Hi folks, here’s the report on the 2017/18 ANSW Country C’ships held at the Kerryn McCann Centre in Wollongong this past w’end. Mingara had the most entrants at 73, easily the best, brightest, most colourful, and noticeable uniform, the loudest and most enthusiastic supporters and the most AWESOME support crew in Cheryl Ann and Greg Rowe.

As you will read, there were numerous club records and Country C’ship records set and some truly awe-inspiring performances by many of our athletes and especially our 8 relay teams. As is the usual case, I’m a tad loathe to point out individual performances though the Relay teams, those that set NEW Country C’ship records and Club Records of which there are heaps,and the mighty, mighty Mo Stubbs deserve mention. Stubbsie entered 13 events in the M70+ and came home with a medal in each and every event! There hardly seemed 5 minutes between events when we didn’t see ‘the Mo shuffle’ on the Track, or jumping something, or throwing something in the Field. Ken Mo Stubbs, you are a bloody Champion of the highest magnitude.

This is easily the longest, most challenging, most pleasurable and comprehensive report I’ve prepared in the last few years. I hope everyone that bothers to read it receives as much enjoyment as I did compiling it. Here’s the full list of results and, hopefully, I’ve not missed anyone’s performances or made a mistake with your times/distances/heights and recorded them as New Club Records if they were set.

Congratulations to all and I’m 99.99% confident we retained the prestigious and fiercely contested Hooper Cup. The proper result should be out in a day or two so here’s hoping!!


Aanika_Milne_winning_the_W30-39-100m_Angie_Jones_far_right Aanika_crossing_the_line_30m_in-_front Allanah_Pitcher_and_Joel_Kemp_Racewalking Angela_Jones-Krystal_Warn-Tonia_Brooks_R_to_L. Angie_Jones_in_the_W30-39_Long_Jump

Women U12

CorabellaPapalexion(7) 2nd U9 2kg Shot Put 3.41m, 4th 100m 22.38
Sienna Pitcher (9) 2nd U15 1500m Walk 8:19.84, 1st U16 1500m 5:52.27, 2nd 800m 2:55.00

Women U13
Marianne Papalexion(10) 5th 1kg Discus 9.15m, 7th 100m 15.24*, 3rd 500g Javelin 6.68m*, 2nd 1500m 5:41.96, 5th 200m 32.18, 4th 800m 2:47.90

Women U14
Tori Robertson 1st 76.2cm Hurdles 13.22***, 2nd 200m Hurdles 33.31*, 4th 100m 13.96, 3rd 500g Javelin 17.87m*, 6th 200m 29.03, 3rd Long Jump 4.47m
Hayley Corduroy 1st High Jump 1.52m*, 1st Long Jump 4.73m*
Izabella Dunne 1st U16 1500m Walk 7:30.72, 8th 100m 15.82

Women U15
Ashley Pernecker 8th 3kg Shot Put 6.23m, 2nd U16 3000m 11:24.37, 3rd Triple Jump 9.32m, 6th 1kg Discus 18.12m, 2nd 1500m 5:02.81*, 8th 400m 1:05.81, 2nd U16 2000m Steeple 8:03.56*, 11th 200m 28.56, 3rd 800m 2:26.02, 5th High Jump 1.40m*
Jade Beavan 5th 100m 13.17*, qual 7th 200m 27.03 didn’t run final
Allanah Pitcher (14) 1stU18 3000m Walk 13:55.48***, 5th 1500m 5:12.91

Women U16
Ella Robertson 4th 76.2cm Hurdles 20.07, 3rd 1500m Walk 8:38.67, 6th 500g Javelin 13.53m
2nd 4x100m Relay 54.31 Hayley Corduroy, Tori Robertson, Ashley Pernecker, Jade Beavan

Women U17
Jezebel Navusolo 1st 100m 12.49, 1st 200m 25.80, 1st Triple Jump 10.37m (Jez already has National Qualifiers in all 3 events)

Women U18
Hannah Regan 2nd 100m 12.75, 4th 200m 26.91
Isabella Jones 3rd 1500m 6:12.68,5th 400m 1:09.84, 6th 200m 31.18, 5th 800m 2:57.79, 4th Long Jump 3.54m

Women U20
Rachael Mortell 3rd 84cm 100m Hurdles 17.33, 2nd 400m Hurdles 1:12.88*

Cam_Cheney_MU15_Long_Jump Charlie_Brooks_M_Open_Steeplechase Izabella_Dunne_and_Greg_Rowe_Racewalking John_Wall_winning_the_M70100m_Mo_Stubbs_3rd Julie_Peksis_in_one_of_her_many_runs

Women Open

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 3rd 4kg Hammer 25.80m, 5th 1 kg Discus 25.18m, 2nd 600g Javelin 31.67m*
Krystal Warn 4th 4kg Hammer 20.83m, 7th 1 kg Discus 24.18m, 9th 4kg Shot Put 7.49m, 5th 600g Javelin 16.02m
Bronte Carroll 3rd 100m 12.48, 3rd 200m 26.03
Lauren Keating 4th 100m 12.79, 4th 200m 26.95
Tonia Brooks 2nd 1kg Discus* 42.31m**, 3rd 4kg Shot Put 10.63m*
1st 4x100m Relay 50.18* Lauren Keating, Bronte Carroll, Hannah Regan, Jez Navusolo

Women 30-39
Angela Jones 2nd 4kg Shot Put 8.29m*, 3rd 4kg Hammer 19.16m*, 1st High Jump 1.35m, 1st 1kg Discus 34.18m*, 5th 100m 14.83, 3rd Triple Jump 8.49m, 4th Long Jump 3.82m, 2nd 600g Javelin 23.01m*
Aanika Milne 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles** 15.23***, 1st 100m 12.55
Melanie-Anne Trimboli 2nd 1500m 5:59.54, 3rd 800m 2:57.10
1st 4x100m Relay 55.02 Nicole Robinson, Nicky Kelly, Richelle Ingram, Aanika Milne
4th 4x100m Relay 1:03.89 Cherie Myers, January Jones, Sally Hunt, Angela Jones

Women 40-49
Nicole Robinson 3rd 4kg Shot Put 7.15m, 1st 76.2cm 80m Hurdles 14.73, 1st 100m 13.50, 1st Triple Jump 8.11m
Richelle Ingram 4th 1kg Discus 21.36m, 3rd 100m 13.87, 3rd Long Jump 3.46m, 2nd 200m 29.31
Cherie Myers 9th 1 kg Discus 11.49m, 7th 100m 16.13
Nicky Kelly 1st 1500m 5:42.89, 3rd 400m 1:08.00*

Women 50-59
January Jones 4th 3kg Shot Put 6.70m, 3rd 100m 14.77, 3rd Long Jump 3.28m, 2nd 400m 1:14.64, 3rd 200m 31.15, 6th 800m 3:36.81
Sally Hunt 1st 3000m 12:55.96, 1st 1500m 5:54.47, 3rd 400m 1:17.56, 2nd 800m 3:01.47
Julie Peksis 3rd 3000m 15:35.88, 9th 100m 17.71, 5th 1kg Discus 17.10m, 2nd 1500m 7:06.60, 6th 400m 1:24.01, 7th 200m 35.76, 3rd 800m 3:21.93
Bev Durston 7th 1kg Discus 13.45m, 8th 1:37.60, 8th 200m 42.60, 7th 800m 3:45.26

Men U12
Oliver Andrews-Bohringer(9) 2nd 750g Discus 22.26m*, 1st U11 3kg Shot Put 7.83m*, 1st 800m 2:55.73
Nathan Kelly (10) 7th Long Jump 3.51m, 6th 100m 15.25*, 5th MU13 200m 32.50*

Men U13
Spencer Andrews-Bohringer 3rd 1kg Discus 17.85m, 7th U16 3000m 11:45.61*, 6thLong Jump 3.65m, 4th 1500m 5:49.46, 3rd 800m 2:48.44
Dion Papalexion 8th Long Jump 2.92m, 8th 100m 16.22
Chris Rae 4th 1kg Discus 15.96m, 4th Long Jump 3.86m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 6.51m, 2nd 100m 13.71, 4th 200m 29.16*

Men U14
TimoLeseberg 5th Long Jump 3.79m, 12th 100m 16.06, 11th 1500m 6:11.83, 9th 200m 33.63, 6th 800m 2:48.65

Men U15
Samuel Liddell 4th U16 3000m 10:45.29, 2nd 1500m 4:47.99, 3rd 800m 2:24.99
Cameron Cheney 3rd 4kg Hammer 20.20m, 2nd 700g Javelin 31.47m, 3rd Long Jump 4.07m, 5th 4kg Shot Put 8.10m, 7th 100m 14.99, 5th 200m 31.65, 2nd Triple Jump 8.01m, 4th 1kg Discus 25.74m

Men U16
Cameron Steer 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles 14.88***, 2nd 700g Javelin 32.16m, 1st 100m* 11.35**, 2nd 200m 23.57
Sean Rae 2nd 200m Hurdles 32.97*, 2nd U17 400m Hurdles 1:10.01*, 3rd 1500m 4:39.77, 4th 800m 2:14.54
Tom Herbert 4th 400m 54.73
Riley O’Neill 1st 1kg Discus 43.17m
Joel Kemp (15) 1st U17 3000m Walk 14:19.99***
1st 4x100m relay 50.70 Chris Rae, Sean Rae, Tom Herbert, Cameron Steer

Men U17
Harley Simity 1st 5kg Hammer 36.28m, 3rd 1.5kg Discus 31.25m

Men U18
Ben Denham 4thMOpen 100m 11.15, 10thMOpen 200m 23.41
Jason Kovacs 7th 200m 26.89

Men U20
Jack Smith 15th Open 100m 11.90
Jye Kovacs 6th 100m 11.41, 2nd Long Jump 5.99m, 5th 200m 23.72

Jye-Kovacs_Nicky-K_Lauren-Keating_Shaz L-R_Ben-Denham_Jack-V-T_Jack-Smith_Nick-P_Mark-Rae_Nicky-Kelly_Nicole-Robinson_Shaz_McAbs L-R_Tom-Herbert_Sean-Rae_Cam-Steer_Chris-Rae_victorious_MU16_4100m_Relay Nick_Papalexion_in_the_M40-49_400m_Hurdles Nicky_The-Gazelle_Kelly_in_the_1500m

Men Open

Charlie Brooks 1st 5000m 16:16.03, 5th 1500m 4:28.39, 1st 3000m Steeple 10:52.77, 6th 800m 2:14.54
Chris Lill 16th 100m 12.06, 2nd Long Jump 5.97m
Kevin Tuene 4th Long Jump 5.40m
Matt Winsor 4th 100m 11.07, 4th 200m 22.51
Jack Vane-Tempest 8th 100m 11.33, 5th 200m 22.54
Hillary Dube 9th 100m 14.40 (injured during race)
Andrew Land 1st 1500m 4:11.19
3rd 4x100m Relay 44.73 Jye Kovacs, Matt Winsor, Jack Vane-Tempest, Jack Smith

Men 30-39
Will Connors 2nd 7.26kg Shot Put 8.03m, 1st 7.26kg Hammer 28.49m*, 1st 800g Javelin 33.82m, 3rd Long Jump 3.62m*, 4th High Jump 1.30m, 2nd 2kg Discus 28.36m*
Paul Cummins 1stMOpen 400m50.53*, 6thMOpen 200m 22.57* (records set as a 30-34yr old)
1st 4x100m Relay 47.05*** Jason Cheney, Paul Cummins, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid
3rd 4x100m Relay 52.88 Steve Smith, Nicholas Papalexion, Paul Kelaher, Mark Rae

Men 40-49
Mark Rae 4th 7.26kg Shot Put 8.47m, 6th 13.08, 4th 800g Javelin 33.89m, 5th Long Jump 4.31m, 7th 200m 28.44, 4th 2kg Discus 24.79m
Paul Kelaher 8th Long Jump 3.45m, 3rd High Jump 1.25m, 4th 1500m 5:07.31, 4th 400m 1:01.01, 10th 200m 30.88, 2nd 800m 2:20.44
Jason Cheney 5th 7.26kg Shot Put 8.26m, 2nd 7.26kg Hammer 22.24m, 3rd 100m 12.44, 6thMOpen Long Jump 5.03m, 7th 800g Javelin 28.19m, 1st Long Jump 4.74m, 3rd 200m 25.92, 2nd 2kg Discus 26.98m, 1st Triple Jump 8.80m
Matt Dunne =2nd Long Jump 4.60m, 2nd 1500m 4:46.91, 6th 400m 1:02.47
Nicholas Papalexion 1st 400m Hurdles 1:17.72, 7th 400m 1:02.55, 9th 200m 29.49, 4th 800m 2:31.29


Ernie Leseberg 1st 100m* 11.40***, 11thMOpen 200m 23.44, 1st 200m 23.44***
George Papalexion 5th 800g Javelin 32.23m, 10th 400m 1:06.65, 9th 100m 13.39

Men 50-59
Greg Rowe 6th 6kg Shot Put 7.08m, 3rd 6kg Hammer 20.42m, 1st 3000m Walk 21:13.15, 6th 1.5kg Discus 19.57m, 7th 100m 17.45, 6th Long Jump 2.72m, 6th 200m 38.31
Mark Byfield 2nd 5000m 20:22.15
Brett Reid 2nd 100m 12.86, 2nd Long Jump 3.94m, 3rd 200m 27.51
Steve Smith 6th 100m 13.55, 4th Long Jump 3.86m, 5th 200m 28.87

Men 60-69
Gavin Murray 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.98m, 1st 5kg Hammer 40.45m***, 1st 1kg Discus 44.02m, 2nd 600g Javelin 28.33m
Mike Randall 2nd 1500m 5:22.48, 2nd 400m 1:07.98, 1st 800m 2:35.27

Geoff Crumpton 3rd5kg Shot Put 9.18m, 2nd Open 7.26kg Hammer 19.61m, 4th 5kg Hammer 27.94m, 7th 7.26kg Open Shot Put 6.71m, 4th 1kg Discus 27.58m, 4th 100m 20.79, 4th 600g Javelin 23.44m, 3rd Long Jump 1.85m

Men 70+
Ken Stubbs 3rd 4kg Shot Put 8.74m, 2nd 4kg Hammer 24.81m, 2nd 3000m 19:37.35, 1st 1kg Discus 24.39m, 3rd 100m 19.33, 3rd 500g Javelin 22.66m, 1st Long Jump 2.63m, 2nd 1500m 8:50.01, 2nd 400m 1:38.89*, 3rd 2000m Steeple 13:59.04, 2nd 200m 43.21, 1st 800m 4:04.20*, 1st High Jump 0.90m
John Wall 1st 100m 13.83***

*Club Records
**National Qualifiers
***Country C’ship records

Sienna-Pitcher_leading_Ella-Robertson_Racewalking Super_Sally-Hunt The_Great-Ken-Mo-Stubbs Team_Photo_1 Team_Photo_2

New ANSW Country Championship Records set by Mingara athletes

Tori Robertson 1st 76.2cm Hurdles 13.22
Allanah Pitcher (14) 1st U18 3000m Walk 13:55.48
Aanika Milne 1st 84cm Hurdles 15.23
Joel Kemp (13) 1st U17 3000m Walk 14:19.99
Cameron Steer 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles 14.88
1st 4x100m Relay 47.05Jason Cheney, Paul Cummins, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid
Ernie Leseberg 1st 100m 11.40, 1st 200m 23.44
Gavin Murray 1st 5kg Hammer 40.45m
John Wall 1st 100m 13.83

Central Coast athletes

Keira Callaghan WU10 1st Long Jump 3.18m, 1st U9 100m 16.02, 1st 200m 32.44, 1st 800m 2:48.75
Azarliah Grant WU10 2nd 100m 16.20, 2nd 200m 33.52, 2nd 800m 2:50.04
Sarah Grant U9 2nd U12 1500m 5:57.75, 1st 800m 2:59.61
William Hunter MU12 6th 750g Discus 14.36m, 2nd U11 3kg Shot Put 5.61m, 3rd Long Jump 2.73m
Nicholas Bignall MU17 2nd 5kg Hammer 27.57m, 2nd 6kg Shot Put 11.61m, 1st 1.5kg Discus 40.03m
David Bignall M40-49 2nd 7.26kg Shot Put 10.02m, 2nd 7.26kg Open Shot 9.90m, 2nd Open 800g Javelin 39.07m, 1st 800g Javelin 41.03m
Jessica Hunter WU13 2nd 1kg Discus 24.60m, 1st 500g Javelin 16.49m, 8th 400m 1:17.83, 3rd Long Jump 3.64m, 2nd 3kg Shot Put 7.19m
Kelly Hunter W40-49 1st 4kg Hammer 21.74m, 3rd High Jump 1.10m, 1st 1kg Discus 41.05m, 1stWOpen 1kg Discus 42. 45m, 4thWOpen 4kg Shot Put 10.59m, 3rdWOpen 600g Javelin 26.87m, 1st 600g Javelin 28.34m
Joshua Farrant MU14 2nd 4kg Discus 30.15m, 2nd 4kg Shot Put 9.05m, 2nd 600g Javelin 24.85m
Lachlan Gunn MU14 5th 4kg Discus 20.39m, 9th Long Jump 3.44m, 8th 4kg Shot Put 8.41m, 13th 100m 16.50, 4th 600g Javelin 20.37m, 10th 200m 35.30, 3rd Triple Jump 7.15m
Kynan Johnson MU14 8th 1kg Discus 16.91m, 5th 76.2cm 90m Hurdles 17.71, 2nd 76.2cm Hurdles 80m 17.11, 3rd Long Jump 3.98m, 11th 100m 15.60, 6th 600g Javelin 17.88m
Jarryd Walter MU20 2nd 6kg Hammer 20.95m, 3rd 6kg Shot Put 10.08m, 3rd 700g Javelin 46.39m, 3rd Long Jump 5.98m
Sophie Daniel WU153rd 3kg Shot Put 6.68m, 14th 100m 15.65, 5th 1kg Discus 20.65m, 15th 200m 34.69
Katie Gunn WU162nd 3kg Shot Put 8.39m, 1st Triple Jump 10.51m, 1st 100m 12.48, 4th 1kg Discus 18.01m, 1st 200m 25.84, 5th 500g Javelin 20.39m, 1st Long Jump 5.52m
Ethan Jeffrey MU15 1st 84cm Hurdles 21.64m, 2nd 4kg Hammer 27.43m, 4th 700g Javelin 25.18m, 1st Long Jump 4.56m, 3rd 1kg Discus 34.01m
Brittany Williams WOpen2nd 84cm Hurdles 24.22, 9th 100m 14.28, 2nd High Jump 1.25m
Chloe Daniel U17 2nd 3000m 14:00.46, 8th 100m 14.19, 3rd 1500m 6:34.91, 8th 400m 1:18.14, 7th 800m 3:19.01
Tyler Gunn U20 2nd6kg Shot Put 11.73m, 2nd 700g Javelin 46.74m, 1st 100m 10.73, 1st 400m 49.55
Jai Callaghan MU12 1st Long Jump 4.53m, 2nd 100m 14.15, 1st 200m 29.03, 1st 800m 2:28.63
Connor Gunn MU12 5th Long Jump 3.39m, 5th 100m 15.49, 5th 1500m 6:20.18, 5th 200m 32.95, 7th 800m 3:08.64
Kiarna Johnson WU14 11th 100m 16.57
Emily Gunn WOpen 7th 4kg Shot Put 8.42m, 4th 600g Javelin 21.96m