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Hi folks, here’s my report on the just completed 2020 edition of the ANSW Country C’ships held in Dubbo the w’end of Jan 17-19. Apart from one short period on Friday afternoon, the weather was very kind to us and we experienced mild to warm conditions for almost the entire carnival. Unfortunately, ANSW was unable to provide an official, nor did the organisers, to compile the Hooper Cup pointscore so I have only my thoughts on whether or not we retained our title as Country Champions. I think we did though time will tell if my anecdotal musings are correct or not, hahaha!!!

Our smallish team, once again, ALL performed unbelievably all w’end in running, jumping, throwing and relays. The mighty green, yellow and blue BIG M was highly prominent and featured in many a podium finish. We had athletes from as young as 8yrs of age, Ruby Mullane, through to the grand ‘old man’ Mr Everready battery, Ken “Mo’ Stubbs who’s now well into his 70s!! One big benefit to us from this age range is that, with regard to Cup points where only those in the U12 and up were eligible to secure points, we had pointscores from everyone, whereas clubs such as Nowra and Dubbo had large numbers in the U9, U10 and U11 age groups, where points are not allocated.

There were some incredible and outstanding performances over the 3 days of competition. As you all are most probably aware, I only rarely single out Individuals for commendation as, whilst nearly all T and F is Individual and not team based, we are ONE club and we operate as a team and a family. One big, happy and, like all families, slightly dysfunctional one at times, hahaha!!!

Special commendations then, to the entire Mullane family, mum Trudie, dad Mik, daughters Lily and Ruby, and son Aidan! They travel from Port Stephens to compete for us and the 3 children are amongst the best mascot-sitters anywhere! Ange Jones’ daughter, Billie Maree, whilst already at 3.5yrs a highly seasoned and well travelled youngster, still requires supervision and all the Mullanes looked after her as often as possible which allows Ange to concentrate on her 4,000 event schedule!!!
The Blume family, mum Bella, dad Mark, and Melissa and Emma, who, apart from dad all competed brilliantly, also watched and cared for Billie sharing that onerous (haha!!) task with the Mullanes!

Nicholas Papalexion deserves an enormous thank you from the club for his terrific and unselfish efforts on Saturday afternoon with the relays. We old buggers only had 3 members for our men’s 30+ team so Greg Rowe snagged Nick, who was on the starting line for the Open Men’s 4x100m relay having already volunteered to run in that team after one of their members withdrew from injury, and he allowed us to field a team by volunteering to run in our team. Go Nick!!

Michele Simos sent me this amazing bit of information about our AWESOME U15 young ladies and it’s a great read.
“I did a mini analysis of the very talented and diverse U15 group. Of the 41 medals given out, Mingara got 12 (Ava Simos 5, Lily Mullane 4, Marianne Papalexion 2, Laura Reeves 1). 4 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze. The next most represented club was Independent with 4 medals. Armidale, Macquarie Hunter, Dubbo and Wallsend all got 3.”

Mark Byfield displayed a huge amount of club spirit, and it’s the type of spirit we are all trying to emulate and engender, by travelling to Dubbo for ONE event only, the Men’s 60-69yrs 5000m on Saturday night! Go Mark!!

Many congratulations to the entire LWL squad for their fabulous performances all w’end. Medals, and records, galore and it was great to see so many Open aged athletes competing for us.

What I love most, about our Mingara family of athletes, is the camaraderie, the support, the encouragement and the sheer joy everyone gets from seeing everyone else achieve success in their event. We don’t really care about where we placed (yes we do but you’re not supposed to say, ‘winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing!), as long as we achieved our best and had a bloody, great time doing it! And, a bloody. good time is what we had! Okay, enough waffle, here’s the results of what was a highly successful w’end which will hopefully culminate in another Hooper Cup win. I’ve included the results from the McKendrick children who, though they competed for Gosford Little As in this carnival, are still part of our Mingara tribe.


Emily McKendrick (7) 13th 200m 45.66, 6th 800m 3:38.82, 6th Long Jump 2.35m, 5th 2kg Shot Put 3.67m
Millie Godfrey 4th 800m 3:16.48, 5th Long Jump 2.39m
Ruby Mullane 8th 100m 19.15, 1st 2kg Shot Put 5.49m*

Ruby Mullane (8yrs) 4th 1kg Discus 13.05m (that’s double her normal 500g weighted Discus!!)
Millie Godfrey (9yrs) 3rd High Jump 0.95m

Jessie Blackwell 3rd 100m 13.95, 4th 200m 29.35, 1st 400m 1:03.60, 1st 800m 2:34.18
Emma Blume 2nd U16 4x100m 56.26, 4th 3kg Hammer 16.04m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 7.68m, 3rd 1kg Discus 19.80m, 4th 500g Javelin 20.49m

Ava Simos 1st 100m 12.82*, 2nd 200m 27.26, 1st 90m Hurdles 14.49, 1st 200m Hurdles 32.59, 2nd U16 4x100m 56.26, 2nd Long Jump 4.27m
Marianne Papalexion 2nd 800m 2:30.96, 3rd 1500m 5:22.34, 2nd U16 4x100m 56.26,
Lily Mullane 2nd 3kg Hammer 26.62m*, 2nd 3kg Shot Put 11.26m*, 1st 1kg Discus 35.44m*, 3rd 600g Javelin 27.01m
Laura Reeves no throw 1kg Discus, 2nd 600g Javelin 28.00m*

Tori Robertson 5th 100m 13.74, 5th 200m 28.48, 2nd 90m Hurdles 12.43*, 2nd 200m Hurdles 32.91*, 2nd U16 4x100m 56.26, 3rd Long Jump 4.30m,
Melissa Blume 6th 100m 14.57, 6th 200m 28.96, 2nd 400m 1:02.60, 1st 800m 2:34.80, 4th 200m Hurdles 40.43, 1st High Jump 1.40m
Lily Mullane (14), 2nd 3kg Shot Put 11.04m, 1st 1kg Discus 37.53m

Jade Beaven 2nd 100m 12.98, 1st 200m 26.17

Jez Navusolo 1st 100m 12.34, 1st 200m 25.39, 1st Open 4x100m Relay 49.19*, 1st Triple Jump 11.74m*
Hannah Regan 4th 100m 13.03, 6th 200m 27.64
Bella Stewart 2nd Long Jump 4.80m

Bronte Carroll 1st 100m 12.34, 1st 200m 24.59, 1st Open 4x100m Relay 49.19*
Kelly Spencer 2nd 200m 24.80, 1st 400m 57.73, 1st 100m Hurdles 15.62, 1st 400m Hurdles 1:06.95, 1st Open 4x100m Relay 49.19*
Jacqueline O’Neill 3rd 800m 2:35.73, 5th 200m 27.56, 3rd 100m Hurdles 18.73, 1st Open 4x100m Relay 49.19*
Molly O’Neill 1st 3000m Walk 15:48.21
Ange Jones (41yrs) 3rd 4kg Hammer 26.62m, 4th 4kg Shot Put 8.79m, 5th 1kg Discus 33.83m

Danielle McKendrick 6th 1500m 7:05.47, 2nd 30+ 4x100m Relay 1:09.41, 1st 3000m Walk 25:09.13*, 1st Triple Jump 6.01m, 4th 800m 3:23.76, 5th 1kg Discus 16.07m, 4th 600g Javelin 10.83m,

Kal Newcomb 3rd 400m 1:22.60, 2nd 800m 3:03.28, 2nd 1500m 6:21.53, 6th 4kg Shot Put 5.56m, 5th 600g Javelin 13.14m
Ange Jones 4th 100m 16.28, 2nd 80m Hurdles 17.60, 1st 400m Hurdles 1:52.41*, 2nd 30+ 4x100m Relay 1:09.41, 2nd Triple Jump 8.09m, 3rd High Jump 1.20m, 1st 4kg Hammer 28.56m*, 2nd 4kg Shot Put 9.44m, 2nd 1kg Discus 33.84m*, 1st 600g Javelin 29.48m*
Bella Blume 5th 100m 16.43, 5th 200m 36.92, 2nd 30+ 4x100m Relay 1:09.41, 4th 4kg Shot Put 7.57m, 5th 1kg Discus 20.56m, 3rd 600g Javelin 20.81m*

Sally Hunt 2nd 400m 1:19.07, 2nd 800m 2:57.73, 1st 1500m 5:56.09, 2nd 30+ 4x100m Relay 1:09.41,
Bev Durston 4th 400m 1:37.48, 4th 800m 3:45.03, 3rd 1500m 7:21.65, 1st 5000m 26:47.61, 7th 3kg Shot Put 5.68m, 7th 1kg Discus 14.81m, 6th Javelin 11.93m

Joan Bennett 1st 200m 46.45, 1st 400m 1:39.98*, 1st 800m 3:56.62, 2nd 1500m 8:00.57

*Club Records (502 pts from the Females)


Callum McKendrick 2nd 100m 11.60, 2nd 200m 36.66, 2nd 800m 2:59.92, 3rd Long Jump 2.72m, 2nd 2kg Shot Put 4.25m

Coen Godfrey 5th 800m 2:48.68, 4th 1500m 5:23.39, 6th U16 4x100m 1:06.60, 8th Long Jump 3.15m, 8th 500g Javelin 10.45m
Matthew Potter 5th 100m 15.86, 6th U16 4x100m 1:06.60, 5th High Jump 1.20m, 4th Long Jump 3.78m, 5th 1k Discus 18.07m, 4th 500g Javelin 16.28m
Aidan Mullane 8th 1kg Discus 15.14m, 8th 400m 1:25.23, 6th U16 4x100m 1:06.60

Matt Winsor 3rd 100m 11.10, 4th 200m 22.11, 4th 400m 50.62, 3rd 4x100m 45.58
Jye Kovacs 4th 100m 11.11
Jack Vane-Tempest 5th 100m 11.33, 3rd 200m 22.09, 2nd 400m 49.71, 3rd 4x100m 45.58
Ben Denham 9th 100m 11.89, 3rd 4x100m 45.58
Geoff Crumpton 4th 7.26kg Shot Put 5.42m

Ryan McKendrick 2nd 800m 2:09.76, 1st High Jump 1.60m, 1st Long Jump 5.18m, 2nd Triple Jump 10.71m, 1st 2kg Discus 24.27m, 1st 800g Javelin 35.47m
Scott Godfrey 3rd 800m 2:13.73, 2nd 3000m Steeple 10:44.39*, 1st 5000m 17:05.19, 4th 30+ 4x100m 1:15.65

Nicholas Papalexion 2nd 400m 1:01.19, 2nd 800m 2:33.42, 3rd Open 4x100m 45.58, 4th 30+ 4x100m 1:15.65

Greg Rowe 4th 30+ 4x100m 1:15.65, 1st 3000m Walk 24:21.66, 3rd Long Jump 2.75m, 6th 1.5kg Discus 17.46m, 5th 700g Javelin 9.67m
Brett Reid 2nd 100m 13.35, 2nd 200m 26.73

David Smith 1st 100m 13.57, 1st 200m 29.57
Gavin Murray 1st 5kg Hammer 40.06m, 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.14m, 1st 1kg Discus 42.18m, 3rd 600g Javelin 27.46m
Mark Byfield 2nd 5000m 20:42.93
Geoff Crumpton 3rd 200m 1:16.18, 4th 30+ 4x100m 1:15.65, 2nd Long Jump 1.25m, 3rd 5kg Hammer 22.41m, 2nd 5kg Shot Put 8.40m, 5th 1kg Discus 25.14m, 4th 600g Javelin 19.14m

John Wall 2nd 100m 14.11, 2nd 200m 29.71
Ken Stubbs 3rd 100m 20.55*, 3rd 200m 46.64*, 1st 1500m 9:25.38*, 1st 2000m Steeple 14:35.43*, 1st High Jump 0.90m*, 1st Long Jump 2.12m, 2nd 4kg Hammer 22.38m, 1st 4kg Shot 8.23m*, 1st 1kg Discus 20.04m, 2nd 500g Javelin 22.17m*

*Club Records