.51
John Wall M60+ 3rd 100m 13.66
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 8th 100m 20.55, 2nd 600g Jav 25.98m, 2nd Shot Put 9.09m 
Bess Chippendale WU18 2nd 400m 59.79
Callan MacLeod MU20 3rd 3000m Steeplechase 10:12.99
Jakob Madden MU18 2nd 200m Steeplechase 6:41.04
Mixed 4x200m relay John Wall, Cherie Myers, Aisling Young, KiaProkopiou 9th 2:07.42
Aisling Young WU18 6th High Jump 1.40m =PB, 3rd 600g Javelin 31.79m
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st 600g Javelin 30.91m, 1st Shot Put 11.39m

Currently, in the 3 Treloar Shield Pennants competitions, there's no Junior Standings available, the Opens are in 18th out of 28 clubs and 2nd Country, and the Mighty Masters are in 2nd behind UTS Norths by a huge margin, and about 80pts in front of Asics Wests. Naturally we're the leading Country club by a loooooong way!!!

Cheers and hope to see everyone at relays tomorrow and Sunday


Hi folks, the best and brightest club Singlet in NSW was certainly well represented at Rd 2 of the Treloar Shield held at a blustery and sometimes quite cool SOPAC today. We had Junior girls, Junior boys, Open Men and Masters Women and Men and everyone was superb (yes, even you HopalongMcAbs, hahaha!!!).

For some reason only known to the IT Gods, a few results aren't available on the ANSW Results page so apologies if yours is one I've missed. Belay that comment. Maria Cimino told me where to find them so I've added the 'missing' results). Here's the results I am able to glean from today.

Gavin Murray M60-64 1st 5kg Hammer 42.29m*, 1st 1kg Discus 45.56m*
Ikey Allen MU/14 1st 90m Hurdles 15.73, 8th 200m 30.55
Nicholas Papalexion M40-43 6th 60m 8.74, 7th 800m 2:41.98, 7th 200m 28.53
Kevin TueneMOpen 20th 200m 26.79, 25th 60m 8.32
Sean Rae MU/16 5th 800m 2:15.33, 12th 200m 27.73
Christopher Rae (11yrs) MU/14 5th 60m 9.01*, 6th 200m 29.66*, 2nd 1kg Discus 17.45m
Tom Herbert MU14 8th 200m 25.41
John Wall M71 2nd M60+ 60m 8.90, 2nd M60+ 200m 27.82
Geoff Crumpton M60-64 3rd 5kg Hammer 28.41m, 2nd 1kg Discus 28.65m, 7th 60m 13.21 (but DIDN'T COME LAST for the very, first time, I beat someone my own age!!!!!!!!

Tori Robertson WU/14 1st 80m Hurdles 13.76, 4th 200m 29.86
Marianne Papalexion (11yrs) WU/14 6th 800m 2:50.58, 8th 200m 33.28, 8th 60m 10.43
ShazMcAbs W45-49 2nd 4kg Hammer 16.44m, 3rd LJ 3.59m, 1st 200m 30.75, 4th 60m 8.96, 
Ally Tuck W40-44 2nd LJ 3.78m, 5th 60m 9.09

We also had a team in the 2x400m relay that came 9th but I don't know who it was, sorry to those two team members.

Congratulations to everyone especially Gav and Christopher for their NEW club records.


Hi folks, here's the results of as many Mingara athletes as I could find from yesterday's Fernleigh 15.

A quick shout out to Charlie Brooks for his magnificent effort a couple of weeks back, in becoming as sub-3hr marathon runner which he accomplished at the Melbourne Marathon. Go Charlie!!!

The Fernleigh results haven't been separated into age groups, just simply place and time overall so that's all I can do.

Ryan McKendrick 58.33
David Mehan 1hr19:07*
Nathanael Shergold ran in 5 person relay team
Geoff Crumpton 2hrs37.57 (that's the time on my watch, it's not in the ANSW results, and AGAIN, not last or even the last male!!!!)

Sophie Lane 1hr16:39*
Danielle McKendrick 1hr55:03
Sally Hunt can't find her time??

Congratulations everyone and hopefully I've posted all the results.


*Club Records

Hi folks, here's a progress report from the Mingara athletes currently participating in the Australian Masters Games in and around NW Tasmania.

January Jones W50-54 2nd Shot 7.20m, 2nd LJ 3.62m, 2nd 100m 15.28, 4th 60m 9.55, 5th 200m 31.56

Vicki Townsend W50-54 (Vicki's not registered with Mingara this season, but I'm including her results anyway!)
1st Shot 10.76m, 1st LJ 3.86m, 2nd 100m 14.67, 3rd 60m 9.13, 1st Discus 29.66m, 3rd 200m 30.42

Congratulations to both January Jones and Vicki Townsend for their tremendous efforts so far. Both still have a few events to go til the completion of the event so, good luck ladies!!



Hi folks, finally home, and fed, after 3 brilliant days watching and cheering at the NSW All Schools. As happened for the last 2 days, the Mingara shirt was everywhere today and was worn exceptionally well by ALL our athletes.

A special thanks to the following people who came along to support, not only their child or their squad, but everyone who competed. Liti and Keni Navusolo, Mick Carroll, Neil Chippendale, Jeanette Denham, Matt Horsnell, Sue Grant, Rachael Mortell's parents whose names I don't know, Larry, Wayne and Lenny, Jacqui O'Neill, Stuart Sutton and Mark and Matt Winsor (hopefully I didn't miss anyone and abject apologies if I did!).

The highlight today, apart from the superb cheer squad capably led by Jeanette, was Bronte Carroll's fabulous 100m win in the 18/19yrs girls. That meant she won the double sprint crown of the 100m and 200m!! Today's win was even more meritorious as Bronte herself would agree, she's not a 100m runner as it simply takes her sooooo long to get those long legs moving and her run today was no exception. Giving away at least 2m by the 1/2 way point, the levers really clicked into gear and, by the time she went past her extremely loud and noisy cheer squad at the 70m mark it was obvious there was only going to be one result and it proved to be. A win, a NSW All Schools C'ship medal, a National 100m Qualifier all accompanied by the biggest smile at the track!! Go Bronte!

There were plenty of other notable performances, led by Callum Sutton's win, and breaking his own Club Record, in the 16yrs Boys Discus, which followed a third in the Hammer; Jez Navusolo's awesome performance in making the Girls 15yrs 100m final (if Jez had been born 6 days later, she'd be an U/14 so she's giving away up to almost 12mths to her opponents!); Bess Chippendale coming third taking on a Commonwealth Youth Games rep and missing a National Qualifier in the 400m Girls 17yrs by less than 1/10th of a second; Ben Denham's excellent 100m heat against the hottest all-round field in the event, Riley Grant's fantastic 1.80m in the 15yrs boys High Jump, Zac Martin's gutsy effort in the boys 16yrs 1500m final and Rachael Mortell's brave performance in the Girls 17yrs 100m Hurdles.

All in all, it was a terrific 4 days and my congratulations go to everyone who competed. Now, for relays in 3 weeks as we aim to SMASH the clubs from the Big Smoke and remain the leading Country Club in NSW.

Here's today's results:
Jez Navusolo 5th W15yrs Long Jump 5.19m PB, 8th 100m 12.79 (12.63 in heat)
Rachael Mortell 11th W17yrs 100m Hurdles 17.95
Bronte Carroll 1st W19yrs 100m 12.51 National Qualifier
Bess Chippendale 3rd W17yrs 40m 58.59

Riley Grant 6th M15yrs High Jump 1.80m
Callum Sutton 1st M16yrs 1.5kg Discus 46.63m Club Record
Ben Denham 12th M17yrs 100m 11.52
Zac Martin 7th M16yrs 1500m 4:14.84

Rebecca Owen 3rd W19yrs Javelin 28.41m
Mikai Mari 6th M17yrs Javelin 41.42m
Bethany Kranendonk 2nd W17yrs Long Jump 5.36m (2cm from 1st!!)
Claudia Martin 19th W15yrs 100m 13.41
Stuart Brown 4th M19yrs 100m 11.21
April Brown-Peters 3rd W16yrs Shot Put 12.29m

Now, for a few weeks rest before Relays so, I'm calling on everybody in the club, if you haven't committed to a team for the relays, please do so asap. The event is on the first weekend in Nov the 4th and 5th at SOPAC and, whilst our team numbers are heading upwards, there's always room for more people and teams.

Cheers and a personal thanks to ALL our athletes, parents, coaches and supporters for making these last 3 days exceptionally enjoyable.

PS Whilst I know Rebecca Casey isn't currently a Mingara athlete, her 38.54m Discus in the girls 16yrs was a National Qualifier. Go Becca!!!

Hi folks, Day 3 of All School was a good day to stay in bed with a good book, heaps of yummy bikkies or cakes or chockie, and plenty of hot tea or coffee! Instead, we ventured out to SOPAC to see some almighty performances from our Mingara and Central Coast athletes.

The weather was, in simple terms, bloody AWFUL!!!! I know, due to my condition, I feel the cold badly but how any athlete, be they throwing, jumping or running, performed anywhere near their best today is beyond me. An almost bitterly cold headwind for the runners and walkers into their faces down the home straight, a good tailwind for the throwers if you had it behind you, but not throwing or jumping from the northern end, cool to cold temperatures and the occasional light dusting of rain, made for conditions unconducive to fast times, or good heights and distances. Still, despite that, quite a number of club records were set plus at least one National Qualifying time from Bronte Carroll in the W19yrs 200m, which she also won. Go Bronte!!!

Here's today's results. 
Jez Navusolo 11th W15yrs 200m 26.36 Club Record (missed final by only 2 places)
Aisling Young 6th W17yrs Javelin 35.39m
Bronte Carroll 1st W19yrs 200m 26.68 National Qualifier!!
Rachael Mortell 5th W17yrs 400m Hurdles 1:15.70
Amy Walker 3rd W17yrs 5000m Walk 31:23.08 National Qualifier

Alexander Herford 4th M18yrs Long Jump 6.25m, Triple Jump 2nd 11.32m
Tom Herbert 7th M14yrs 400m 55.73
Sean Rae 14th M14yrs 400m 60.04
Ben Denham 12th M16yrs 200m 23.99
Cameron Steer 5th M14yrs 100m 11.77
Hamish Hart 3rd M13yrs 1500n 4:32.34
Terry Mihellis 3rd M17yrs 800m 1:59.70

Molly O'Neill 1st W17yrs 5000m Walk 27:21.40 (Team Overton)
Oscar Tebbutt 1st M16yrs 5000m Walk 22:51.52 All Schools Record (Team Overton)
Riley O'Neill 13th M14yrs Discus 31.63m
Nicholas Gilbert 4th M17yrs Shot Put 14.37m (Team Momentum)
Corey-Jay Eyndhoven 3rd M16yrs Shot Put 13.91m
Gabe Scott 13th M13yrs 1500m 4:47.66
Tyler Gunn 2nd M19yrs 200m 23.09

Congratulations to all the above competitors, be they Mingara or Central Coast. Let's hope tomorrow is just as successful for our athletes as the last 3 days has been. Let's also hope the weather is much kinder to us, especially we spectators!!

Hi folks, what a sensational day at the track for Day 2 of the NSW All Schools! Though I'm unsure whether or not the kids were supposed to be wearing their school Athletics outfit, there were quite a significant number who chose to wear their Mingara shirt which meant they were easily the most noticeable out there!!

There were spectacular performances from many Mingara and Central Coast athletes and I'm not going to pick any one, or two, out for special mention as everyone, from where I was sitting, clearly did their best and you should all be exceptionally proud of your performances. All Schools is a BIG step up from even events such as CHS, or CIS, or CCC, or CAS, as it's the best in NSW not just the best in a particular schools grouping.

To those who achieved a podium finish, and, as you'll see below, there were quite a few of those, congratulations. To those who achieved PBs, congratulations to you also. To those a tad disappointed with their performances, use today as a learning experience and to see how far you need to progress to reach that 'elite' level.

I hope to see as many of you as possible over the next two days. Bring it ON!!!

Here's the results of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes who competed today.

Jade Pettit 11th W13yrs Long Jump 4.61m
Hayley Corderoy 3rd W12yrs Long Jump 4.72m (Club Record)
Mia Hardy 5th W14yrs 800m 2:21.65
Emma Herford 10th W15yrs Discus 24.86m
Chloe McLoughlin 3rd W13yrs 3000m Walk 16:34.97
Allanah Pitcher 1st W14yrs 3000m Walk 14:09.89 (NSW All Schools Record)
Hannah Bolton 2nd W15yrs 3000m Walk 15:37.90

Harley Simity 15th M15yrs Discus 35.65m
Callum Sutton 3rd M16yrs Hammer 46.76m
Cameron Steer 4th M14yrs Long Jump 5.82m (Club Record)
Joel Kemp 1st M14yrs 3000m Walk 14:47.67
Jack McGinniskin 1st M15yrs 3000m Walk 14:17.92
Hamish Hart (13yrs) 2nd M14yrs 3000m 9:39.49
Zac Martin 8th M16yrs 3000m 9:17.56
Jakob Madden 16th M16yrs 3000m 9:48.95
Callan McLeod 3rd M19yrs 5000m 16:57.41

Talon Woodward 21st M14yrs 3000m 10:54.43
Hayden Blaskett 2nd M15yrs 3000m Walk 14:45.72
Paige Rigney 5th W15yrs 3000m Walk 18:54.44
Dylan Daly 4th M13yrs 3000m Walk 18:16.33
Archie Tebbutt 2ndM13yrs 3000m Walk 17:00.47
Katie Gunn 1st W14yrs Long Jump 5.54m
Rebecca Casey 4th W15yrs Discus 38.54m
Baylee Lebreton 8th W13yrs Long Jump 4.73m
Nicholas Bignall 3rd M15yrs Discus 49.74m
Thomas Shannon 1st M14yrs Shot Put 15.79m
April Brown-Peters 3rd W16yrs Hammer 40.78m

Hi folks, here's my report from the first round of the ANSW Treloar Shield held y'day at the ES Marks Field in Sydney. ES Marks is one of Sydney's oldest tracks and it brought back very, special memories for our own Sprint Champion, John Wall, as he first competed there more than 50yrs ago!! According to John, many of the Moreton Bay Figs that surround the track were there from his first foray all those years ago, and they make for a spectacular backdrop to the event.

The Mingara shirt was extremely well represented y'day from our most Junior 'Senior' competitor Sienna 'the Mighty Mouse' Pitcher, right through to one of our most Senior 'Senior', the aforementioned John Wall. Not only were we represented brilliantly by everyone who wore the shirt, but also the coaches and supporters who cheered as loudly as anybody present. Mingara experienced a HUUUUUGE start to the 3 Treloarpointscore Pennants though our tally has yet to be posted by ANSW.

The 3 Trophies Pennants are scored in the divisions of Junior (younger than 20), Open (20-29), and Masters (30+). As a quick reminder, in season 2016/17, Mingara finished the overall pointscore (a combination of our results in ALL 3 Pennants) in 16th place out of 52 clubs and we were the leading NSW Country club by a good margin. Juniors were 23rd out of 49 and 3rd NSW Country behind Nowra and Kembla Joggers; Opens were equal 30th out of 36 and 7th NSW Country; and Masters finished Runners-Up to UTS Norths and naturally by far and away the leading NSW Country club.

Enough waffle, here's the results:

Lauren Keating WOpen 100m 4th 13.38, 200m 7th 27.83
Ally Tucker W40-49 100m 2nd 14.59, 200m 1st 30.58, Shot 7th 6.58m, Javelin 4th 14.65m
ShazMcAbs W40-49 100m 3rd 14.83, 200m 2nd 30.80, Javelin 3rd 19.03m
Marianne Papalexion WU/14 100m 14th 16.24, 200m 13th 33.54, 400m 12th 12th 1:13.02
Izabella Dunne WU/14 1500m 9th 5:43.25, 1500m Walk 1st 7:40.31
Aisling Young WU/18 High Jump 3rd 1.40m, Triple Jump 8th 9.06m, Javelin 600g 2nd 34.41m
Chloe McLoughlin WU/14 1500m Walk 3rd 7:52.93
Sienna Pitcher WU/14 1500m Walk 4th 8:36.35 
Allanah Pitcher WU/16 3000m Walk 1st 14:03.39**

Nicholas Papalexion M40-49 100m 3rd 14.10, 200m 2nd 29.09, 400m 4th 1:05.04
John Wall M60+ 100m 2nd 14.58, 200m 1st 29.14
Gavin Murray M60+ Shot 1st 11.86m**, Javelin 1st 30.76m**
Ryan Vesper MU/14 3000m Walk 2nd 16:35.69
Joel Kemp MU/16 3000m Walk 2nd 14:59.08
Dylan Richardson MU/18 3000m Walk 1st 12:57.70
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 100m 4th 21.09*, Shot 2nd 9.22m, Javelin 2nd 25.18m

The next Treloar, and it'd be sensational if we could have as many, if not more, Mingara competitors present, is at SOPAC on Sat Oct 21st. The events are: 60m, 200m, 800m, 3000m, Sprint Hurdles, 2x400m Relays, Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus Throw, Hammer Throw. Events at SOPAC usually start around 2pm so, if you also compete in RJT, there's still heaps of time to get to Olympic Park.



PS I put the asterisk next to my 100m because it was without the shadow of a doubt, the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the day (well, as I write these reports you have to put up with my bragging, hahaha!!!!!). I did come last, of the 61 competitors but, and it's a HUUUUUUGE BUT, for 70m I was leading another chap in my age group! I didn't know what to do! Normally I just look at the finish line and watch the butts of all the others in my races but, this time, I had someone behind me. ASTONISHING! That he eventually caught me is of no importance whatsoever, someone was looking at my butt for a change!!

The REAL highlight, and there were quite a few, was the overall performance of ALL our athletes and I congratulate every, single one of you. Well done to ALL!!**

** Club Records

*** Just to hopefully have a few more Juniors competing, there's no club records for the 60m in ages 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 15yrs, 16yrs and 17yrs!! Mingara's records are determined by the age you turn in 2017.

Hi folks, here's a quick summary of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes from Day 1 of the NSW All Schools held today at SOPAC.

Ashley Pernecker W13yrs 800m 2:22.41 qual 3rd for final
Jez Navusolo 2nd W15yrs Triple Jump 11.72m*
Cameron Steer 11th M14yrs 200m 24.20
Zac Martin M16yrs 1500m 4:17.47 qual 9th for final
Hamish Hart M13yrs 1500m 4:34.70 qual 1st for final
Harley Simity 4th M15yrs Hammer 29.03m

Baylee Lebreton 9th W13yrs Triple Jump 10.15m
Katie Gunn 1st W14yrs Triple Jump 11.68m
Blair Evans 13th W13yrs Discus 29.75m
Thomas Shannon 1st M14yrs Hammer 48.21m
Samuel Liddell 18th M13yrs 800m 2:26.28, 20th 1500m 5:00.93
Talon Woodward 23rd M13yrs 800m 2:29.88, 24th 1500m 5:09.08

Congratulations to the Mingara competitors and the Central Coast ones as well. See some of you tomorrow.

Hi folks, please find below a compilation of results from August til now.

Here’s the results from Day 1 of the NSW All Schools and Allcomers meet being held at SOPAC this w'end Sep 30th.
Ikey Allen M13 90m Hurdles 1st 15.36*
Jakob Madden M16 2000m Steeplechase 4th 6:46.22 (Jakob’s 1st Steeple, a State and National Qualifying time!!
Bess Chippendale W17 400m 3rd 58.64*
Jacqui O’Neill WOpen 400m 12th 1:01.66

Day 2 of the NSW All Schools Warm up, plus the Australian Winter Throws C'ships held in Wollongong.
All Schools
Rachael Mortell W17 400m Hurdles 5th 1:13.39
Ashley Pernecker W13 800m 4th 2:21.15
Aisling Young W17 500g Javelin 2nd 37.38m

Winter Throws 
Stuart Sutton M45
Hammer 2nd 30.94m, Shot 2nd 9.92m, Discus 1st 35.16m, Javelin 2nd 30.61m
Gavin Murray M60
Hammer 2nd 41.78m*, Shot 1st 11.61m, Discus 2nd 45.32m*, Javelin 29.09m*, Weight 2nd 15.38m*, Throws Pent 2nd 3337pts*, Heavy Weight Pent 2nd 3491pts*
Ken Stubbs M70
Hammer 3rd 22.98m, Shot 3rd 8.83m, Discus 3rd 22.08m, Javelin 2nd 22.22m, Weight 3rd 9.65m, Throws Pent 2320pts

Congratulations to Shelby Botfield-Mohr for her results at the Australian University Games being held at Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast. Representing the University of New England, Shelby came 8th in the Women's Hammer throw with a 25.17m throw, and 21st in the Shot Put with 7.14m. In the Discus, missing the final by only 2 places, Shelby threw the plate 25.33m to place 14th. In the Javelin Shelby threw 32.29m finishing in 10th place.

Well done Shelby.

I didn’t realise it until I commenced checking but, special mention to Allanah Pitcher for being the Australian Road Walking Champion for the Women’s U/16 age group. Go Lannah!!!!

Throwers Club Aug 6th
Gavin Murray M60-64 Discus 42.70m, Shot 11.67m

Hunter Winter Aug 11th
Tom Herbert M14 5th Open 400m 54.65
Sean Rae M14 7th Open 400m 1:00.21
Nicholas Bignall M15 1st Open Discus 46.07m

Aust Cross Country C’ships Aug 26th
Ashley Pernecker WU/14 3km 43rd 12:06.50
Hamish Hart MU/14 3km 3rd 9:46.50, 2nd Team

Aust Road Walking C’ships Aug 27th

Tyler Jones MOpen 20km 2nd 1hr27:07.50
Dylan Richardson MU/18 10km 2nd 47:07.50
Oscar Tebbutt MU/18 10km 4th 48:22.50
Molly O’Neill WU/18 5km 9th 31:05.50
Jack McGinniskin MU/16 5km 4th 26:01.50
Allanah Pitcher WU/16 5km 1st 24:34.50
Ryan Vesper MU/14 3km 5th 17:48.50
Isabella Dunne WU/14 3km 5th 15:33.00
Sienna Pitcher WU/12 2km 4th 11:18.00

Lake Macquarie Running Festival Aug 27th
Mark Byfield M55-59 10.5km 3rd age, 48th male, 51st overall 46:20.00
Brittany Annear W20-24 10.5km 1st age, 10th female, 81st overall 49:23.50
Geoff Crumpton M60-64 10.5km 13th age, 327th male, 800th overall 1hr 54:57.50*
Stella Norris W11-13 4km 4th age, 6th female, 17th overall 16:51.00
Bryson Norris M8-10 4km 5th age, 17th male, 25th overall 18:20.00

*I had to put in the Lake Mac festival results. As most of you will have ascertained by now, I rarely, if ever, blow my own trumpet but this time I’m breaking that ‘rule’. With my motor-neurone condition, walking is really the only suitable exercise in which I can partake, and, by walking, I mean at the pace or a relatively fit and healthy 80+yr old as is evidenced by my time!! Earlier this year I set myself the target of completing the Fernleigh 15km in mid-Oct and, with the fabulous assistance of Kay Heinecke and the support of Maria Cimino, January Jones, John Wall and Cherie Myers, I started training to meet this lofty and almost unimaginable goal. My target time, based on a similar walk distance two weeks prior, was to get under 2hrs 10mins, I also wanted to finish (hahaha!!!) and not come last (an ego thing I suspect!). I managed to accomplish all 3, and absolutely SMASHED my target time which was even more pleasing than not coming last!

Now, for more training, as hard as my body can manage, for the Fernleigh. My target time is under 3hrs for the 15km journey and, with the invaluable assistance of Kay who’s walking it with me, I reckon I can do it.

ANSW Season opener y'day at Bankstown and here are their results.

Lauren Keating WOpen 100m 9th 12.77, 200m 15th 27.14
Aisling Young WU/18 Jav 500g 5th 31.90m
Gavin Murray M60-64 1st Discus 43.52m



Hi folks, here's results from the NSW Race Walking competitions May to July 2017

May 13th at Jamistown.

Allanah Pitcher 1st 25:12
Molly O'Neill 3rd 28:45
Ryan Vesper 5th 31:06

May 27th at Woy Woy

Tyler Jones 1st 35:33
Carl Gibbons 2nd 36:05 1st on handicap 
Dylan Richardson 3rd 39:30 3rd on h'cap

Oscar Tebbutt 2nd 29:19 
Allanah Pitcher 5th 30:50
Jack McGinniskin 6th 31:42 2nd on h'cap
Molly O'Neill 9th 35:43 1st on h'cap

Joel Kemp 1st 16:09 5th on h'cap
Amy Marie Walker 4th 18:34 2nd on h'cap

U/12 1km
Sienna Pitcher 2nd 5:53 1st on h'cap

June 11th in the ACT

Open 10 mile
Tyler Jones 1st 1hr 12:27.00*, 1st Teams
Jay Felton 4th 1hr 16:47.00, 3rd on h’cap, 1st Teams
Carl Gibbons 5th 1hr 17:56.50, 2nd on h’cap, 1st Teams

U/20 10km
Tyler Jones 1st 45:14.00
Dylan Richardson 4th 47:44.00, 3rd on h’cap

Open 10km
Carl Gibbons 1st 48:12.00
Jay Felton 2nd 51:49.50

U/10 1km
Sienna Pitcher 2nd 5:41.00, 1st Teams

U/12 2km
Ryan Vesper 5th 11:11.00, 2nd h’cap, 1st Teams
Izabella Dunne 1st 10:20.00, 1st Teams

U/14 2km
Ryan Vesper 8th 11:32.00, 1st h’cap
Allanah Pitcher 1st 9:20.50* (Road Record), 1st Teams
Chloe McLaughlin 11th 11:11.00, 1st h’cap, 3rd Teams

U/16 3km
Jack McGinniskin 3rd 14:12.00, 1st Teams
Joel Kemp 8th 16:01.00, 3rd h’cap, 1st Teams
Izabella Dunne 8th 17:16.50, 1st h’cap, 2nd Teams

U/18 5km
Dylan Richardson 7th 24:38.50, 2nd Teams
Jack McGinniskin 9th 25:55.50, 4th Teams
Joel Kemp 13th 28:49.00, 4th Teams
Allanah Pitcher 1st 25:24.00*, 1st Teams
Molly O’Neill 4th 28:04.50, 1st h’cap, 1st Teams

June 3rd at Jamistown

Open 10km
Tyler Jones 1st 43:39.00, 5th h’cap
Carl Gibbons 2nd 46:14.50, 2nd h’cap

Open 8km
Allanah Pitcher 4th 40:34.00*, 8th h’cap

Open 4km
Molly O’Neill 3rd 22:28.00, 7th h’cap

July 1st at Tempe

Open 6km
Allanah Pitcher 2nd 27:12.00*, 4th h’cap

Open 3km
Molly O’Neill 2nd 16:05.50, 3rd h’cap

U/12 1km
Sienna Pitcher 2nd5:49.00, 1st h’cap

July 8th at Tempe

Sienna Pitcher 1st WU/10 1.5km 9:04.00*
Jack McGinniskin 1st MU/14 3km 16:36.00
Hannah Bolton 1st WU/16 5km 29:26.00
Joel Kemp 1st U/16 M5km 24:54.50
Allanah Pitcher WU/20 1st 10km 50:44.50*
Dylan Richardson MU/20 1st 10km 49:40.00
Carl Gibbons MOpen 2nd 10km 50:19.00
Jay Felton MOpen 3rd 10km 50:47.00

Hi folks, this is a compilation of posts from the National Masters held in Darwin.

Silver medal to January Jones in the W50-54 400m!!!!!!!!! And, in a fabulous effort, a season's best for Julie Peksis finishing 4th in her 400m!!
Julie Peksis Gold medal W220+ 4x400m relay. January Jones Silver medal W120+ 4x100m relay. January's W220+ 4x400m team finished 4th by about 2m in a sensational race between 4 teams fighting for the minor places behind WA.
Julie Peksis 9th in the 200m (missed final by 1 spot), 6th 1500m
Sally Hunt 3rd 1500m
January Jones 7th 200m final
Vicki Townsend 2nd High Jump, 1st Short Hurdles, 6th Javelin, 3rd Shot Put
Super Sally's just picked up a Bronze in her age 5000m run!! Very, tough conditions with quite a fluky breeze, hard track and warm when the wind stopped. A well-deserved rest for her until the Cross Country tomorrow morning.
Julie Peksis is running the 400m final later today, January is in both short and long relays plus the 400m final and Vicki, well she's probably in another dozen events!!
Julie Peksis just finished 4th in her heat of the W55-59 200m. She now has to wait to see if her time's fast enough to qualify for the final later tonight. 
Vicki T ran the short hurdles and she WON!!!! By the huuuuge margin of 0.05!
Miss Vick, Bronze in the W50-54 Shot Put!!
Our ageless champion, Brian Sharpe, has won both the Javelin and Shot Put in his age group, and has the 100m final tonight. 
Super Sally Hunt just came 2nd with a brilliant run in the 800m. 
Julie Peksis came 5th in her 800m. 
January Jones came 7th in the 60m final in the most competitive field at these C'ships, the W50-54, and qualified for the 100m final against the World Champion!! 
And, our 'energizer bunny', Miss Vick, snagged Bronze in the Discus and has also competed in the Long and the Hammer.
Vicki just came 2nd in the Hammer with 26m+, which is an enormous PB!!!
January 7th in the W50-54 100m.
Brian didn't place in the 100m but simply crossing the finish line after a nasty fall in the Javelin, was an awesome performance.

Kelly Hunter from Gosford won her Discus throw with a HUUUUUGE 43m+!!!


Hi folks, here's the updated results from the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games held over the w'end. Mingara was ably represented by January Jones and myself and we both managed podium finishes and Games records (January achieved many more of those than I did, and she only JUST beat me in the Long Jump, hahaha!!!).

January Jones W50-54 60m 2nd 9.44. 100m 2nd 14.97, 200m 2nd 30.47*, 400m 1st 1:13.75*, Long Jump 1st 3.40m*, Shot Put 1st 6.64m.

Geoff Crumpton M60-64 60m 2nd 12.59, 100m 3rd 20.65, Long Jump 2nd 2.74m, Hammer 2nd 28.64m, Shot Put 2nd 9.18m, Discus 2nd 29.88m, Javelin 1st28.53m*, Weight Throw 2nd 12.68m, Throws Pent 2nd 2547pts.

The weather was fantastic and, whilst the actual competition may not have been the strongest it could've been, I highly recommend putting the GBRMG in your calendar for 2019.

My congratulations to January for, not only achieving podium places in all her events and setting new Games records in events herself, she also won the most colourful tights award hands down!!!masters games

Hi folks, you'd best all take a deep breath and find a comfortable chair, especially Jason and Cameron Cheney. I just, not only won the M60-64 spear chucking contest, but I set a new Great Barrier Reef Masters Games record, hahaha!!!! It was a brilliant competition between myself and a lovely local Wayne Fiedler. In rd 2, the recorder said, after I threw 25.18m, that I wasn't far from the record of 25.65m. Wayne then broke the record with a 27m throw. In rd 5, I managed to push it out to 28.54m, rounded down to 28.53m once the tape was straightened. Wayne, not to be outdone, and much to the amusement of our fellow competitors and the officials, had his throw measured at, wait for it, 28.53m, thus equalling my mark. However, just to add a bit more tension and mirth to the proceedings, when the tape was again straightened, like me, he lost a cm to have his mark measured at 28.52m!!! So, top step of the podium after 7 Silvers!! A very enjoyable though physically exhausting 2 days. Now to cheer on January Jones as she attempts to break the W50-54 x 400m record, but only after she tries to outdo my huuuuge 2.74m Long Jump. Bragging rights are most definitely on the line now.


Hi folks, apologies for being rather slack of late with posting of results. Being the dead of Winter, there's not been many events held but enough to awaken me from my slumber!

Here's the results I can find from the beginning of August. They will include Mingara and Central Coast athletes.

I didn’t realise it until I commenced checking but, special mention to Allanah Pitcher for being the Australian Road Walking Champion for the Women’s U/14 age group. Go Lannah!!!!

Throwers Club Aug 6th

Gavin Murray M60-64 Discus 42.70m, Shot 11.67m

Hunter Winter Aug 11th

Tom Herbert M14 5th Open 400m 54.65

Sean Rae M14 7th Open 400m 1:00.21

Nicholas Bignall M15 1st Open Discus 46.07m

Aust Cross Country C’ships Aug 26th

Ashley Pernecker WU/14 3km 43rd 12:06.50

Hamish Hart MU/14 3km 3rd 9:46.50, 2nd Team

Aust Road Walking C’ships Aug 27th

Tyler Jones MOpen 20km 2nd 1hr27:07.50

Dylan Richardson MU/18 10km 2nd 47:07.50

Oscar Tebbutt MU/18 10km 4th 48:22.50

Molly O’Neill WU/18 5km 9th 31:05.50

Jack McGinniskin MU/16 5km 4th 26:01.50

Allanah Pitcher WU/16 5km 1st 24:34.50

Ryan Vesper MU/14 3km 5th 17:48.50

Isabella Dunne WU/14 3km 5th 15:33.00

Sienna Pitcher WU/12 2km 4th 11:18.00

Lake Macquarie Running Festival Aug 27th

Mark Byfield M55-59 10.5km 3rd age, 48th male, 51st overall 46:20.00

Brittany Annear W20-24 10.5km 1st age, 10th female, 81st overall 49:23.50

Geoff Crumpton M60-64 10.5km 13th age, 327th male, 800th overall 1hr 54:57.50*

Stella Norris W11-13 4km 4th age, 6th female, 17th overall 16:51.00

Bryson Norris M8-10 4km 5th age, 17th male, 25th overall 18:20.00

*I had to put in the Lake Mac festival results. As most of you will have ascertained by now, I rarely, if ever, blow my own trumpet but this time I’m breaking that ‘rule’. With my motor-neurone, walking is really the only suitable exercise in which I can partake, and, by walking, I mean at the pace or a relatively fit and healthy 80+yr old as is evidenced by my time!! Earlier this year I set myself the target of completing the Fernleigh 15km in mid-Oct and, with the fabulous assistance of Kay Heinecke and the support of Maria Cimino, January Jones, John Wall and Cherie Myers, I started training to meet this lofty and almost unimaginable goal. My target time, based on a similar walk distance two weeks prior, was to get under 2hrs 10mins, I also wanted to finish (hahaha!!!) and not come last (an ego thing I suspect!). I managed to accomplish all 3, and absolutely SMASHED my target time which was even more pleasing than not coming last!

Now, for more training, as hard as my body can manage, for the Fernleigh. My target time is under 3hrs for the 15km journey and, with the invaluable assistance of Kay who’s walking it with me, I reckon I can do it.

I asked, a little while back, if anyone had any City to Surf results so I can enter them into the results database for this coming season. Apparently, due to the deafening silence I received from my request, only Ashley Pernecker competed. So, I’ll ask again. If anyone competed in the C2S, or knows anyone who did, please let me know.



Hi folks, it's a bit late, but here's the final wash-up of the Mingara, and 'family', results from the recently completed World Masters Games held in Auckland. This is a full list so some will be repeated.

Richelle Ingram W45-49 3rd eq 100m 14.43, 4th 200m 29.84, 2nd 400m 1:11.30, 5th LJ 3.60m, 7th Discus 19.75m, 5th Jav 20.06m - a truly inspirational week's efforts, Shazza!!
January Jones W50-54 6th 100m 15.13, 5th 200m 31.39, 5th 400m 1:15.90, 5th LJ 2.87m
Sally Hunt W50-54 1st 800m 2:47.02, 2nd 1500m 5:47.09, 2nd 5000m 21:23.24, 1st 4x400m 200-239yrs, 1st 6km CC 28:29.40
Julie Peksis W55-59 5th 1500m 6:46.29, 10th 6km CC 33:41.10

Andrew Cassin M45-49 1st 100m 11.88, 1st LJ 5.85m
John Musich M60-64 20th Criterium 40:02.10, 40th 90km Road Race 2hrs49:10.32

Congratulations to everyone on their superb performances and, whilst I usually don't like singling anyone out in particular, an extra special STAR to Sally Hunt for that awesome 800m finish, and to be presented her medals by the All-Time Great John Walker!!!


PS Again, hopefully I haven't missed any, especially yours Julie Peksis but I can only find the 2 results for you. Hope you're on the mend well and truly after coming off 2nd best to a volcano!

Hi folks, in response to a query from one of our members regarding Mingara's overall results in the ANSW Summer Premiership, I contacted them last week to seek an answer. Without boring everyone silly, the simple answer is that the administration of the SP was unbelievably time consuming, incredibly complex and little understood, and basically meaningless, so it was dropped.

There are 2 Summer team competitions run by ANSW (for us, it's 3 as we also have the bonus of NSW Country C'ships). They are, State Relays and Club Championships. Whilst I'm fairly certain I've posted the results from these C'ships, I'm doing it again just in case I didn't.

Mingara Club C'ships standings:

Junior Girls 12th/35, 2nd Country

Junior Boys 4th/43, 1st Country

Open Female 12th/28, 4th Country

Open Male 6th/33, 1st Country

Masters Female 2nd/16, 1st Country

Masters Male 3rd/30, 1st Country

Mingara State Relays standings:

Junior Girls 20th/27, 8th Country

Junior Male 0 teams entered!!!

Open Female 12th/15, 2nd Country

Open Male 4th/21, 1st Country

Masters Female 3rd/12, 1st Country

Masters Male 3rd/17, 1st Country

As can be seen from those outstanding results, we are extremely strong in Masters which comes as no great surprise given the terrific depth and strength of talent at the club, though we do have a few areas to work at improving for next season. We are far and away one of, if not, the strongest clubs outside the Sydney Metro area as evidenced by 3 Hooper Cup victories in a row and that's amply in evidence by the above results.

I hope and trust everyone ate humungous amounts of chocolate over the Easter break but are now getting back into serious training for season 2017/18 and the Winter competitions run by CCXC and ANSW. See you all at Presentation Day.



Hi folks, here’s a wrap-up of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes results from the recently completed National Junior and Open C’ships. No stories, just the results and apologies for them being 4 days after the conclusion of the event. Suffice to say, everyone performed admirably and all deserve congratulations for their fabulous efforts.
Matthew Scarr MU/20 800m qualified for final in 1:55.18, 22nd MU/20 1500m 4:08.56(Team Overton)
Terry Mihellis MU/18 800m 16th 1:57.27 PB(Team Overton)
Callum Sutton MU/17 Discus 7th 44.78m PB, 7thHammer 43.57m PB
Harley Simity MU/16 Hammer 9th 31.73m (Team Momentum)
Hamish Hart MU/14 800m 5th in heat 13th overall2:15.65, 2nd 1500m 4:25.16, 3000m 9th 9:36.97 (Hamish is an U/13 thus competing up an age group so very commendable!)
Ashley Pernecker WU/14 800m 4th in heat 13thoverall 2:24.37, 400m 6th in heat 18th overall 63.26 (Tominators)
Cameron Cheney MU/14 Javelin 4th 31.55m
Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 200m 8th in heat 23rdoverall 23.74 (Team LWL)
Zac Martin MU/17 3000m 9th 9:05.67
Rae Anderson WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 3rdAustralian 4th overall 26.72m, 2nd Discus 27.18m(Team Momentum)
Kaya Ardita MU/16 100m Hurdles 4th in heat 9thoverall 14.69 (Team LWL)
Joel Kemp MU/14 3000m Race Walk 2nd 14:10.57(Team Overton)
Allanah Pitcher WU/15 3000m Race Walk 3rd14:25.63, 2nd WU/17 5000m Race Walk 24:47.00(Team Overton)
Hannah Bolton WU/15 3000m Race Walk 4th14:48.47, 4th U/17 5000m Race Walk 26:35.83(Team Overton)
Danielle Vesper WU/15 3000m Race Walk 12th18:22.90(Team Overton)
Matt Winsor MOpen 100m 7th in heat 36th overall 11.27, 200m 6th in heat 27th overall 22.43 (Matt’s an U/20 so up an age)
Ryan Vesper MU/14 3000m Race Walk 8th17:02.66 (Ryan is an U/13 so back in this age next yr!,(Team Overton))
Izabella Dunne WU/14 3000m Race Walk 6th15:51.40(Team Overton)
Chloe McLoughlin WU/14 3000m Race Walk 13th18:34.75(Team Overton)
Tyler Jones MOpen 10000m Race Walk 3rd42:01.39 (Tyler’s an U/20)(Team Overton)
Dylan Richardson MOpen 10000m Race Walk 12th47:55.68 (Dylan’s an U/18)(Team Overton)
Aanika Milne WOpen 100m Hurdles 7th in heat 19th overall 15.25 (Aanika’s 36, and gave away up to 18yrs on her fellow competitors!!!, Team LWL)
Jackson Barnes MU/14 High Jump 2nd 1.65m(Team Horsnell)
Jay Felton MOpen 10000m Race Walk 7th44:51.84 (ex-Mingara)
Carl Gibbons MOpen 10000m Race Walk 8th 44:58.02(Team Overton)
Oscar Tebbutt MOpen 10000m Race Walk 13th49:42.41 (Oscar is only 16, Team Overton!)
Katie Gunn WU/15 Long Jump 2nd 5.51m, 4thTriple Jump 11.24m
Tyler Gunn MOpen 400m 8th in Final 48.29, 2nd 400m 47.48, 2ndMOpen4x400m Relay (Tyler’s only 18 this year!!!)
Archie Tebbutt MU/14 3000m Race Walk 5th16:05.06(Team Overton)
Emily CoppinsWOpen 200m 4th in heat 26thoverall 25.32 (Team LWL)
Nicola McDermott WOpen High Jump 4th 1.83m (Team Horsnell)
Bethany Kranendonk WU/18 Long Jump 9th 5.43m(Team Horsnell)
April Brown-Peters 13th WU/17 Hammer 32.47(Team Momentum)
Chelsea Goodhew6th WU/20 10,000m Walk 57:41.61 (Team Overton)
Katelyn Smith WOpen AWD Ambulant Javelin 4thAustralian 5th overall 21.61m, 7th Discus 19.72m, 6th Shot Put 7.38m
Jack McGinniskin MU/16 3000m Race Walk 5th14:40.51 (Team Overton)
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Hi folks, Mingara was well represented at the last ANSW Allcomers for the season y'day at the Bankstown Invitational. The weather was shocking, again, but everyone ran superbly. Poor Super Sal had pouring rain during her 3km warm-up and before her 800m but it stopped for both actual races. Cherie forgot (channeling Nicole Robinson here, hahaha!!!) her running shorts so had to complete her 200m in leggings that were falling down the entire race!! John decided to run his first 400m since 1969 and I suspect it'll be another 48yrs before he runs another one though I do have my eye on Country next year and a few 4x400m at State Relays (just don't tell him, hahaha!!!), Ben's going back to school to learn how to start when the gun sounds, not 1/2 a second beforehand so not to get DQed, Matt Scarr was brilliant again in the 1500m B race at the Invitational running under 4mins again, Cam Cheney raced against an 84yr old in the 100m and his dad Jason was against kids young enough to be his sons, and I chickened out of the LJ because it was too bloody wet!!

Here's all the club results.
Matt WInsor 10th Open Men's 100m 11.53
Ben Denham DQ Open Men's 100m
Jason Cheney 39th Open Men's 100m (5th Masters) 12.86
Cameron Cheney 46th Open Men's 100m (1st U/15) 16.69
Super Sally 8th Open Women's 3000m (2nd 50+) 12:53.11, 18th 800m (2nd 50+) 3:04.94
Cherie Myers 29th Open Women's 200m (4th Masters) 32.29
John Wall 31st Open Men's 400m (5th Masters) 1:19.51
Kaya Ardita 1st Men's 100m Hurdles 84cm 14.71
Matt Scarr 5th Open Men's 1500m 'B' Race 3:59.68 (3rd U/20)
Mick Daly 41st Men's Open 100m (7th Masters) 13.40
Jake Ellis (Team Horsnell) 4th= Open Men's HJ 1.95m


PS On our way home, Super Sal and I went with John and Cherie, the girls BOTH scoffed a humungous slice of chocolate cheesecake whereas the two boys were much braver and didn't even touch ours!!!! Mine was really nice for morning tea let me assure you, hahaha!!!

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Hi folks, I have to admit that I have competed in worse conditions than today, but not ALL day! It started horribly, and worsened to bloody awful. Everyone was affected and affected badly. Throwers, Jumpers, Runners, Officials, it was not a day conducive to anything except curling up on the lounge with a good book, a cuppa and chockie!! However, plenty of Mingara athletes ignored my advice (smart move staying home, Mo), and recorded some terrific results. We witnessed Shaz running (well strolling, walking backwards, waving to the crowd but finishing) the Hate hundred, John Wall giving Peter Crombie a real scare in the 200m, Vicki competing in nearly every event, Mel running a PB in her 800m, Will Connors winning a swag of medals, Jason Cheney running a brilliant 200m, David Smith setting a season's best in his 100m, Nicole Robinson AMAZING 3rd in the Shot Put (in Nicky Kelly's croptop so you get a share of the medal Nicky!!) and lots more.

Here's the results from today's events on Day 1 of the ANSW State Masters C'ships.

Damien Meyer 3rd M 40-44 5000m 20:00.64, 1st 3000m Steeple 13:14.04

John Wall 2nd M70-74 100m 14.26, 2nd 200m 29.16

David Smith 3rd M60-64 13.68

Brett Reid 2nd M50-54 100m 13.12, 3rd 200m 27.79

Jason Cheney 4th M40-44 100m 12.98, 3rd 200m 26.46, 2nd LJ 4.99m

Julie Peksis 6th W55-59 100m 17.86, 4th 800m 3:09.23, 4th 200m 35.80

January Jones 6th W50-54 100m 15.08, 6th 200m 31.01

Vicki Townsend 7th W50-54 100m 15.34, 1st Shot 8.97m, 1st LJ 3.67m, 1st Discus 28.96m

Richelle Ingram 4th W45-49 100m 14.63, 4th 800m 3:48.73, 5th 200m 31.37, 4th Discus 20.78m, 8th Shot 5.89m, 3rd LJ 3.46m

Cherie Myers 7th W45-49 100m 15.62, 6th 200m 33.54

Nicole Robinson 2nd W40-44 100m 13.46, 3rd Shot 6.62m

Aanika Milne 2nd W35-39 100m 13.09, 1st 200m 26.41, 1st LJ 4.56m

Sally Hunt 2nd W50-54 800m 2:53.84

Melanie Ann Trimboli 2nd W35-39 800m 2:55.34 PB!!!!!!!

Will Connors 1st M35-39 Hammer 33.89, 3rd Hammer 28.44m, 3rd LJ 4.08m, 2nd Weight 10.21m

Stuart Sutton 1st M45-49 Hammer 29.68m, 1st Weight 9.40m

Geoff Crumpton 3rd M60-64 Hammer 29.27m, 4th LJ 2.43m

Mick Daly 3rd M55-59 100m 13.36, 3rd 200m 28.86

Again, please let me know if I've missed anyone's results. Let's all hope tomorrow's weather will be a vast improvement on today's.


PS This is the 1st event I can remember where another one of our brilliant ladies, ShazMcAbs, actually competed in more events than Miss Vick!! Go Richelle.

Hi folks, finally catching up on some results from the past few weeks, especially Day 2 of the ANSW State Masters.

NSW Throwers Club

Callum Sutton U/18 5kg Hammer 42.83m, 1.5kg Discus 43.47m

ANSW State Masters Day 2

Julie Peksis W55-59 1500m 3rd 6:36.44, 400m 3rd 1:19.42

Sally Hunt W50-54 1500m 1st 5:41.40

Melanie Anne Trimboli W35-39 1500m 1st 6:04.23

John Wall M70-74 60m 2nd 8.75

David Smith M60-64 60m 3rd 8.43

Brett Reid M50-54 60m 4th 8.11

Jason Cheney M40-44 60m 5th 8.25, Discus 3rd 26.79m, Triple Jump 4th 9.73m

January Jones W50-54 60m 5th 9.26, 400m 3rd 1:13.48

Vicki Townsend W50-54 60m 6th 9.31, 80m Hurdles 1st 14.66, Triple Jump 1st 8.20m, High Jump 1st 1.25m, Javelin 4th 20.23m

Richelle Ingram W45-49 60m 4th 8.95, Javelin 4th 19.72m, Weight Throw 4th 6.10m, Hammer 6th 13.85m

Cherie Myers W45-49 60m 6th 9.44

Nicole Robinson W40-44 60m 2nd 8.27, 80m Hurdles 1st 13.88*

Will Connors M35-39 5th Discus 23.69m, Triple Jump 3rd 8.73m, Shot Put 2nd 8.68m, High Jump 2nd 1.30m*

Stuart Sutton M45-49 Discus 1st 32.72m, Shot Put 2nd 10.06m

Geoff Crumpton M60-64 Shot Put 4th 9.54m, Discus 4th 30.05m

Mick Daly M55-59 60m 2nd 8.19, 400m 2nd 1:07.17

Congratulations to everyone for your terrific results (and you also Mick)!!

Club records to Nicole Robinson in the W40-44 80m Hurdles and Will Connors in the M35-36 High Jump. Great effort from both of you.

I'd also like to note that David Smith's M60-64 Long Jump set at the 2017 Country C'ships of 4.48m is also a Club Record and my apologies, David, for not acknowledging it sooner.


Hi folks, here’s the complete report from the ANSW Open and Para C’ships held at SOPAC over the w’end of Feb 24-26 Feb. Our Mingara athletes did themselves, their club and their families proud with their performances. From Rae winning the Para Ambulant Javelin to Jacquie running another PB in the 400m to Aanika qualifying for the semi-finals in the 100m to Matt Scarr qualifying for the 1500m final, they were all brilliant.

Apart from the Mingara performances there were two other highlights on the night. The first actuality had no lights as there was a complete 10min blackout just before the Steeplechasers commenced their races. The second was an almost triple deadheat in a heat of the Women's 800m. First and second were separated by thousandths of a second, with third one onehundredth (0.01) behind. And, to make that result even more astonishing, the young lass who finished third unbelievably did not qualify for the Final as only the first two in each heat were automatic plus the next 4 fastest and she missed by 0.03!!!

Here's the Mingara and Central Coast results from Day 1.

Aanika Milne 11th Open Women's 80m Hurdles 15.54 (her 3rd fastest time!!); qualified Semi-finals of the 100m in 12.89

Jacqueline O'Neill 26th Open Women's 400m 1:01.41 PB

Matt Winsor qualified for the Semi-finals of the Open Men's 100m in 11.50

Lauren Keating 33rd Open Women's 100m 13.22

Kia Prokopiou 41st Open Women's 100m 13.54

Marr Scarr qualified for the Open Men's 1500m Final in 3:55.12

Edan Clarke 15th Open Men's 1500m (3rd in heat) in 3:58.48

Andrew Land 38th Open Men's 1500m in 4:20.37

Charlie Brooks 6th Open Men's 10000m in 34:38.07

Rae Anderson 1st Women’s Para Ambulant Javelin 27.67m

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 10th Open Women's Javelin 31.35m

Emily Coppins qualified for the Semi-finals of the Open Women's 100m in 12.58

Tyler Gunn qualified 2nd fastest in the Open Men's 400m in 47.71

*Jackson Collett (ex-Mingara, qualified fastest)

Katelyn Smith 2nd Women's Para Ambulant Javelin 21.34m

There will be more sensational performances tonight I'm certain. Mingara is well represented across the meet, as is the Central Coast. At least 3 of our wonderful Masters Ladies will be in the Invitational 400m also tonight. Nicky Kelly, January Jones and Cherie Myers, go girls!!

Hi folks, another simply brilliant night of athletics on Day 2 at SOPAC y'day. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the 'three-peat' from our Paralympian Rae Anderson in the Ambulant Discus. As most will have already read Supercoach Kerry's post, Rae not only threw a PB of over 2m which is ASTONISHING just by itself, but, she also threw an IAAF London World C'ships qualifier and set a new National record!! However, on a much, more important scale, she also set a club record, hahaha!!!

Team Overton just goes from strength to strength. Not satisfied with having half the competitors in both the Women's and Men's 5000m Race Walks in their training squad, TO athletes filled the podium in the Men’s race and came 4th, and had 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the Women's, and that was with the clear favourite Allanah pulling up with injury whilst clearly leading.

Our 3 Ladies Masters 400m runners were all terrific with Nicky Kelly just missing a Top 3 finish. Both January and Cherie ran their hearts out and all three should be proud of their efforts.

Here's the results from Day 2.

Rae Anderson 1st Open Women's Para Ambulant Discus NSW Champion 29.37m

Terry Mihellis 17th Open Men's 800m 1:58.47

Kia Prokopiou 7th in heat 36th overall Open Women's 200m 27.78

Jacqueline O'Neill 8th in heat 38th overall Open Women's 200m 27.90

Matt Winsor 9th in heat 25th overall Open Men's 100m 11.65

Tyler Jones 1st Open Men's 5000m Race Walk NSW Champion 20:37.19

Dylan Richardson 3rd Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 22:20.30

Hannah Bolton 2nd Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 25:35.50

Allanah Pitcher Open Women's Race Walk DNF

Nicky Kelly 4th Women's Masters 400m 1:04.80

January Jones 8th Women's Masters 400m 1:13.83

Cherie Myers 9th Women's Masters 400m 1:20.44

Matthew Scarr 8th Open Men's 1500m 3:58.15

Bethany Kranendonk Open Women's Long Jump 5.14m

Katelyn Smith 4th Open Women's Para Ambulant Discus 23.42m

Samantha Farrant 10th Open Women's Discus 37.75m

Kelly Hunter 8th Open Women's Discus 38.32m (Kelly threw 40.62m in qualifying)

Emily Coppins 8th Open Women's 200m Final 25.93 (25.71 1st in heat to qualify for the Final)

Carl Gibbons 2nd Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 21:58.62

Oscar Tebbutt 4th Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 23:30.02

Kyle Bedford 6th Open Men's 5000m Race Walks 25:03.82

Jack McGinniskin 9th Open Men's 5000m Race Walk 28:35.82

Chelsea Goodhew 3rd Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 24:48.91

Molly O'Neill 5th Open Women's 5000m Race Walk 26:26.17

Rhys Donkin 5th Open Men's Pole Vault 4.10m

Tyler Gunn 2nd Open Men's 400m 47.87

Congratulations everyone.

Hi folks, how bloody good is it to be back into your own home after a few days away? I left here on Wednesday to complete an overnight bus driving job taking a cricket team from Oakhill College in Castle Hill to Wagga Wagga for a cricket match, which thankfully they won otherwise the 7hr trip home may not have been anywhere near as enjoyable. I'm extremely lucky my mum lives about 15mins from SOPAC which makes it the perfect spot for my competing and watching athletics. As many of you have already read, and commented upon (thank you very much for your kind words and support as it makes it all worthwhile), I've spent the w'end at SOPAC watching the ANSW State Open and Para C'ships.

The athletics, on the whole, was sensational and the Mingara athletes, and those from the Central Coast, were simply AWESOME. Today was no exception from Aanika and Emily Coppins (team LWL) in the semi-finals of the Open Women's 100m (where she finished 22nd out of 27) to Matt Winsor and Jack Vane-Tempest in the 200m Men's Open heats it was another very, enjoyable day.

Here's the results from Day 3.

Matt Winsor 3rd in heat 21st overall Open Men's 200m 23.12

Jack Vane-Tempest 6th in heat 31st overall Open Men's 200m 23.83

Aanika Milne 9th in heat 22nd overall Open Women's 100m 12.90

Kelly Hunter 10th Open Women's Shot 11.11m

Samantha Farrant 12th Open Women's Shot 10.87m

Jake Ellis (Team Horsnell) 4th Open Men's HJ 1.98m

Katelyn Smith 4th Open Para Ambulant Shot 7.88m

Nicola McDermott (Team Horsnell) 1st Open Women's HJ 1.83m

Rhys Donkin 8th Open Men's Discus 34.27m, 8th in heat 38th overall Open Men's 200m 24.94

Emily Coppins 6th in heat 17th overall Open Women's 100m 12.75


Feb 18th 2017

Hi folks, here’s the summary of reports for the brilliant results of our Mingara athletes from the ACT C'ships.

Bess Chippendale's 59.36 in the Girls U/18 400m is a new club 17yrs record taking almost 5 secs from the previous record held by Therese Auton.

Hannah Regan in the Girls U/18 100m twice broke Bronte Carroll's record, first in the heat where she lowered it to 12.30, then in the final where she went even quicker with 12.26!!

Jacqui O'Neill, whilst hoping to dip under the 60sec mark, came very close with a 1:02.08 PB to finish 26th overall in the Open Women's 400m.

Ben Denham 8th U/18 100m final in 11.51, 12th 200m 24.18
Matt Winsor 4th U/20 100m final in 11.04 PB, 6th 200m 22.30 PB
Bronte Carroll 4th U/20 100m 12.83, 7th 200m 26.81
Jack Vane-Tempest 14th U/20 200m 22.99
Bess Chippendale 8th U/18 200m 26.59

Hi folks, here's the Team Overton and Mingara athletes results from today's Oceania and Australian 20km Race Walking C'ships held in Adelaide.

Tyler Jones Open 20km 16th 1hr 27:12
Carl Gibbons Open 20km 19th 1hr 32:7
Jay Felton Open 20km 20th 1hr 35:46
Chelsea Goodhew U/20 10km 3rd 56:06.00
Dylan Richardson U/20 10km 4th 46:52.00

Hi folks, here's the results of the Mingara athletes who competed at SOPAC in the ANSW 5km C'ships and Allcomers today.

Vicki Townsend 1st 80mH W50-54 4th overall 14.97, 1st W50-54 Discus 8th overall 27.23m
January Jones 5th 60m W50-54 37th overall 9.39, 5th 100m 47th overall 15.19
Julie Peksis 2nd 100m W55-59 51st overall 17.22, 2nd W55-59 800m 36th overall 3:04.70
Sally Hunt 2nd 800m W50-54 34th overall 2:48.35, 1st W50-54 5000m 23rd overall 22:02.61
Matt Scarr 1st MU/20 800m 4th overall 1:53.99
Nathanael Shergold 4th M30-34 800m 43rd overall 2:21.95
Charlie Brooks MOpen 14th 5000m 'D' race 16:20.97
Matt Robbie M30-34 15th 5000m 'D' Race 16:22.23
Edan Clarke MOpen 7th 5000m 'C' Race 15:39.39
Andrew Land MOpen 10th 5000m 'C' Race 15:51.08

Congratulations everyone on your brilliant efforts in what was a stop-start day due to the conditions.


Summary of the outstanding performances of the Mingara team at the ANSW Country C’ships
Dubbo Jan 21-22. 
By Geoff Crumpton

We had the sensational roll-up of 49 competitors comprising 28 Women and 21 Men making us, I’m fairly sure, the largest team at the C’ships so congratulations to all of you for supporting the club so well. At the start of the 2016/17 season, the committee targeted 3 major events, the Club C’ships, State Relays and Country and I believe we’ve certainly succeeded beyond our expectations.

To the coaches, Larry Spencer and Lenore Katherine, Tom Ristuccia, John Wall and Kerry Smith, an enormous thank you for your brilliant efforts for without your input, your training regimes, your support and encouragement, none of these amazing athletes would have performed as well as they did.

Thanks to all the parents, g’parents, brothers and sisters who came along. I’d like to mention you all but I’m afraid I’ll forget someone so a collective thank you will have to suffice, sorry about that!

To Cherie Myers whose wonderful hands allowed quite a few half-broken athletes to get back in the saddle and continue competing, a HUUUUUUGE thanks.

Junior Women


Sienna Pitcher U/11 3rd 800m 3:08.63, 4th Shot 3.64m;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76, 5th 1500m Walk 9:20.19*. (Sienna’s U/11 results unfortunately didn’t score club pts and the relay team just gets 7pts)


Marianne Papalexion7th 100m 16.04, 5th 200m 32.53, 6th 800m 3:01.07, 6th 1500m 6:01.44, 3rd Shot 2.99m, 8th Discus 6.79m, 4th HJ 0.95m, 8th LJ 2.79m. Total Points = 17


Jade Beaven3rd 100m 14.00, 3rd 200m 28.03;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76. Total Points=10
Kaitlyn Norris 7th 200m 28.93, 6th 800m 2:51.98, 4th LJ 4.24m. Total Points = 7
Ashley Pernecker 3rd 200mH 40.57*, 5th 400m 1:09.06, 4th 800m 2:31.01, 3rd 1500m 5:19.26, 9th 80mH 19.10, 13th Discus 10.43m, 3rd HJ 1.35m*, 4th LJ 4.05m; WU/15 1st 3000m 11:30.45*; WU/16 7th Hammer 12.84m*. Total Points = 32
Hannah Bolton2nd 1500m Walk 7:29.34, 5th Javelin 16.88m;WU/15 3rd 1500m 5:57.72;U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76, WU/16 3000m DNF; WU/17 2nd 3000m Walk 16:07.54. Total Points=20


Allanah Pitcher 2nd 800m 2:30.95, 2nd 1500m 5:08.15;WU/16 1st 1500m Walk 6:47.35**; U/17 1st 3000m Walk 14:31.33**. Total Points = 26


Jez Navusolo3rd 100m 13.33, 2nd 200m 26.98, 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76. Total Points = 11


Hannah Regan 2nd 100m 13.04, 4th 200m 26.08;Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 10
Shelby Cochrane 1st Shot 12.33m, 2nd Discus 33.75m*, 6th Javelin 21.84m. Total Points = 15
Isabella Jones 5th 400m 1:07.04, 1st 800m 2:41.86, 3rd 1500m 6:02.67, 6th LJ 3.77m. Total Points = 17


Bess Chippendale 4th 400m 1:06.54, 4th Javelin 15.75m. Total Points = 8
Rachael Mortell4th 100mH 17.97*, 3rd 400mH 1:14.29, 3rd TJ 9.60m. Total Points = 14

U/20 Women

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 3rd Javelin 31.51m. Total Points = 5
Bronte Carroll 2nd 100m 13.02, 1st 200m 26.60*; Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 13
Tonia Brooks 1st Hammer 32.32m, 2nd Shot 10.84m*, 3rd Discus 36.03m. Total Points = 18

Open Women

Rae Anderson 9th Discus 25.71m, 4th Javelin 26.69 (World IPCC B Qualifier). Total Points = 4
Lauren Keating 5th 100m 13.21, 8th 200m 27.18, Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 3
Jacqueline O'Neill 10th 100m 13.78, 6th 200m 26.92, 2nd 400m 1:02.36, 1st 400mH 1:15.25. Total Points = 15
Kelly Spencer 2nd 400mH 1:17.17, 6th 100m 13.27, Open DQ 4x100m Relay. Total Points = 8

Masters Women

Aanika Milne 1st 100mH 15.29 National Open Qualifier), 1st 400mH 1:08.85, 1st LJ 4.96m*; 4th Open 100m 12.81, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34. Total Points = 25
Melanie-Anne Trimboli3rd 800m 2:57.43, 3rd 1500m 6:08.69. Total Points = 10


Nicole Robinson 1st 100m 13.39, 1st 80mH 14.36*, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 4th Shot 7.41m, 1st Triple Jump 9.15m*. Total Points = 25
Cherie Myers 5th 100m 15.28, 5th 200m 31.66, 3rd 400m 1:20.31, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 3rd Shot 7.55m, 2nd Javelin 17.36m. Total Points = 21


Julie Peksis 5th 100m 17.18, 5th 200m 34.69, 5th 400m 1:19.17, 3rd 800m 3:08.41, 2nd 1500m 6:44.06, 2nd 3000m 14:57.56, 5th Discus 17.37m. Total Points = 30
Sally Hunt 4th 400m 1:15.83, 2nd 800m 2:54.09, 1st 1500m 6:00.39, 1st 3000m 12:54.86; Open 2nd 5000m 22:02.81. Total Points = 30
Vicki Townsend 4th 100m 14.94, 4th 200m 30.53, 1st 80mH 14.63**, 1st Shot 9.91m, 1st Discus 27.17m, 3rd Javelin 19.17m, 1st HJ 1.28m, 2nd LJ 4.03m, 2nd TJ 8.69m. Total Points = 53!!!
January Jones Shot 3rd 100m 14.90, 3rd 200m 30.16, 2nd 400m 1:11.75*, 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34, 5th Shot 6.23m. Total Points = 21

Junior Men

Dion Papalexion4th 200m 37.90, 4th 100m 18.10. Total Points = 8


Cameron Cheney 3rd 100m 16.25, 3rd 200m 33.01, 4th Hammer 19.52m, 5th Shot 8.99m, 6th Discus 22.06m, 1st Javelin 28.95m, 3rd LJ 4.12m,6th TJ 7.64m. Total Points = 33
Callum Sutton 1st Hammer 35.39m, 2nd Shot 12.33m*, 1st Discus 43.78m. Total Points = 20


Ben Denham 3rd 100m 11.51,5th 200m 23.57; Open 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 8

U/20 Men

Jack Vane-Tempest 5th 100m 11.86, 3rd 200m 22.60, 5th Long Jump 5.90m;Open 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 11
Matt Winsor 1st 100m 11.39,2nd 200m 22.16; Open 4th 400m 50.58, 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 17

Open Men

Mitchell Tysoe3rd 11.16, 5th 22.08, 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75. Total Points = 8
Kevin Tuene 8th 12.88
Chris Lill 4th 100m 11.61, 2nd LJ 6.72m*. Total Points = 10
Charlie Brooks 4th 800m 2:24.59, 6th 1500m 4:47.81, 1st 5000m 17:09.66, 1st 3000m Steeple 11:00.87. Total Points = 20
Nathanael Shergold 3rd 800m 2:24.44, 7th 1500m 5:07.55, 4th 5000m 19:38.92. Total Points = 10

Masters Men

William Connors 1st Hammer 27.89m*, 1st Shot 9.17m*, 1st Discus 24.68m*, 1st Javelin 35.29m*, 2nd HJ 1.25m*. Total Points = 34


Matt Bolton 9th Javelin 25.81m; 6th Open Javelin 27.66m. Total Points = 2
George Papalexion5th 100m 13.64, 6th 200m 27.66, 6th 400m 1:05.85, 4th Javelin 32.36m. Total Points = 11
Stuart Sutton 1st Hammer 29.55m, 2nd Shot 10.00m, 1st Discus 34.78m. Total Points = 20
Jason Cheney 3rd 100m 13.26, 2nd 200m 26.57, 3rd 400m 1:01.38, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 4th Hammer 21.43m, 5th Shot 8.25m, 5th Discus 25.63m,5th Javelin 30.03m,3rd LJ 4.73m, 1st TJ 8.73m; Open 6th LJ 4.87m. Total Points = 45
Paul Kelaher6th 100m 14.55, 7th 200m 29.47, 4th 400m 1:01.47,3rd 800m 2:26.26, 3rd 1500m 5:13.94, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 6th Shot 7.57m; Open 4th Shot 8.51m. Total Points = 23


David Smith 2nd 100m 13.74, 2nd 200m 28.33, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84, 2nd LJ 4.48m*. Total Points = 18
Geoff Crumpton 5th 100m 20.78, 1st Hammer 30.30m, 2nd Shot 9.64m, 1st Discus 32.77m, 2nd Javelin 27.33m, 3rd LJ 2.20m; 1st Open Hammer 19.44m, 5th Open Shot 7.78m, 4th Open Discus 20.46m, 7th Open Javelin 25.72m. Total Points = 49


John Wall 1st 100m 13.93**, 1st 200m 27.96**, 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84. Total Points = 14
Ken Stubbs 3rd 100m 19.90, 3rd 200m 39.68, 3rd 400m 1:47.49*, 2nd 1500m 9:01.45, 1st Hammer 25.13m*, 1st Shot 8.75m, 2nd Discus 22.99m, 3rd Javelin 23.30m, 1st HJ 1.00m, 1st LJ 2.65m. Total Points = 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The total points, by my reckoning, is 471 for the Men and 512 for our brilliant women!!! A grand total of 983 which is some 200pts more than was calculated by ANSW, and much closer to my original estimate! Still, it doesn’t matter who’s correct, WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone can be bothered, the points allocation is: 7 for 1st, 6 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 4 for 4th, 3 for 5th, 2 for 6th and 1 for 7th. I used the same points for the relays. Relay points are included in the team total, not each person’s.

*Club Records = 26
**ANSW Country Record = 5
1 Australian National Open Qualifier
1 IPCC World B Qualifier.

What a truly amazing w’end by the best little club outside the Metropolitan area and we are easily the best Country Club in the State.


PS If there’s any errors or miscalculations, please don’t hesitate to contact me and bring them to my attention. I need to know as these results will be recorded in my season results for each athlete.

ANSW Country C’ships report 2017

Hi folks, here's a quick recap of Friday night's Mingara team Country results. Our uniforms are easily the most recognisable on the track and were worn with pride by everyone that competed tonight often in unbelievably trying conditions.

Two performances definitely to mention were from Aanika Milne and Vicki Townsend. Aanika ran a National Open qualifying time of 15.35secs to win the W30-39 100m Hurdles which also smashed the previous Country Record. Vicki won the W50-59 80m Hurdles, and had a sensational tussle with Nicole Robinson who won the W40-49 hurdles, in a brilliant time of 14.63 breaking a Country record that has stood since 2003!! Go girls!!

Here's the results and hopefully I don't miss anyone.

Ashley Pernecker WU/16 7th Hammer 12.84m*, 13th Discus 10.43m, 9th 80mH 19.10, 3rd 200mH 40.57*
Cherie Myers W40-49 3rd Shot 7.55m
Nicole Robinson W40-49 4th Shot 7.41m, 1st 80mH 14.36*
Marianne Papalexion WU/12 8th Discus 6.79m 
William Connors M30-39 1st Shot 9.17m*
Stuart Sutton M40-49 2nd Shot 10.00m
Jason Cheney M40-49 5th Shot 8.25m
Paul Kelaher M40-49 6th Shot 7.57m
Cameron Cheney MU/14 4th Hammer 19.52m, 6th Discus 22.06m
Callum Sutton MU/17 1st Hammer 35.39m
Ken Stubbs M70-79 1st Shot 8.75m, 2nd Discus 22.99m
Tonia Brooks WU/20 1st Hammer 32.32m
Vicki Townsend W50-59 1st Shot 9.91m, 1st 80mH 14.63**
January Jones W50-59 Shot 5th 6.23m
Rachael Mortell WU/18 4th 100mH 17.97*, 3rd 400mH 1:14.29
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 400mH 1:15.25
Kelly Spencer WOpen 2nd 400mH 1:17.17
Aanika Milne W30-39 1st 100mH 15.29***, 400mH 1:08.85
Allanah Pitcher WU/17 1st 3000m Walk 14:31.33**
Hannah Bolton WU/17 2nd 3000m Walk 16:07.54
Sally Hunt W50-59 2nd Open 5000m 22:02.81
Charlie Brooks MOpen 1st 5000m 17:09.66
Nathanael ShergoldMOpen 4th 5000m 19:38.92
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 2nd Shot 9.64m, 1st Open Hammer 19.44m, 1st M60-69 Discus 32.77m

As you can see, the club had a fantastic night and my congratulations go to everone who competed, and everyone who supported and cheered. Let's hope tomorrow is just as, if not more, successful.



*Club Record
**Country Record
***National Qualifier

Hi folks, here's Saturday morning's results from our fabulous group of athletes.

Charlie Brooks MOpen 1st 3000m Steeple 11:00.87
Ashley Pernecker WU/15 5th 400m 1:09.06, 3rd 1500m 5:19.26, 3rd HJ 1.35m*
Bess Chippendale WU/18 4th 400m 1:06.54
Isabella Jones W/U17 5th 1:07.04
Matt Winsor MOpen 4th 400m 50.58
Jason Cheney M40-49 3rd 400m 1:01.38, 4th Hammer 21.43m
Paul Kelaher M4-0-49 4th 400m 1:01.47, 4th Open Shot 8.51m
George Papalexion M40-49 6th 400m 1:05.85
Ken Stubbs M70-79 3rd 400m 1:47.49*, 2nd 1500m 9:01.45, 1st Hammer 25.13m*
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 2nd 400m 1:02.36
Cherie Myers W40-49 3rd 400m 1:20.31
January Jones W50-59 2nd 400m 1:11.75*
Sally Hunt W50-59 4th 1:15.83, 1st 1500m 6:00.39
Julie Peksis W50-59 5th 400m 1:19.17, 2nd 1500m 6:44.06
Marianne Papalexion WU/12 6th 1500m 6:01.44, 4th HJ 0.95m
Allanah Pitcher WU/15 2nd 1500m 5:08.15
Hannah Bolton WU/15 3rd 1500m 5:57.72
Isabella Jones WU/17 3rd 1500m 6:02.67
Charlie Brooks MOpen 6th 1500m 4:47.81
Nathanael ShergoldMOpen 7th 1500m 5:07.55
Melanie-Anne Trimboli W30-39 3rd 1500m 6:08.69
Paul Kelaher M40-49 3rd 1500m 5:13.94
William Connors M30-39 1st Hammer 27.89m*
Stuart Sutton M40-49 1st Hammer 29.55m
Vicki Townsend W50-59 1st HJ 1.28m
Cameron Cheney MU/14 3rd LJ 4.12m, 5th Shot 8.99m
Rachael Mortell WU/18 3rd TJ 9.60m
Matt Bolton M40-49 6th Open Javelin 27.66m
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 5th Open Shot 7.78m, 1st M60-69 Hammer 30.30m, 7th Open Javelin 25.72m

Now, back to the track for another fantastically successful session!! Go Mingara!!


*Club Records

Hi folks, here's the results from the Saturday evening session.

George Papalexion M40-49 4th Javelin 32.36m, 5th 100m 13.64
Paul Kelaher M40-49 6th 100m 14.55
January Jones W50-59 3rd 100m 14.90
Jason Cheney M40-49 5th Javelin 30.03m, 6th Open LJ 4.87m, 3rd M40-49 LJ 4.73m, 3rd 100m 13.26
Matthew Bolton M40-49 9th Javelin 25.81m
William Connors M30-39 1st Javelin 35.29m*, 2nd HJ 1.25m*,
Shelby Cochrane WU/17 2nd Discus 33.75m*
Nicole Robinson W40-49 1st Triple Jump 9.15m*, 1st 100m 13.39
Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 5th Long Jump 5.90m, 5th 100m 11.86
Chris LillMOpen 2nd LJ 6.72m*, 4th 100m 11.61
Callum Sutton MU/17 2nd Shot 12.33m*, 1st Discus 43.78m
Ken Stubbs M70-79 3rd Javelin 23.30m, 1st LJ 2.65m, 3rd 100m 19.90
Vicki Townsend W50-59 2nd TJ 8.69m, 1st Discus 27.17m, 2nd LJ 4.03m, 4th 100m 14.94
Julie Peksis W50-59 5th Discus 17.37m, 5th 100m 17.18, 2nd 3000m 14:57.56
Aanika Milne W30-39 1st LJ 4.96m*, 4th Open 100m 12.81
Cameron Cheney MU/14 1st Javelin 28.95m, 3rd 100m 16.25
David Smith M60-69 2nd LJ 4.48m*, 2nd 100m 13.74
Tonia Brooks WU/20 3rd Discus 36.03m
Rae Anderson WOpen 9th Discus 25.71m
Marianne Papalexion WU/12 7th 100m 16.04
Dion Papalexion MU/12 4th 100m 18.10
Jade Beaven WU/14 3rd 100m 14.00
Jez Navusolo WU/16 3rd 100m 13.33
Hannah Regan WU/17 2nd 100m 13.04
Ben Denham MU/18 3rd 100m 11.51
Bronte Carroll WU/20 2nd 100m 13.02
Matt Winsor MU/20 1st 100m 11.39
Lauren Keating WOpen 5th 100m 13.21
Kelly Spencer WOpen 6th 100m 13.27
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 10th 13.78
Mitchell TysoeMOpen 3rd 11.16
Kevin TueneMOpen 8th 12.88
Cherie Myers W40-49 5th 100m 15.28
John Wall M70-79 1st 100m 13.93**
Women's 30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 54.34 Aanika Milne, Nicole Robinson, Cherie Myers, January Jones 
Men's 30+ 4x100m Relay 3rd 52.84 Jason Cheney, Paul Kelaher, David Smith, John Wall 
Women's U/16 4x100m Relay 4th 1:02.76 Jade Beavan, Sienna Pitcher, Hannah Bolton, Jez Navusolo
Women's Open 4x100m Relay DQ (after crossing the line FIRST!!) Lauren Keating, Bronte Carroll, Kelly Spencer, Hannah Regan 
Men's Open 4x100m Relay 1st 43.75 Ben Denham, Matt Winsor, Jack Vane-Tempest, Mitchell Tysoe
Ashley Pernecker WU/16 1st 3000m 11:30.45*
Hannah Bolton WU/16 3000m DNF
Sally Hunt W50-59 1st 3000m 12:54.86
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 2nd Javelin 27.33m, 3rd LJ 2.20m, 5th 100m 20.78

*Club Records


Hi folks, here's the Sunday results. If you would all just indulge me a bit of poetic license, I could not be more impressed with the efforts everyone put in over the w'end. The conditions weren't brilliant, rain on Friday night, quite warm and still on Saturday and windy with heat on Sunday, but, all-in-all, the entire club, competitors, supporters, parents, brothers and sisters and anyone else that was cheering for us, deserves the highest commendation for their efforts.

Occasionally I do specifically mention some outstanding efforts and this time won't be any different. In amongst the ANSW Country records, National qualifiers, Club records and PBs, my personal awards for the athletes of the meet go to our two youngest. Sienna Pitcher and Marianne Papalexion our 'two mighty mouses'! These two ladies epitomised commitment, a 'never-say-die-attitude', smiling faces and pride in themselves, their parents and their club.

Sienna, at all of 8yrs of age, ran in the Girls U/16 4x100m relay as well as competing in the 1500m Walk and Shot Put, all against girls much, much, MUCH older, didn't give them one inch and made them fight all the way to the finish line!

Marianne, who is barely 11, was equally as superb. Her very proud dad, Nicholas, has already detailed her amazing efforts over the w'end and they can be seen in more detail in my reports. Congratulations to both young ladies and their marvellous parents.

I'd also like to mention, and I know I'm going to embarrass both of them but no apologies beforehand because their efforts should be publicly recognised. Melanie-Ann Trimboli and Paul Kelaher deserve enormous credit for the manner in which they've battled and conquered major health issues over the past few years to be, not only competing at the highest level, but contributing to the team just by their very presence. I dips me lid to the both of you!!

Lastly, congratulations to one of our newest members, William Connors, who, in the M30-39 age group, not only won all his throws and secured a second in the High Jump but set club records for all those throws in the M35-39 age. Great work and welcome William!!

Okay, enough waffling,

here's the results of Sunday's tremendous performances.

Marianne Papalexion WU/12 5th 200m 32.53, 6th 800m 3:01.07, 3rd Shot 2.99m, 8th LJ 2.79m
Jade Beaven WU/14 3rd 200m 28.03
Kaitlyn Norris WU/14 7th 200m 28.93, 6th 800m 2:51.98, 4th LJ 4.24m
Jez Navusolo WU/16 2nd 200m 26.98
Dion Papalexion MU/12 200m 4th 37.90
Cameron Cheney MU/14 3rd 200m 33.01, 6th TJ 7.64m
January Jones W50-59 3rd 200m 30.16
Vicki Townsend W50-59 4th 200m 30.53, 3rd Javelin 19.17m
Julie Peksis W50-59 5th 200m 34.69
Cherie Myers W40-49 5th 200m 31.66, 2nd Javelin 17.36m
John Wall M70+ 1st 200m 27.96**
Ken Stubbs M70+ 3rd 200m 39.68, 1st HJ 1.00m
David Smith M60-69 2nd 200m 28.33
Jason Cheney M40-49 2nd 200m 26.57, 5th Discus 25.63m, 1st TJ 8.73m
George Papalexion M40-49 6th 200m 27.66
Paul Kelaher M40-49 7th 200m 29.47, 3rd 800m 2:26.26
Hannah Regan WU/17 4th 200m 26.08
Ben Denham MU/18 5th 200m 23.57
Bronte Carroll WU/20 1st 200m 26.60*
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 6th 200m 26.92
Lauren Keating WOpen 8th 200m 27.18
Matt Winsor MU/20 2nd 200m 22.16
Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 3rd 200m 22.60
Mitchell TysoeMOpen 5th 22.08
Allanah Pitcher WU/16 1st 1500m Walk 6:47.35**, 2nd 800m 2:30.95
Sienna Pitcher WU/10 5th 1500m Walk U/16 9:20.19*, 3rd 800m U/11 3:08.63, 4th U/11 Shot 3.64m
Sally Hunt W50-59 2nd 800m 2:54.09
Julie Peksis W50-59 3rd 800m 3:08.41
Melanie-Anne Trimboli W30-39 3rd 800m 2:57.43
Nathanael ShergoldMOpen 3rd 800m 2:24.44
Charlie Brooks MOpen 4th 800m 2:24.59
Isabella Jones WU/17 1st 800m 2:41.86, 6th LJ 3.77m
Ashley Pernecker WU/14 4th 800m 2:31.01, 4th LJ 4.05m
Tonia Brooks WU/20 2nd Shot 10.84m*
Hannah Bolton WU/14 2nd 1500m Walk 7:29.34, 5th Javelin 16.88m
Shelby Cochrane WU/17 6th Javelin 21.84m, 1st Shot 12.33m
Bess Chippendale WU/18 4th Javelin 15.75m
William Connors M30-39 1st Discus 24.68m*
Stuart Sutton M40-49 1st Discus 34.78m
Shelby Botfield-Mohr WU/20 3rd Javelin 31.51m
Rae Anderson WOpen 4th Javelin 26.69 (Nat B qualifier)
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 4th Open Discus 20.46m

Congratulations everyone! Now we wait to see if we've retained the Hooper Cup for the third consecutive year.

Illawarra Track Classic report 2017

Hi folks, January Jones and I flew the club flag at the Illawarra Track Classic last night at The Kerryn McCann track in Wollongong. We both ran in the Illawarra Blue Stars 60m age c'ship races, whilst January also ran the Open 100m and I did LJ, Hammer and Shot. The night was also to feature the NSW Mile C'ship but the main events were cancelled due to the shocking heart attack suffered by Les Gillies, one of the true gentlemen of athletics. I have no news of his prognosis or condition at the time of writing and can only pray he recovers.

Here's our results.

January Jones W50-59 IBS 60m 4th 9.40; Open 100 46th 15.32 (3rd W50-59)
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 IBS 60m 5th 11.90; Hammer 2nd 30.60m; Shot 2nd 9.50m; LJ 1st 2.36m

National Multi-event C’ships report 2017

Hi folks, finally, after much searching, I've been able to find the results of the Australian Masters Multi-event C'ships held recently in Bendigo. Mingara's Superwoman Vicki Townsend came 1st in the W50-59 age group with an excellent total of 4043pts.

Here's the breakdown of her result.

80m H 15.43 606pts; HJ 1.27m 678pts; Shot 10.57m 749pts; 200m 31.23 718pts; LJ 3.94m 540pts; Jav 19.75m 400pts; Hate Hundred 3:28.34 352pts. Total = 4043!!

Sensational effort Vick!!

Dec 21st 2016
Hi folks, I have some GREAT news and some really annoying news.
We Masters Men weren't able to hang on in the end and actually were shuffled down to 4th by the end of the day. Basically, and it has nothing to do with me, however, when Jason Cheney, David Smith and I were finished our 200m runs, there were no Mingara Masters Males still competing and that's where we fell out of the Top 3. Still, we were by a long way, the best performed Country club and were only behind NSW Masters, UTS Norths and Asics Wests.

The MOST AMAZING bit of news is the late afternoon surge from our Masters Women who, at the time of me posting the progressive score in mid-afternoon, were more than 100pts behind Norths however, the exact opposite occurred with them. With Sally, January and Vicki still competing, the girls, not only managed to claw back the deficit, they ended up coming FIRST by 8pts!! Go GIRLS!! Unfortunately, the morning after I wrote this report, UTS Norths had convinced ANSW that their total was incorrect and, despite my gentle protesting, they were correct and our magnificent Masters Women ended up finishing 2nd.

In the other team results, our Junior Females finished 12th out of 35 clubs and were 3rd Country behind Nowra and Nepean.
Our Junior Boys finished 4th out of 43 clubs which is an astounding result considering the 3 clubs in front of us were Trinity (a school-based club), Cherrybrook and Hills District, all much, much, much bigger clubs. Go Boys!!!!

In the Opens, our Girls finished 12th out of 28 and 4th Country. Our Open Boys 7th out of 32 clubs and leading Country. 
All-in-all Mingara, as they say in boxing parlance, 'punched well above their weight class' and my personal congratulations go to everyone who competed, everyone who supported and everyone who coached.

Dec 18th 2016

Hi folks, here's the report on Day 2 of the ANSW Club C'ships held last w'end at SOPAC. Our Juniors were brilliant today and flew the club flag proudly. We seniors did as well as we could, given our low numbers, and special mention must go to both Super Sally Hunt who competed in two events having arrived back in Oz that morning, and January Jones who entered two extra events she'd normally not do to assist in securing vital club points.

I'd also like to thank Ben Denham's mum for spotting that I'd overlooked the fact we could've entered Men's and Women's Open relay teams and quickly grabbed Ben, Kaya A, Matt W and Jack V-T to run in the Open Men's. As they are in actual fact an U/20 team, I've counted their time as a new club record, so well done boys!!

Congratulations to everyone from the club who competed, supported, cheered and coached all w'end. The overall final club placings haven't been published yet, however, on my quick reckoning, I'd suggest we finished in the Top 6 over the 3 age groups, Juniors, Opens and Masters which, for a small, country club is a stupendous achievement!!

Here's the results:

Charlie Brooks M Open 5000m 13th 16:54.85 10pts
Nathanael Shergold M Open 5000m 17th 18:42.01 7pts
Aisling Young WU/18 3000m 1st 14:16.62* 30pts, 3000m Walk DNF
Tom Boaler MU/16 3000m 4th 9:41.20 17pts
Jakob Madden MU/16 3000m 5th 9:46.47 16pts
Sienna Pitcher WU14 1500m Walk 5th 9:23.98* 16pts (Sienna is 9yrs old, what a performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Tyler Jones M Open 5000m Walk 1st 20:55.84* 30pts
Allanah Pitcher WU/14 3000m Walk 1st 14:12.69 30pts
Izabella Dunner WU/14 3000m Walk 3rd 16:22.17 20pts (Izzy is only 11)
Hannah Bolton WU/14 3000m Walk 4th 17:24.99 (no points as only the first 2 from each club are counted, unfortunately!)
Danielle Vesper WU/14 3000m Walk DNF
Ryan Vesper MU/14 3000m Walk 1st 16:22.64 30pts
Dylan Richardson MU/18 3000m Walk 1st 13:17.39 30pts
Kaya Ardita MU/16 100m Hurdles 2nd 14.89 24pts (photofinish as both boys timed at 14.89, and Kaya's only 14!!)
Aanika Milne W30-39 100m Hurdles 1st 16.02 30pts
Jacqueline O'Neill W Open 200m 26th 27.85 6pts
JezabelNavusolo WU/16 200m 5th 26.66* 16pts
January Jones W50+ 200m 5th 31.51 16pts, 1st 800m 3:43.47 30pts, 6th Shot Put 6.06m 15pts
Sally Hunt W50+ 200m 7th 35.66 14pts, 2nd 800m 2:55.06* 24pts
Cameron Cheney MU/14 7th 200m 34.08 14pts, 1st Hammer 16.61m* 30pts, 1st Shot Put 8.51m* 30pts, 5th TJ 7.90m* 16pts, 6th LJ 3.45m 15pts
Matt Winsor MU/20 200m 2nd 23.27 24pts
Jack Vane-Tempest MU/20 200m 3rd 23.42 20pts
Jason Cheney M40+ 200m 1st 26.42 30pts, 1st Hammer 18.69m 30pts, 1st Shot Put 8.17m 30pts
David Smith M60+ 200m 1st 28.49 30pts
Matthew Scarr M Open 5th 800m 1:55.44 16pts
Vicki Townsend W50+ 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 2439 90pts, 1st LJ 3.74m 30pts, 1st SHot Put 9.44m 30pts
Tonia Brooks WU/20 4th Hammer 23.56m 17pts, 4th Shot Put 10.15m 17pts
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 200m 3rd 46.63 20pts (new PB!!), 3rd Shot Put 9.35m 20pts, 5th Hammer 30.31m 16pts, 2nd LJ 2.53m 24pts.

Finally, my personal congratulations to Jason and Cameron Cheney who, between them, entered some 14 events over the w'end and scored the astounding total of 347pts!!!! That's the perfect example of sacrificing some individual gain for club success. Great work Jason, and to you Cameron, on your first Senior outing for the Club!

Almost not to be outdone, our own 'Energiser bunny' Vicki Townsend contributed 235pts herself, another sensational performance from Miss Vick!!

Now, let's all start turning our attention to Country, well, after the Xmas party this coming Saturday and the New Year, of course, hahaha!!!

*Club Records

Dec 17th 2016

Hi folks, the Mingara athletes absolutely excelled themselves today at the ANSW Club C'ships, both individually and as a team. In the middle of the afternoon, with still quite a number of events til the end of the day that yielded a significant amount of points, especially for the Masters Men, our Junior Men's team were placed 3rd, our Masters Women were Second and Masters Men also Third!!!! When you consider the size of our club, plus the relatively small numbers we had competing, even if we don't retain those positions, they're all remarkable performances. We were, by a looooooooong way, the best performing Country club overall.

Here's today's results.
Aanika Milne W30-39 1st 400m Hurdles 1:07.57 30pts, 1st 100m 12.93 30pts
Aisling Young W U/18 DNF 1500m, 2nd Jav 30.59m* 24pts, 4th TJ 9.02m 17pts
Margaret Beardslee W50-59 3rd 1500m 6:04.68 20pts, 5th Jav 16.93m 17pts
Julie Peksis W50-59 4th 1500m 6:35.19 17pts, 8th 100m 16.61 12pts, 5th 400m 1:19.56 16pts
Angus Baldwin M Open 7th 1500m 4:05.85 14pts
Brad Pemberton M U/18 1st 1500m 4:13.72* 30pts
Ryan McKendrick M30-39 2nd 1500m 4:53.71* 24pts, 1st TJ 11.20m* 30pts
Kelly Spencer W Open 18th 100m 13.16 6pts
Jacqueline O'Neill W Open 24th 100m 13.81 5pts, 400m DQ (boo!!)
Jezebel Navusolo W U/16 8th 100m 13.00 13pts
January Jones W 50-59 6th 100m 14.92 15pts, 4th 400m 1:14.84 17pts
Kaya Ardita M U/16 17th 100m 12.27 pts
Ben Denham M U/18 16th 100m 11.79 7pts
Matt Winsor M U/20 1st 100m 11.41 30pts
Jack Vane-Tempest M U/20 2nd 100m 11.44 24pts
Jason Cheney M40-49 3rd 100m 12.97 20pts, 3rd 400m 1:01.43 20pts, 1st TJ 9.82m 30pts, 1st Discus 24.89m 30pts
David Smith M60-69 2nd 100m 13.64 24pts
Men's 4x100m Open Relay 3rd 45.19 20pts* Kaya Ardita, Ben Denham, Matt Winsor, Jack Vane-Tempest, Record is set as an U/20 team.
Cameron Cheney M U/14 6th 400m 1:18.42 15pts, 4th Discus 22.83m 17pts, 3rd Jav 27.21m 20pts
Vicki Townsend W50-59 1st Discus 25.79m 30pts, 3rd HJ 1.20m 20pts, 3rd Jav 20.71m 20pts, 6th TJ 8.11m 15pts
Callum Sutton M U/18 4th Discus 41.46m 17pts
Rae Anderson W Open 3rd Jav 24.22m 20pts, U/20 Discus 20.92m (points unknown as yet)
Riley Grant M U/16 4th HJ 1.70m (points unknown as yet)
Tonia Brooks W U/20 Discus 35.20m (points unknown as yet)
Geoff Crumpton M60-69 6th 100m 19.90 15pts, 3rd Discus 31.79m 20pts, 1st Javelin 28.01m 30pts
Hopefully, there'll be more of these brilliant performances tomorrow, we can remain in those lofty team positions and improve in all areas.

*Club Records
Geoff Crumpton V-P Mingara Athletics Club

Hi folks, having finally required a bit of personal equilibrium after the w'end, here's the report from Day 2 of the amazing Mingara State Relays teams!! Everyone of you deserves the HUUUUGEST congratulations for your sensational efforts over the 2 looooooong days of competition. Special mention must go to Nicky Kelly, for without her brilliant contribution in organising the Women's teams, the w'end would not have been anywhere nearly as successful.

The second day did not have an ideal start as I had to 'take one for the team' in a 4x800m 240+ team as one of the members hadn't realised he was running. However, this time, discretion overcame valour and, with permission from the other lads, I only ran 50m before walking off the track to stop us being Disqualified and so we recorded a DNF (that gave me the grand total of 325m out of 1600m in both 800m races! Maybe next year I might be able to complete half in total, hahaha!!!). It did get a whole lot better after that rather inauspicious start I can assure you!!

The first 'proper' team was the Men's 240+ 4x200m relay and the boys excelled themselves by finishing Second, behind a Sydney Pacific team consisting of a World 200m Champion and a Bronze Medallist over the same distance at the recent WMA Champs in Perth, and set a new club record! Our brilliant Women's Open 4x400m team of 16yr old Bess Chippendale, Jacqui O'Neill, Kelly Spencer and the Superwoman Aanika Milne, combined superbly against teams containing Olympians, Commonwealth Games reps and National Level Medallists to come in 7th in a great time that smashed the previous club record by an astounding 45seconds!!

Even though I didn't see the race as I was in First Aid with another Superwoman, Richelle Ingram, who had badly injured herself after what was I think her millionth event (!!!), the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the performance of our Open Men's Sprint Medley team. This event has the first runner completing 800m, then a 400m, followed by 2 doing 200m. Angus Baldwin had us in 4th about 20m behind the leading trio at the end of his 800m and was followed by Craig Cameron battling a blister the size of Sydney Harbour. Craig kept us in the hunt for the medals by staying the same distance back. Then, Mitch Tysoe simply EXPLODED like a bloody Exocet missile to almost reel in the runner in 3rd place before handing the baton to Matt Winsor for the final 200m. The 3rd placed team's runner kindly ran on the outside of his lane, thus allowing Matt the 'inside' running and he passed him easily to put the boys into 3rd place! Something absolutely no-one there would've predicted before the event. GO BOYS!!!

Not to be outdone, our Women's Open 4x100m team comprising Lauren Keating, Jacqui O'Neill, Kelly Spencer and Bess who went into the meet hoping to run about 53-55secs, not only smashed that time by running an amazing 51.17, they qualified for the Final against far better credentialed teams. GO GIRLS!!!

Lastly, and whilst I probably shouldn’t pick one person out for special mention, in this case I trust I’ll be forgiven. Aanika Milne, you are the absolute epitome of what it means to be a CHAMPION! Not satisfied with half-a-dozen taxing events on Saturday helping every team in which you competed to secure medals and/or club records, you came out on Sunday and volunteered to run an Open 400m, probably the most difficult of all the running events. Aanika was giving away at least 10-15yrs in age to almost every other competitor, except our own Junior Marvel Bess Chippendale who’s only 16, and no-one would’ve known. She gave so much that it took a full 25-30mins after the race before she could actually walk back to the First Aid room to be given extra TLC. Not satisfied with having run herself to the point of complete and utter exhaustion, Aanika rocked up only an hour or so later and ran in a 160+ 4x100m and played an integral part in that team securing 2nd place! I then, at the urging of both her worried husband Olly, and equally worried coach Larry, concerned for her long-term health, made a Captain’s call and banned her from any more events. Aanika Milne, I salute you!

Overall, our team performed well above what would be expected of a, 'little club from the Central Coast' as John Wall put it so eloquently. In boxing terms, we were fighting well above our weight class by mixing it with perennial powerhouses, UTS Norths, Sydney Pacific, Asics Wests, Campbelltown and Sydney Uni. I suspect, when the results are tabulated completely, our Masters team will be in the Top 6 if not Top 3 or 4 which is an astonishing performance given the size of the team and the numbers in the club. Now, to work on our Juniors and get more of them competing at such prestigious events.

Another 5 Club records, 1 First place, 3 Seconds, 1 Third, 4 Forths, 2 Fifths, 2 Sevenths and my DNF.
Here’s the full list of results from Day 2 of the ANSW State Relay Championships.
Women’s Masters Javelin 2nd – Aanika Milne, Cherie Myers, Richelle Ingram, Ally Tucker, 78.26m* Inaugural club record
Women’s Open 4x400m 7th – Bess Chippendale, Aanika Milne, Kelly Spencer, Jacqui O’Neill 4:08.05* taking 45seconds from the previous record set in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Women’s 120+ 4x800m 1st – Mel Trimboli, Ally Tucker, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis 12:07.45* taking 21secs from a 5yr old club record!!
Women’s 160+ 4x100m 2nd – Aanika Milne, Ally Tucker, Richelle Ingram, Cherie Myers 53.74
Women’s 120+ 4x200m 4th – Richelle Ingram, Ally Tucker, Sally Hunt, Cherie Myers 2:05.39* Inaugural club record
Women’s Open 4x100m 7th – Bess Chippendale, Jacqui O’Neil, Lauren Keating, Kelly Spencer 51.17*
Men’s 200+ 4x400m 5th – Paul Carr, Paul Kelaher, Ken Stubbs, Tony Murphy 5:25.21
Men’s 240+ 4x800m DNF – Ken Stubbs, Paul Carr, Tony Murphy, me
Men’s 200+ 4x100m 2nd – David Smith, Brett Reid, George Papalexion, Jason Cheney 51.22
Men’s 160+ 4x200m 5th – Jason Cheney, Paul Carr, Paul Kelaher, George Papalexion 1:49.82
Men’s Open Sprint Medley 3rd – Angus Baldwin, Craig Cameron, Mitchell Tysoe, Matt Winsor 3:31.72
Men’s 200+ 4x1500m 4th – Ken Stubbs, Paul Carr, Paul Kelaher, Tony Murphy 28:53.68
Men’s Open 4x1500m 4th – Angus Baldwin, Edan Clarke, Andrew Land, Charlie Brooks 17:13.03
Men’s Masters Shot Put 4th – Jason Cheney, Paul Carr, Olly Milne, me 34.07m
Bring on the ANSW Club Championships in just over 2 weeks! I absolutely urge everyone in the club to enter this event and cement the club’s place as the best performed Country Club in the State. It’ll be a great taste, and portent, of things to come when we retain our Hooper Cup Title at next year’s Country C’ships.
Hi folks, what a sensational day from our entire team at NSW State Relays! I am incredibly proud of everyone of you, from 10yd old Izabella Dunne whose 4x1500m U/14 Walks team set a new State Record, to the 'elder statesman' of the team, the fabulously talented John Wall who helped his teams to a 1st (and Club Record), a 2nd and a 3rd, to the astonishingly gutsy performances of Paul Kelaher at 46 and running brilliantly in the Open 4x800m getting them to 5th place whilst giving away almost 25yrs in age to every other competitor, to Melanie Ann Trimboli whose brave efforts in running every distance from 200m to 1500 was rewarded with a 3rd place in the longest race. This was just a small sample of the amazing efforts displayed by ALL team members.

The day could not have had a better start. The Open Men's 4x1500m Walks team, consisting of Tyler Jones, Dylan Richardson and Lauren Bourke from Mingara and Oscar Tebbutt from Wyong, had a big win and were followed across the finish line by our incredibly talented U/14 4x1500m girls, Izabella, Dani Vesper, Hannah Bolton and Allanah Pitcher who won their event smashing the Club record by more than 5mins and breaking a 22yr old NSW record in the process!! Way to go girls!! In the same mixed age race, Ryan Vesper and Joel Kemp from our club teamed with Archie Tebbutt and Dylan Daly to win their age group. Bouquets to Frank and Lauren for their coaching, preparation and dedication with this amazing group of walkers!!

The walks were followed by the main event of the day, the Masters spear chuck, oops, Javelin throw, hahaha!! Led brilliantly by our newest club member, Olly Milne, with the supporting cast of George Papalexion whose haircut needs to be seen to be believed, Jason Cheney still sporting half a dozen stitches over his left eye where young Cameron tried to 'hammer' him into the ground and me, smashed our Club record by a smidgin under 12m and scored a Silver medal!!! We also relegated Ryde to 4th and out of the medals which, for me, was one of the highlights of the day but that's another story.

It all just went downhill from there I have to admit - NOT!!! Whist we did set the bar incredibly high, it was easily surpased by what was still to come. Of the 21 events in total contested by teams with only Mingara athletes, we finished with 2 Firsts, 6 Seconds, 2 Thirds, 3 Fourths, 3 Fifths, 2 Sixths, a Ninth (but a Club record), a 12th and a DNF which was my fault because I stuffed up the entry and left them a man short so I had to run the last leg and am physically incapable of running 800m. But, Ryan and the Paul twins, Carr and Kelaher, all said they didn't care about the medal, they just wanted a run and I cannot praise them enough for their sportsmanship. There were also 5 Club records and 1 State record set!

Enough waffle, here's the day's results.
Women's U/14 4x1500m Walk 1st - Izabella Dunne, Allanah Pitcher, Danielle Vesper, Hannah Bolton, 29:32.26 NSW State and Club Record!!!
Men's Open 4x400m 5th in Final (after qualifying 8th) - Angus Baldwin, Charlie Brooks, Craig Cameron, Edan Clarke, Kevin Tuene, 3:37.79
Women’s 160+ 4x800m 4th - Nicky Kelly, Mel Trimboli, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, 11:38.08 
Women's 120+ 4x400m 2nd - Nicky Kelly, Richelle Ingram, Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne, 4:22.50*
6th - Mel Trimboli, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers, 5:12.76
Men's 160+ 4x400m 4th - Jason Cheney, George Papalexion, Paul Carr, Paul Kelaher, 4:14.10
Women's U/14 4x200m 6th in heat - Jez Navusolo, Izabella Dunne, Allanah Pitcher, Shelby Cochrane, 2:07.80*
Women’s Open 4x200m 9th - Jez Navusolo, Kelly Spencer, Jacqui O’Neill, Bess Chippendale, 1:47.66*
Men’s 200+ 4x200m 3rd - Brett Reid, Paul Carr, David Smith, John Wall, 1:52.41
Women's 160+ 4x200m 2nd - Richelle Ingram, Nicky , Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne, 1:53.08
5th - Mel Trimboli, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers, 2:15.47
Men’s Open 4x100m 12th - Mitchell Tysoe, Jack Vane-Tempest, Matt Winsor, Kevin Tuene, 44.12
Men’s 160+ 4x100m 2nd - Jason Cheney, George Papalexion, Brett Reid, John Wall, 51.49
Women's 120+ 4x100m 2nd - Richelle Ingram, Nicky Kelly, Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne, 53.26
4th - January Jones, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, Cherie Myers, 62.07
Men’s 200+ 4x800m DNF - Ryan McKendrick, Paul Carr, Paul Kelaher, me
Men's 240+ 4x100m 1st - Paul Carr, David Smith, John Wall, Brett Reid, 52.68*
Women’s 200+4x100m 2nd - January Jones, Richelle Ingram, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, 59.33*
Men’s Open 4x800m 5th - Angus Baldwin, Edan Clarke, Charlie Brooks, Paul Kelaher, 8:53.16
Women's 120+ 4x 1500m 3rd - Mel Trimboli, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, January Jones, 28:07.94
Men’s Masters Javelin 2nd - Olly Milne, Jason Cheney, George Papalexion, me, 120.33m
Bloody AWESOME!!!!!!!
Hi Folks, here's all the full list of results from Mingara's astounding group of athletes that competed at the Pan Pacs over the past 3 days.
Jason Cheney M40 - Discus 3rd 29.03m; Shot 5th 8.60m; LJ 4th 4.69m; 100m 3rd 12.90
Vicki Townsend W50 - Javelin 1st 20.15m; Triple 1st 8.75m; 80m Hurdles 1st 14.65; 100m 2nd 14.81; LJ 1st 3.47m; Shot 1st 9.56m; Discus 1st 26.50m; 200m 2nd 30.77; HJ 1st 1.30m; 60m 1st 9.38

Geoff M60 - Weight Throw 5th 11.79m; LJ 4th 2.62m; Discus 4th 31.87m; 100m 3rd 20.88; Hammer 4th 29.30m; Javelin 5th 26.64m; 200m 2nd 50.27; Throws Pent 3rd; Shot 4th 9.01m; 60m 2nd 14.38
Ken 'The Mo' Stubbs M70 - Weight 3rd10.33m*; Discus 4th 23.37m; Javelin 4th 17.66m; Hammer 2nd 21.36m; HJ 1st 1.13m*; Shot 4th 8.75m; Throws Pent 1st 2210pts*; 1500m 3rd 8:52.97
Julie Peksis W55 - 800m 1st 3:20.76; Discus 5th 17.58m; 200m 4th 35.79; 1500m 1st 6:53.98; 400m 2nd 1:22.67
Melanie Ann Trimboli W35 - 800m 1st 3:04.87; 1500m 1st 6:21.02
January Jones W45 - 100m 2nd 15.11; 200m 2nd 31.69; 60m 2nd 9.40
George Papalexion M45 - 100m 5th 13.13; 200m 4th 27.36; 60m 3rd 8.29
Nicole Robinson W40 - 100m 1st 13.22; 60m 1st 8.27*
*Club records
Congratulations everyone on your absolutely FABULOUS efforts!!
PS Nicole, be aware! You took Miss Vick's W40 60m club record. She'll not be happy with you, hahaha!!!! At least you can rest assured she can't get it back!!
This is a compilation of the reports I posted from the World Masters Athletics C’ships held in Perth in Oct/Nov this year. They’re in order from Oct 26th – Nov 6th.
Oct 26th - Cherie Myers W45-49 finished 13th in the 100m in the excellent time of 14.05, just a bit over 1/2 a second from qualifying for the final.
Nicole Robinson W40-44 is into the final of the W40 100m!! Vicki placed 5th in her semi, was 4th of the Aussies and 13th overall, missing the final by about 2/10ths of a second!! Nicole's final is on just after noon our time tomorrow and Vicki competes in the Triple Jump.
Oct 27th - Hi folks, two new club records from the World C'ships already.
Nicole Robinson W40-44 100m 13.04 (and she has the Final today!).
Sally Hunt W50-54 8km Cross Country 37:25.46
Oct 28th - Stuart Sutton M45-49, competing against former Olympians, came 14th in the Hammer with the excellent distance of 32.95m. Great effort Stuart!!
Nicole Robinson absolutely smashed her club record, and I'd guess own PB, in the 100m W40 final y'day. She ran 12.81secs placing 7th in a red-hot field. Go Nic!!
Not to be outdone, the always amazing Miss Vicki Townsend, also came 7th in the W50 Triple Jump. Her distance was 9.07m which, quite naturally for everyone that knows and loves Vicki for her endless enthusiasm, drive, determination and cussedness to ALWAYS expect nothing less than a PB in every event every time she competes, is excellent not that she'd admit to it, hahaha!!
Here's some individual results from the Heptathlon that are new club records.
Aanika Milne W35-39 100M hurdles 15.82, 200m 26.62
Vicki Townsend W50-54 HJ 1.36m, also equals NSW state W50-54 record
This is also a new Club Record - John Wall M70-74 100m 13.65
Here's the results from our fabulous Mingara athletes on Day 3 of the WMC.
John Wall M70-74 100m 13.65 qualified for the final 
Aanika Milne W35-39 Heptathlon 2nd at the end of Day 1
Vicki Townsend W50-54 Heptathlon 3rd at the end of Day 1 
Sally Hunt W50-54 5000m 14th 21:41.05
Brian Sharpe M85-89 800m 7th 5:27.21
Oct 29th - Aanika just came 3rd in her first ever Heptathlon at the World Championships!!! She was in 4th before the 800m, ran brilliantly to finish 2nd in that race and overturned a 100+pt deficit to finish 50+pts in front of the Italian lass. Her Oma, her mum, her dad, Vick and me were all in tears we were so happy!!!
Vicki had 3 goals in her Heptathlon. Finish Top 5 which she did by finishing 5th, set a PB which she did by heaps and score more than 4000pts which she also did easily. ...Now she’s going to train for the, ‘hate’ hundred and she and Aanika are going to try and learn how to throw the, ‘spear’, hahaha!!!
John Wall M70-74 100m 6th in the Final 
Oct 31st - Here's the Mingara athletes results from Day 5 of the World C'ships.
Stuart Sutton M45-49 9th Discus 34.92m
Brian Sharpe M85-59 DQ IAAF rule 200m Hurdles
Neil Fowler M65-69 3rd 300m Hurdles (I know Neil's no longer a Mingara member but he does train and compete with us)
Vicki Townsend W50-54 200m qualified for the final
Cherie Myers W45-49 200m 16th 30.06
Nov 1st - Aanika's Oma, Sophia Jancek W85-89, in her first ever competition, apart from RJT, ran a brilliant race to be pipped for 3rd in the last 15m!!! It was a truly inspirational performance!!!
Aanika Milne W35-39 just won a GOLD medal in the W35-39 400m Hurdles!!!!!!!! GO AANIKA!!
Nov 2nd - Cherie Myers finished 7th in her heat and 19th overall in the W45-49 400m in the great time of 1:13.08.
Vicki finished 8th in the W50-54 Discus with a throw of 28.37m (from memory as results not posted as yet) and she had another terrific High Jump finishing with 1.33m, narrowly missing 1.37m. Again, result isn't posted but she thinks it could be anywhere from equal 4th to 6th due to the countback system that applies in the HJ. She's also been given a HUGE honour by being selected in the W200+yrs 4x100m relay on Sunday.
Fabulous efforts from both ladies!!
Vicki just ran a 14.43 for the W50-54 80m Hurdles to easily qualify for the final. Go Vick!!
Nov 4th - We finally have the results of the W50-54 High Jump. Vicki finished equal 4th with her 1.33m. Today, in the final of the 80m Hurdles, she finished 8th in the terrific time of 14.59.
Sally Hunt W50-54 competes in her 1500m heat at 12.15pm Perth time. We're under very strict instructions from Margaret with regards to her lap times and finish time. If you can, tune into the Live Stream and cheer her on!!
Super Sally finished 5th in her W50-54 1500m heat in almost exactly her targeted time. Target was less than 5mins 40 and she ran 5:41.17 in hot and windy conditions. She placed 18th overall out of 28 competitors. A fantastic effort given her recent spate of debilitating injuries.
PS And was only two spots from the Final!!
Nov 5th - It was finally my turn to compete today. Of my 3 goals, I accomplished 2 and narrowly missed the 3rd. I came 16th in a field of 20, beat my Kiwi mate and was only about 50pts from a PB in the Throws Pentathlon with a score of 2798pts (you'd think they could've been generous and bumped it up to 2800, wouldn't you?). 
Meanwhile, Mingara and the Aussie team’s Iron Lady, Miss Vick, came 10th in her Long Jump today. I know she won't be super happy with either the result or the distance, 3.96m, but, when you compete at this level EVERY day for 2weeks, maintaining form, confidence, fitness and strength, is exceptionally difficult. I couldn't be prouder of her performances, as should she and the entire club.
I'm finished but Vicki's in the W50+ 4x100m relay tomorrow and they will be a realistic chance to medal. Go Vicki!!
Nov 6th - It's just been announced that John Wall's M70-74 4x100m relay team have set a new Australian record and won a GOLD MEDAL. Go John!!!
Baring an unforseen disqualification Vicki's W50-54 4x100m team just WON A GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was the first runner and ran brilliantly to hand off in first place, the 2nd and 3rd runners fell back marginally and then a sensational run by Linda Douglass to overtake the Germans and hold off the Americans and THEY WON!!

Geoff Crumpton V-P Mingara Athletics Club