Hi folks, here’s the Club Champs report, a day or two late, but, here it is. I’ve stopped for the night in Lakes Entrance after a terrific, though wet, day’s drive through Wyndham Bombala, Cann River and Orbost.

There were many, many outstanding efforts over the two days of the competition, not the least of which was the fabulous commitment shown by the Cheney’s, Jason and Cameron. Their contributions, both this w’end, at State Relays, at RJT, at Treloar, are magnificent and they thoroughly deserve commendations from the entire club. Well done, dad and son Cheney. I also want to make special mention of the magnificent commitment and dedication shown by young Ryan Vesper over the w’end. Not to be outdone by his team mate in the same age, Cam Cheney, Ryan entered 9 events but pulled out of his last one, the 1500m, as his body simply said, “I quit!” Congratulations to you, Ryan, and to mum and dad who support you so wholeheartedly.

We’ve unearthed a trio of outstanding Juniors this w’end. Jye, and his younger brother Jason, Kovacs, and Taine Peterson. All three boys are in the U18s and performed superbly in their events as can be seen in the results. There were PBs aplenty from our LWL sprinters, Bess Chippendale in the 200m, Jacqui O’Neill in the 400m Hurdles, Ben Denham in his 200m; great runs, jumps and throws from Jason and Cam; Marianne Papalexion and her dad Nick; Paul Kelaher who almost pulled off a great win in his 800m having arrived after checkin and being allowed to run with no warmup; John Wall in his 200m, Ashley Pernecker and Hamish Hart winning their respective 3000m in the U14s, Jacqui O’Neill gong within a whisker of breaking the 1min barrier in her 400m;Jakob Madden almost breaking the MU18 2000m Steeplechase record only missing it by 2 secs; and many others. Throwers were also awesome with Tonia Brooks coming within 6cms of a national U23 qualifier in the U20 Discus, Gav Murray’s 3 from 3 taking out the Hammer, Shot and Discus in the M60+ and I pitched in with winning the Spear chuck (only because Gav was at a family do, thanks Gav, hahaha!!!).

What also turned out to be a great stroke of luck for us, but an unfortunate one for those concerned, Athletics Aust was forced to postpone the 20km and 50km C’ships set down for Melbourne this w’end which meant quite a few extra walkers competed for us. As is usual with frank and Lauren’s sensationally well-trained team, they won every race they entered, which is a simply awesome achievement!! Well done and congratulations Team Overton!!

Magic work, Team Mingara.

Here’s the list of results.

Ashley Pernecker WU14 1st 3000m 10:44.57* (smashed her club age record by a whopping 42secs!), 4th 1500m 5:07.47
Hannah Regan WU18 6th 200m 27.16, 7th 100m 13.12
Tonia Brooks WU20 1st Shot Put 10.57m, 1st Discus 39.94m
Bess Chippendale WU18 15th Open 200m 25.86, 16th WOpen 400m 59.50
Jacqui O’Neill WOpen 6th 400m Hurdles 1:10.72, 18th 400m 1:00.28
Cherie Myers W45-59 5th 200m 33.14, 3rd Shot Put 6.77m, 6th 100m 16.10
Sally Hunt W50-54 2nd 800m 2:53.63, 1st 5000m 22:11.35, 2nd 1500m 5:55.75
Aisling Young WU18 4th Long Jump 3.35m, 3rd U20 Javelin 30.38m
Marianne Papalexion (11yrs) WU14 16th 100m15.88, 7th 400m 1:12.14, 8th 1500m 5:36.67
Sienna Pitcher (10yrs) WU14 4th 1500m Race Walk 9:29.11
Allanah Pitcher WU16 1st 3000m Race Walk 14:10.12
Hannah Bolton WU16 3rd 3000m Race Walk 15:29.07
Bronte Carroll WU20 1st 100m 12.88
Lauren Keating WOpen 16th 100m 12.86

Cameron Cheney MU14 11th 200m 31.81, 1st Shot Put 9.27m, 2nd Hammer 19.94m, 3rd Long Jump 3.85m, 15th 100m 15.65, 4th Discus 23.26m, 3rd Javelin 33.55m*,
Ernest Leseberg Jnr MU14 16th 100m 15.74, 8th 400m 1:09.75
Hamish Hart MU14 1st 3000m 9:22.23* (smashed his club record by 14secs!!)
Ryan Vesper MU14 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 990pts*, 2nd Long Jump 4.15m, 14th 100m 15.07, 7th 400m 1:09.71, 2nd 80m Hurdles 18.59*, 5th Discus 18.81m, 7th Javelin 15.05m, 1st 1500m Walk 8:23.27
Jye Kovacs MU18 22nd 200m 24.52, 4th Shot Put 9.10m, 17th 100m 11.81
Jason Kovacs MU18 25th 200m (Jason pulled up with fierce stomach cramps 90m from the line but showed real guts and determination to finish!!)
Ben Denham MU20 5th 200m 23.25, 3rd 100m 11.37
Jason Cheney M40+ 2nd 200m 25.38, 2nd Shot Put 8.44m, 1st Hammer 22.29m, 1st Long Jump 5.04m, 4th 100m 12.63, 2nd Discus 26.09m, 2nd Javelin 30.77m, 2nd Triple Jump 9.21m
John Wall M60+ (71yrs!!) 2nd 200m 28.54
Ken Stubbs M70-74 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 1535pts, 2nd 100m 21.26, 2nd Javelin 19.20m
Nicholas Papalexion M40+ 7th 400m 1:04.32, 5th 1500m 5:47.64 (beaten by his 11yr old daughter!!)
Paul Kelaher M40+ 2nd 800m 2:20.88
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st Shot Put 11.76m, 1st Hammer 41.92m, 1st Discus 42.18m
Mark Byfield M50+ 10th 5000m 20:26.63
Jack McGinniskin MU16 3000m Race Walk 13:29.64*
Joel Kemp MU16 3000m Race Walk 14:22.05
Dylan Richardson MU20 5000m Race Walk 23:45.76
Taine Petersen MU18 1st 100m 10.81**
Jakob Madden MU18 2nd 2000m Steeplechase 6:37.17
MOpen 2nd 4x100m Relay Jason Kovacs, Jason Cheney, Jye Kovacs, Ben Denham 47.08
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 4th 200m 48.44, 3rd Shot Put 9.05m, 3rd Hammer 26.61m, 1st Long Jump 2.11m, 2nd Outdoor Pentathlon 755pts*, 3rd Discus 26.19m, 1st Javelin 26.61m

*Club Records
**National U18 100m Qualifier



PS Again, if I’ve missed anything, or anybody, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
PPS When I get home, in a fortnight, I’ll have hopefully brought up-to-date the club records and will send them to the website noting the day they’re current. I plan on re-doing them each month so they should (touch wood) remain current.