Hi folks, from Cairns in Far NQ, to Miranda in Southern Sydney, to a freezing, cold Autumn morning in the Nation’s capital, Canberra, Mingara athletes excelled over the past w’end. In teams and individual pursuits, club records, PBs and State, National and Masters Games medals, were won, and great times set. The added plus from the w’end was the return of the club’s grandest warrior to the track, the ageless Brian Sharpe!!! Welcome back Brian, and a new club record for the M85-59yrs 60m sprint!!

Club Relay records were set by the U12 Boys, the 30-39yrs Men, the U20 girls, and both Masters ladies teams, the 30-39yrs and 40-49yrs. With the first runner’s time counted as an official time, Individual club records were set by Bryson Norris 10yrs 2km, Mark Warren M35-39 4kms, Paul Kelaher M50-54yrs 4km, Skye Sadler W35-39yrs 4km and Super Sally Hunt W55-59yrs 4km. Kay Heinecke also set a Club Record in the W40-44yrs Half Marathon.

Special mention and heartfelt thanks to Danielle McKendrick. With ANSW changing the age ranges, Dani sacrificed a Relay spot and ran as an individual in the 30-39yrs. Go Dani!!

Here’s the results starting in Cairns with the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games, Sat and Sun May 25-26.

Brian Sharpe M85+ 1st 60m 17.44*, 1st 100m 27.55, 1st 200m 1:05.18, DNS 400m, 1st 3kg Shot 5.28m, 1st 1kg Discus 12.13m, 1st 400g Javelin 11.58m

Julie Peksis W55-59 2nd 200m 39.19, 1st 400m 1:27.59, 1st 800m 3:33.78, 1st 1500m 7:18.79, 2nd 1kg Discus 16.66m

Miranda Cross Country Relays Sat May 25th

U12 4x2km 3rd 35:50.25; Bryson Norris (10yrs rcd 8:28.55), Callum McKendrick, Matthew Potter, Coen Godfrey
U16 4x3km 9th 46:21.35; Gabe Scott, Cooper Notley, Keenan White, Vincent Williams
U18 4x3km 5th 44:33.45; Sam Liddell, Sean Rae, Joel Kemp, Tom Herbert
U20 4x3km 1st 40:16.55; Jakob Madden, Terry Mihellis, Charlie Kaparakis, Zac Martin Defending Champions!!
30-39yrs 4x4km 1st 59:22.65; Mark Warren (35yrs rcd 13:30.35), Scott Godfrey, Ryan McKendrick, Greg Scott
40-49yrs 4x4km 11th 1hr25:14.75; Paul Kelaher (50yrs rcd 17:54.65), Paul Carr, Nicholas Papalexion, Tony Murphy

U20 4x3km 6th 55:07.85; Stella Norris (14yrs in Dec), Marianne Papalexion (13yrs), Ashley Pernecker (15yrs), Isabella Jones (18yrs in Dec). A superb effort from this team!!
30-39yrs 4x4km 3rd 1hr12:22.95; Skye Sadler (W35 rcd 18:34.45), Tara Warren, Katy McCaig, Alae Brand
30-39yrs 4km Dani McKendrick 23:00.35
40-49yrs 4x4km 7th 1hr32:10.15; Sally Hunt (W55 rcd 19:28.35), January Jones, Chantal Mare, Margaret Beardslee

Australian Masters Half Marathon C’ships Canberra Sun May 26th
Kay Heinecke W40-44 2nd 1hr51:23.45*Kal Newcomb W45-49 3rd 1hr46:29.55

Cheers and congratulations everyone on your fabulous results.


National Masters Results Melbourne 2019

Melbourne really turned it on for this year’s Masters C’ships, NOT!! Whilst there may have been a record number of competitors (just under 1000!!), the weather was bloody AWFUL! Thursday and Tuesday were both superb, 22-24 degrees, sunny, no wind. The 4 competition days were, however, horrible! Melbourne at its best, and worst! Cold (12-14 degrees), windy (ask the longer distance runners what the back straight was like), drizzling on most days, cloudy and overcast, but, the only good thing was the rain held off for almost the entire comp. Monday started to improve however, the majority of the comp was over by then.

Pur Mingara athletes performed superbly for the entirety of the C’ships with the absolute standout, Ernie Leseberg. 3rd in the Champion of Champions 100m, a NSW, C’ship and Club record in the 60m, narrowly missing Club records (by hundredths of a sec in both 100m and 200m), winning his age 100m and 200m, a 4x100m relay Gold and a 4x400m Silver! Now, if we could just get him to enter the ‘REAL’ events, the Throws, he’d make quite a good athlete I reckon, hahaha!!! Go Ernie!

Congratulations, also, to Mingara’s Eveready battery girl, Ange Jones. In the W35-39, Ange entered 10 events, medalled in 9, with PBs in 6!! And, all the while with our 3yr old Mascot in tow, little Billie Maree. Whilst I know she now competes for ACT (my doing, as I told Cherie I wasn’t going to Melbourne with her and competing for different States), I’d also like to mention my partner Cherie Myers who, despite not having trained for almost 6 months, entered 8 events in the W50-54 which is one of the most hotly contested age groups in Masters athletics. Cherie also played grandma to Billie thus freeing up Ange to compete without worrying about her little one!

All told, our little, Country Club secured 8 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals, 5 Bronze Medals, and 17 Top 10 finishes! Go Mingara!!

For those interested, next year’s Masters C’ships is being held at the QE11 Stadium in Nathan Brisbane from April 9-14th. Let’s see how many more Mingara athletes we can get to attend this awesome comp.

Damien Meyer 1st M40-44 10,000m 46:58.79*, 3rd 3000m Steeplechase 13:55.69, 1st 8km Cross Country 35:53.00*Ernie Leseberg 1st M45-49 60m 7.37**, 1st 100m 11.37, 1st 200m 23.07, 3rd Champion of Champions 100m 10.63, 1st M120+ 4x100m 46.28, 2nd M120+ 4x400m 3:34.30Stuart Sutton 4th M50-54 6kg Hammer 39.06m*, 5th 6kg Shot Put 11.29m, 5th Throws Pentathlon 3002pts* (1.5kg Discus 39.00m*. 7.26kg Weight 12.44m)Paul Carr 2nd M60-64 Short Hurdles 19.82, 3rd 300m Long Hurdles 55.14John Wall 2nd M70-74 60m 8.76, 2nd 100m 14.17, 2nd 200m 29.13, 1st M24+ 4x100m51.12Ange Jones 2nd W35-39 Short Hurdles 22.27,  1st High Jump 1.18m, 2nd Long Jump 3.50m, 2nd Triple Jump 6.98m, 3rd 4kg Hammer 29.79m*, 4th 4kg Shot Put 8.58m, 3rd 1kg Discus 34.59m*, 2nd 600g Javelin 26.60m*, 3rd Weight Throw 10.15m PB*, 3rd Throws Pentathlon 2385pts* PB (4kg Hammer 30.40m PB*)Kay Heinecke 5th W40-44 5000m 23:08.59, 2nd 10,000m 49:51.43Cherie Myers 11th W50-54 60m 10.56, 12th 100m 17.53, 6th W170+ 4x100m 1:16.26, 6th High Jump 1.09m PB, 6th Long Jump 3.74m PB, 10th 1kg Discus 14.07m PB, 10th 600g Javelin 15.59m PB Sally Hunt 4th W55-59 800m 2:59.14, 5th 1500m 5:58.60, 4th 5000m 22:19.50, 2nd 8km Cross Country 38:19.00*Bev Durston 8th W55-59 1500m 7:14.22 PB, 7th 5000m 26.31.32, 10th 1kg Discus 15.01m, 10th 600g Javelin 14.17m, 

Central Coast athletes
Kelly Hunter 1st W40-44 4th 4kg Hammer 23.84m, 1st 4kg Shot Put 9.95m, 1kg Discus 38.06m, 2nd 600g Javelin 27.59m,  1st Weight Throw 11.27m, 1st Throws Pentathlon 2975ptsVicki Townsend 5th W50-54 60m 9.06, 4th 100m 15.04, 6th 200m 31.11, 1st Short Hurdles 14.70, 3rd W220+ 4x100m 1:00.60, 5th High Jump 1.21m, 3rd Long Jump 3.99m, 4th Triple Jump 8.53m, 8th 4kg Hammer 26.94m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 11.05m, 5th 1kg Discus 23.62m, 8th 600g Javelin 19.58m, 3rd Throws Pentathlon 3016pts, 2nd Outdoor Pentathlon 2698pts

*Club Records**Club, NSW and Masters C’ship Record!!

Hi folks, here’s the report on the results of the fantastic efforts from ALL Mingara athletes after Day 1 of the Australian Athletics C’ships held at SOPAC today.

Special mention to our three medallists, Hayley Corduroy’s  Silver in the Women’s U15 High Jump with a 6cm PB and Club Record, India Duguid’s  Bronze medal in the Women’s U15 3000m Walk and Chloe McLoughlin’s Bronze medal in the Women’s U16 3000m Walk.

Other outstanding performances came from Ashley Pernecker who, in the Women’s U16 400m, elevated her National ranking from 21st to 12th with a 1sec PB and a new Club Record all the while battling a fearsome cold; Izzy Dunne’s terrific 5th in the Women’s U15 3000m Walk against some very stiff, and swift competition; Jack McGinniskin competing up 3 age groups to secure a 5th in the Men’s U20 10,000m Walk as did Hannah Bolton who managed a splendid 4th in the Women’s U20 10,000m Walk competing up 4 age groups!!

Here’s the full list of results on what was a brilliant day for Team Mingara!!

Jack McGinniskin (16yrs) 5th MU20 10,000m Walk 48:05.42

India Duguid 3rd WU15 3000m Walk 14:46.12

Izabella Dunne 6th WU15 3000m Walk 15:26.06

Chloe McLoughlin 3rd WU16 3000m Walk 16:20.83

Hayley Corduroy 2nd WU15 High Jump 1.68m*

Ashley Pernecker 12th WU16 400m 58.48*, 20th WU16 1500m 5:11.80 (very sick but did finish!)

Hannah Bolton (15yrs) 4th WU20 10,000m Walk 54:29.92

Allanah Pitcher (15yrs) DNF WU20 10,000m Walk injured

Bess Chippendale 10th WU20 400m 58.98

Day 2 was full of superb, and gutsy, performances from Mingara’s athletes. The weather was a bit kinder than y’day though the U14 girls 3000m Walk was in the only rain of the day so that was very disappointing for Sienna Pitcher, who made up for the horrendous conditions with a HUUUUUUGE PB, an 11yrs Club record and a Bronze medal to boot!! Go Mighty Mouse!

Tori Robertson was our other medallist today, coming 2nd in the WU15 90m hurdles. Even allowing for the typical slow Tori start, she ran a beautiful clean race to finish an excellent 2nd and thoroughly deserved her medal. She had set a new 14yrs Girls 90m Hurdles record in her heat which made it a great day for the biggest ‘pest’ in the club!. We luvs ya Tor, hahaha!!!

There were also 3 very gutsy and brave performances in the 3000m. In the MU16, Hamish Hart, who recovered from a nasty fall to battle on bravely and be not far from his recently set PB, and, Sam Liddell, who was one of the youngest in the field, both ran brilliantly. In the WU15, Stella Norris, who’s b’day is very, late December which means she is competing against girls who can be almost 2yrs older, ran exceptionally well in her race to finish with what I think is a PB over that distance. Well done to Hamish, Sam and Stella for your super efforts!

Another notable performance came from one of our youngest, and newest members, Lily Mullane in the Girls U14 Hammer throw. Lily, in only her 3rd ever Hammer competition finished a highly creditable 8th and with a new PB and Club Record!! Go Lily!! Ikey Allen was our only other competitor today and he ran 5th in his heat of the Boys U16 90m Hurdles. Whilst he wasn’t happy with his time, he hurdled beautifully and will only improve from here.

Here’s the results.

Sienna Pitcher 3rd WU14 3000m Walk 15:04.79*

Lily Mullane 8th WU14 Hammer 26.78m*

Tori Robertson 2nd WU15 90m Hurdles 13.44*

Stella Norris 18th WU15 3000m 10:51.97

Ikey Allen 14th MU16 100m Hurdles 15.49

Hamish Hart 8th MU16 3000m 9:10.51

Today, Wednesday Da 3 of the National C’ships, was a simply SENSATIONAL day for Mingara’s athletes! Two National Age Champions, Personal Bests, and Club records were everywhere! The day could not have started more fortuitously with George Wells winning the MU14 Discus as the first event of the day. His distance of 48.61m was a PB and Club Age Record! Go George!! Not to be outdone by the boys, a short while later, Lily Mullane became the WU 14 National Discus Champion with another PB and Club Record of 38.14m! Go Lily!! Callum Sutton, staying in the Field events, despite being amongst the smallest in the MU20 Discus, only barely missed the Top 8 finishing 10th with a terrific effort of 38.43m, not far from his own Club Record!!

It was then over to the Track athletes and we had Jakob Madden dipping below the 10min barrier for the first time as he set a new PB and Club Record in the MU20 3000m Steeplechase of 9:56.79 for a superb 7th place (Jakob qualifies for the U20 next year also which makes this effort even more meritorious).  Sam Liddell also set a new PB and Club Record in the MU16 2000m Steeplechase with a time of 6:43.95, taking almost 5secs from his previous best! Unfortunately, as he was enjoying a sterling run, Gabe Scott crashed out of the same event as Sam, the MU14 2000m Steeplechase, when he badly twisted his left knee upon landing after clearing a barrier. Hope you mend very soon Gabe!

Our ‘Everyready’ battery girl, Ashley Pernecker, exceeded even her lofty goals today in the 800m by making the Final with a superb run of 2:16.37 (.370) narrowly missing the automatic qualifying spot by 0.04 of a second!! That spot went to a lass who ran 2:16.367!! Ash made a desperate lunge at the line in the last 2m to almost grab the spot, but, still is in the final qualifying 5th fastest.  Hopefully, by tomorrow’s final, her head cold will have cleared up enough so she can even run faster and set herself a new PB under 2mins 14!

Here’s the results from an awesome day.

Ashley Pernecker 3rd Heat WU16 800m 2:26.370, qualified for Final

Lily Mullane 1st WU14 Discus 38.14m*

George Wells 1st MU14 Discus 48.61m*

Callum Sutton 10th MU20 Discus 38.14m

Sam Liddell 18th MU16 2000m Steeplechase 6:43.95

Gabe Scott MU16 2000m Steeplechase DNF

Jakob Madden 7th MU20 3000m Steeplechase 9:56.79*

We didn’t have very, many Mingara athletes competing on Day 4 of the National C’ships today. However, those that did, competed exceptionally well, with the standouts Rae ‘the Pink Lady’ Anderson gaining a Bronze in the AWD Ambulant Discus, and Jez Navusolo’s U18 2 5th places, one in the 100m and the other in the Triple Jump where she set a new 17yrs Women’s club Record!! Go Rae and Jez!! Ashley Pernecker gave it her absolute all in the Women’s U15 800m finishing in 6th and beating a young lass whom she’s been chasing for 5 yrs! Her time was barely 2 secs from her PB for the 800m, which, as she has been battling a bad head cold for the past two weeks, was a terrific achievement. There’s plenty more to come from that young lady!!

Our only other competitor, Cameron Steer, did not make the Final in his U17 100m or the Top 8 in Long Jump, however, hopefully he’ll still be proud of his achievements as qualifying for the Nationals in 1 event is difficult enough and he qualified in 3!!

The last hour was not very pleasant as the rain, which had threatened ALL day, finally arrived thus making Rae’s effort even more amazing as it was bucketing down for most of her event. Sean Rae’s U17 1500m was consolidated to a straight final, luckily for Sean and the other lads as it was the last event for the day and they’d’ve been completely soaked by the finish.

Here’s the results of Day 4 of the Juniors and the first day of the Opens.

Ashley Pernecker 6th WU16 800m Final 2:16.63

Jez Navusolo 5th WU18 Triple Jump 11.97m*, 5th 100m 12.54

Rae Anderson 3rd AWD Ambulant Discus 27.34m

Cameron Steer 14th MU17 100m 11.66, 18th Long Jump 6.04m

Another simply awesome day’s results from Mingara’s athletes on Day 5 of the National C’ships. There was George Well’s 2nd Gold of the meet, this time in the U14 Men’s Discus with a new Club Record, Tyler Jones’ brilliant 3rd in the Men’s Open 10,000m National Racewalk where I was also privileged to watch Dane Bird-Smith who surely must rank as one of the greatest athletes ever to come from this country, Lily Mullane’s 5th and new Club Record in the U14 Women’s Shot Put, two Top 10 places for Team Horsnell’s members, Liam Bennett U17 High Jump, and Riley Grant U18 High Jump, Dylan Richardson’s brave 8th in the 10,000m Racewalk, and Sean Rae who battled on bravely in his U17 1500m but was simply outclassed in the end.

We were also represented by Noah Rogers in the Open Men’s 400m Hurdles where he was only 4/10ths of a second from making the Final even after running a PB, Lilly–Ann Campbell in the Women’s U17 Hammer who finished just outside the Top 10 with a new Club Record and PB, Bronte Carroll in the Open Women’s 100m and Kelly Spencer in the Open Women’s 400m Hurdles. Mingara’s athletes were outstanding again.

Here’s today’s results.

Lily Mullane 5th Women’s U14 Shot Put 11.28m* PB

Lilly-Ann Campbell 11th Women’s U18 Hammer 33.73m* PB

Bronte Carroll 5th Heat 3 Open Women’s 100m, 31st overall 12.36

Kelly Spencer 5th Heat 1 Open Women’s 400m Hurdles, 15th overall 62.98

George Wells 1st Men’s U14 Shot Put 17.15m* PB

Liam Bennett 7th Men’s U17 High Jump 1.84m

Sean Rae 15th Men’s U17 1500m 4:38.20

Riley Grant 9th Men’s U18 High Jump 1.85m

Noah Rogers 4th Heat 3 Open Men’s 400m Hurdles, 12th overall 52.90 PB

Tyler Jones 3rd Open Men’s 10,000m Racewalk 41:39.27

Dylan Richardson 8th Men’s Open 10,000m Racewalk 47:14.74

Hi folks, computer’s finally working again so here’s the Mingara results from Day’s 6 and 7 of the National Junior and Open C’ships. Once again, Mingara’s athletes punched well above their weight and all acquitted themselves marvellously.

Cameron Steer 5th in heat MU17 200m, 11th 23.45

Tom Herbert 6th in heat MU17 800m, 11th overall 2:04.72

Noah Rogers 5th in heat MOpen 110m Hurdles, 10th overall 14.71

Jez Navusolo 5th WU18 200m Final 25.01*, 1st U!8 4x100m Relay

Bronte Carroll 5th in heat WOpen 200m, 19th overall 24.62*

Rae Anderson 7th AWD Ambulant Shot Put Final 9.69m*

My personal congratulations to each and every Mingara athlete that competed at Nationals. Regardless of your own results, simply qualifying for Nationals is an ENORMOUS achievement and one for which you should be very proud.

Now for a Winter of hard, meaningful and sensible training, and you’ll all be ready to go even better next season!!



*Club Records

Hi folks, the fourth major Masters event for Mingara athletes, was held on the w’end of Feb 8, 9 and 10. The State Masters C’ships and the mighty green and blue M was, once again, very prominent. Our smallish group of competitors featured in all the main events, from the sprinters, to the long- and middle-distance runners, to the throwers and jumpers. There were quite a few absolutely outstanding performances however, for me, the highlight was watching Super Sally HuntSuper Sally Hunt’s amazingly gutsy, ‘never-say-die’ finish to her 800m where, with 60m to go, she was overtaken but, to the delight of her fanatically, screaming fans she dug into places only true competitors have, and wrested back the lead to hang on for the age group win! To make it even more meritorious, the lass who’d overtaken Sally was in a different age group so, in reality, Sally didn’t need to even chase her as she was going to win her own age group anyway but, that’s not Sally and she wanted to win!!

I know he’ll be extremely embarrassed by this, however, a very, prominent member of NSW athletics approached me on Sunday afternoon, at the Masters C’ships, and made special mention of Ernie Leseberg, calling him, ‘the most under-rated and under-valued performer in NSW’, and I can’t say I disagree with his sentiments. Ernie won all 4 sprint events in his age group at the C’ships, a feat only rarely achieved, or even attempted. The 60m, 100m, 200m and 400m in the highly competitive M45-49yrs age group, and with a returning Olympian in his age group!! It takes an extremely dedicated, strong, fit, maybe ‘crazy’ individual to undertake such an onerous task, yet Ernie does it without fanfare, without much ado, without seeking recognition, he does it for the sheer enjoyment of being able to run fast (though his facial expressions certainly displayed not much enjoyment for the last 60m of his 400m, hahaha!!!). Go Ernie, champion athlete, champion person, champion dad and husband!

A special shoutout to several of our, ‘unsung heroes’, Bev Durston, Julie Peksis, Paul Kelaher and Mark Byfield, to name just a few. These 4 athletes are always there to help out, always volunteer at relays when we’re short runners or throwers to field a team, always give 100% in every event they attempt, however rarely end up on the podium so we tend to overlook their superb contributions to the club as a whole. They’re always incredibly supportive of their fellow club members, and, in reality, epitomise the credo of Masters athletics, “get in and have a GO!’ My personal THANK YOU to Bev, Julie, Paul and Mark.

A big thank you also, to our fantastic team mascot, Billie Maree, Ange Jones’ 2.5yr old daughter, who looked absolutely resplendent in her Mingara uniform! Cries of, ‘Go Mum’ could be heard all Sunday and having her present seems to give all of us a real lift. Thank you Billie and mum!!

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention the indefatigable Ken ‘Mo’ Stubbs who, just like an Eveready battery, just keeps going and going and going some more! To go with his superman performance at NSW Country competing in the awful heat in 13 separate events, he equalled that at this comp in Sydney. ‘Mo’ came away with 2 Gold, 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals, as well as Top 6 finishes in the remaining events! We all salutes ya, ‘Mo’!!

Here’s the results from 3 days of fun, of companionship, of camaraderie, and of truly great competition. There’s no awards or pointscores attached to this competition, however, I suspect Mingara would’ve rated very highly on an overall scale.

Ange Jones W35-39 1st 100m Hurdles 23.09, 1st High Jump 1.25m, 4th Triple Jump 8.06m, 5th Hammer 21.86m, 3rd Shot Put 8.75m (on countback!), 1st Discus 33.81m, 1st Javelin 25.82m, 3rd Weight Throw 8.56m

Kay Heinecke W40-44 4th 800m 2:59.02, 3rd 1500m 6:06.11, 2nd 5000m 23:34.48, 3rd Triple Jump 7.31m, 2nd Hammer 16.63m, 3rd Weight Throw 5.35m

Bev Durston W50-54 4th 400m 1:38.23, 4th 1500m 7:19.21, 4th 5000m 26:10.33, 7th Discus 13.84m, 7th Javelin 13.38m

Julie Peksis W55-59 4th 400m 1:27.77, 4th 800m 3:26.03, 3rd 1500m 7:17.90

Sally Hunt W55-59 2nd 800m 2:46.80, 1st 1500m 5:45.84

Jason Cheney M40-44 4th 60m 8.09, 5th 100m 12.32, 3rd 200m 25.93, 3rd Discus 29.54m

Ernie Leseberg M45-49 1st 60m 7.51, 1st 100m 11.49, 1st 200m 23.36, 1st 400m 52.22

Stuart Sutton M45-49 1st Hammer 29.64m, 3rd Shot Put 10.40m, 1st Discus 32.47m, 1st Weight Throw 9.56m

Brett Reid M50-54 2nd 60m 8.29, 3rd 100m 12.87, 2nd 200m 27.15

Paul Kelaher M50-54 4th 400m 60.93, 2nd 800m 2:21.17

Steve Smith M55-59 6th 60m 8.62, 7th 100m 13.33, 7th 200m 27.65, 7th 400m 1:05.55, 5th Shot Put 8.54m

Mark Byfield M55-59 4th 5000m 20:21.29

Dave Smith M60-64 1st 60m 8.59, 2nd 200m 28.16

Paul Carr M60-64 3rd 60m 8.96, 2nd 100m 13.89, 3rd 200m 29.63, 2nd 400m 1:07.03, 1st 100m Hurdles 24.57, 1st 300m Hurdles 52.36, 5th Javelin 27.38m

Gavin Murray M60-64 1st Hammer 35.17, 1st Shot Put 11.15m, 1st Discus 39.91m

James Wood M60-64 2nd Shot Put 10.28m, 3rd Discus 35.41m

Geoff Crumpton M60-64 2nd Hammer 26.41m, 3rd Shot Put 8.70m, 3rd Weight Throw 10.61m

John Wall M70-74 1st 60m 8.91, 1st 100m 14.29, 1st 200m 28.66

Ken Stubbs M70-74 2nd 60m, 4th 100m 20.10, 3rd 200m 43.93, 2nd 400m 1:46.83, 5th 800m 4:14.17, 3rd High Jump 0.90m, 2nd Long Jump 2.73m, 2nd Hammer 23.20m, 4th Shot Put 8.24m, 2nd Discus 21.66m, 1st Javelin 22.35m, 1st Weight Throw 9.23m


*Club Records

Hi folks, here’s the report from last w’ends events at Bankstown, the NSW Multi-events C’ships and the Allcomers meets, and the ACT.

Sally Hunt Ken Stubbs

Hamish Hart MU16 2nd 1500m 4:21.43 (3rd overall!!)Andrew Land MOpen 32nd 5000m 16:11.20Mark Byfield M60-64 2nd 5000m 20:14.75*Ken Stubbs M75-59 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 1258pts*

January Jones W50-54 2nd Outdoor Pentathlon 1785ptsSally Hunt W55-59 1st 800m 2:53.72 (Missed her own club rcd by less than 0.05!!)

ACT Allcomers

Kelly Spencer WOpen 1st 400m Hurdles 1:03.86 (National Open qualifier!!)

*Club Records