Hi folks, whilst a few of us were at SOPAC for Treloar last Saturday, a few hardy individuals travelled to Dubbo for the 41st edition of their New Year's Carnival. With temperatures soaring into the low 40s, Dubbo had their sprinklers out, plenty of shade awnings and lots and lots of water available. Thankfully, apart from January Jones getting a dash of sunburn with her incredibly fair skin, all appear to have survived!

Here's the results and I thank Dubbo Athletics for publishing results per athlete as well as per event. The amount of time saved is enormous!

January Jones W50+ 1st 100m 14.79, 1st 200m 30.46, 1st 400m 1:22.63, 2nd Long Jump 3.54m, 2nd Shot Put 6.99m, 2nd Javelin 14.02m

Ryan Vesper MU14 4th 200m 32.73, 2nd 400m 1:20.97, 1st 800m 2:57.13, 1st 1500m 5:54.45, 2nd 80m Hurdles 17.78, 3rd Long Jump 3.77m, 3rd Triple Jump 8.41m, 3rd High Jump 1.15m, 2nd 1kg Discus 20.59m, 4th 500g Javelin 15.28m

Congratulations to both January and Ryan for their brilliant efforts.


Hi folks, here’s the final report for this season’s Treloar Shield. We were fairly well represented across the 3 age Pennants and there were some outstanding results from many of our athletes. As I reported late in December, we were going very well in all 3 Pennants. Our Juniors (12-19yrs )were placed 10th out of 51 clubs and were far and away the leading Country-based club. Our Opens were our only ‘weak’ link for the simple reason we have so few athletes competing in this age group (20-29). They were placed 19th out of 33 clubs and third Country behind Illawarra Blue Stars and Macquarie Hunter. Masters, for those aged 30 and above, were comfortably placed in 2nd behind only UTS Norths, the largest and most well-funded club in the state. We were the leading Country Club by a long way. The updated Pennants tally wasn’t available when I wrote this report and I’ll post it as soon as I can. Suffice to say, on a preliminary count, I suspect neither the Juniors nor the Opens moved upwards or downwards, whilst I’m confident our Masters had a large enough points buffer to stay ahead of 3rd placed Asics Wests.

Congratulations to both Riley Grant and Gav Murray for their new Club records!!

Here’s the results and thankfully ANSW has published the ages so I can bring you the correct age result not just the overall place!

Ben Denham MU20 4th 100m 11.54, 4th 200m 23.22
Noah Rogers MOpen 17th 100m 11.93, 6th 400m 52.88
Jason Cheney M40-49 4th 100m 13.05, 1st 200m 25.62, 2nd 2kg Discus 26.25m, 2nd 7.26kg Hammer 21.47m
Cameron Cheney MU16 8th 100m 15.78, 8th 200m 31.48, 3rd 4kg Hammer 14.78m
John Wall M60+ 2nd 100m 15.85
Tom Herbert MU16 1st 400m 54.34
Riley Grant MU18 1st High Jump 1.80m*
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st 1kg Discus 42.18m, 1st 5kg Hammer 43.25m*
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 4th 100m 21.23, 3rd 1kg Discus 28.44m, 3rd 5kg Hammer 26.09m

Hannah Regan WU18 13th 100m 13.02, 12th 200m 27.04
Lauren Keating WOpen 7th 100m 13.11, 6th 200m 26.91
Julie Peksis W50-59 6th 100m 17.73, 3rd 200m 36.47, 2nd 400m 1:25.41
Ashley Pernecker WU16 9th 1500m 5:22.27, 13th 200m 28.10, 4th 400m 1:03.39
Jade Beaven WU16 12th 100m 13.63, 10th 200m 27.83


*Club Records

Hi folks, last one for today I promise, well I hope so anyway!! Our final, and most important Club competition, is the weekend after next.

The ANSW Country C'ships are being held in Wollongong, commencing Friday Jan 26th Australia Day, and concluding Sunday Jan 28th. So far, our entrant numbers are quite good but we need EVERYONE who is a registered club member to enter!!! I know it's a holiday w'end, and the end of the school holidays, however, those two relatively minor impediments aside (hahaha!!!), come to the Gong for a w'end of tremendous athletics!

Mingara has won the Hooper Cup for the past 3 consecutive years and it doesn't belong anywhere else! We're the best non-Metro club in the entire State and, retaining this incredibly prestigious trophy should be our main aim for the season. State Relays, Club Champs, Road Relays, Treloar Shield, all pale into comparison to the Country C'ship.

Wollongong's a terrific place to visit and it's only for a weekend. Enter as many events as you can, step outside your comfort zone, after all, the more events you enter, the more points gained by the club!

Cheers and I hope to see our entrant numbers EXPLODE in the next week and a half. Entries close next Monday Jan 22nd at 9am, so that only gives you 11 full days. Please don’t wait until the last minute, get your entries in now, book your accommodation and help retain the Hooper Cup!!