Hi folks, here's the report from the last Treloar Shield Rd for this year, held over both venues at SOPAC last w'end. Mingara was brilliantly represented with one of, if not, the largest contingent of athletes this season.

Riley Grant MOpen 5th High Jump 1.75m
Cameron Cheney MU14 2nd 3kg Shot Put 9.74m*, 1st Triple Jump 7.87m, 1st Long Jump 3.75m, 1st 600g Javelin 30.44m, 77th MOpen 100m 15.65, 51st MOpen 200m 31.56
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.76m, 1st 1kg Discus 43.14m, 1st 5kg Hammer 39.77m, 1st 600g Javelin 30.48m
Jason Cheney M40-49 1st 2kg Discus 23.86m, 1st 7.26kg, 3rd 100m 12.58, Hammer 17.97m, 1st Triple Jump 9.44m, 2nd Long Jump 5.02m, 1st 800g Javelin 31.56m, 2nd 200m 25.45
Chris Rae MU14 3rd 1kg Discus 16.83m, 71st MOpen 100m 14.12*, 49th MOpen 200m 29.71
Zac Martin MOpen 4th 1500m 4:06.90*, 29th 400m 54.82
Sean Rae MOpen 23rd 1500m 4:39.73, 29th 800m 2:12.76
Noah Rogers MOpen 16th 400m 51.39, 5th 110m Hurdles 15.10
Tom Herbert MOpen 28th 400m 54.15, 29th 800m 2:12.76
Nicholas PapalexionMOpen 42nd 400m 1:03.85, 39th 2:31.81
Ikey Allen MU14 2nd 90m Hurdles 14.54*, 68th MOpen 100m 13.98
Jye Kovacs MOpen 29th 100m 11.75
Jason Kovacs MOpen 56th 100m 12.79
Kaya ArditaMOpen 31st 100m 11.76, 18th 200m 23.44
Jakob Madden MU18 2000m Steeple 6:46.61
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 3rd 5kg Shot Put 8.70m, 2nd 1kg Discus 18.92m, 3rd 5kg Hammer 25.66m, 2nd 600g Javelin 20.21m, 4th 100m 21.62

Bess Chippendale WOpen 5th 400m 57.18*, 18th 200m 26.54
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 15th 400m 1:01.35, 24th 200m 26.96
Marianne PapalexionWOpen 30th 400m 1:11. 44, 21st 2:47.72, 64th 100m 16.05, 48th 200m 32.19
Julie PeksisWOpen 35th 400m 1:23.01, 24th 800m 3:18.88, 55th 200m 36.72
Ashley PerneckerWOpen 8th 800m 2:22.87
Tori Robertson WU14 80m Hurdles 13.43, 49th WOpen 100m 14.33
Lauren Keating WOpen 22nd 100m 13.08, 19th 200m 26.59
Jez NavusoloWOpen 10th 200m 25.97*

Congratulations to everyone, but especially Chris Rae, Ikey Allen, Cameron Cheney, Zac Martin, Bess Chippendale and Jez Navusolo for their new club records.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year to all,


*Club Records

PS ANSW didn't post the ages of the competitors with these results so I was unable to give results in correct age groups, thus the MOpen and WOpen with results. In a couple of cases, mine included, I knew the ages so those results reflect the place in the correct age. I suspect we Masters may have caught and passed Asics after this Treloar as we appeared to have many more competitors than they did.

Treloar attendance Summary Season 2017/18.

Hi folks, I just had a quick look at my Treloar posts and last w'end was far and away the most competitors we've had at any of the other 5 meets this year. The only one to come close, and it had barely 50% of the numbers, was Treloar 1 with 16. Treloar 2 had 13, Treloar 3 had 11, Treloar 4 had 8 and Treloar 5 had 6.

A BRILLIANT effort so close to Christmas and everyone is to be congratulated for ensuring the best and most colorful club singlet was seen flying high all Saturday!!