Hi folks, here's the AWESOME list of results from the Mingara Masters Athletes who competed over this past w'end at the NSW State Masters Athletics C'ships. There were some simply out-of-this-world performances, notably headlined by the unbelievable efforts of Ken 'The Mo' Stubbs, and Greg Rowe in the Men's and Ange Jones and the Shaz McAbs in the Women's. Each of these athletes was in so many events it was hard to know which ones they didn't run, walk, jump or throw in!!

From Julie Peksis's brilliant effort in her 400m final to give away a 30m lead with less than 100m to the finish, to narrowly by 0.02seconds, catch the lass in front of her who basically fell over the line as she was collapsing having 'hit the wall' hearing Julie's approach, to the mighty Shaz McAbs running down her competitors in the 100m, to our legend John Wall setting a new PB in his 60m, to Georgie Papalexion's terrific comeback meet, to his better half Mel's fabulous efforts in both her 800m and 1500m just missing PBs, to 'Super' Sally running within 1sec of a PB in her 800m then SMASHING her 1500m PB by more than 3sec, to the stupendous Shot Putting Sprint and Hurdles Legend Nicole Robinson, to our Superstar M60 thrower Gav Murray entering 4 events and winning them all, just to highlight a few performances, each and everyone of you should be enormously proud of what you achieved this w'end. My personal congratulations to you all, to Cheryl Anne for her support, encouragement and brilliant photography and also Michael for his terrific videos and photos.

Here’s the list of results.

Greg Rowe M55-59 8th 60m 12.82, 12th 100m 17.62, 8th 200m 42.92, 5th Long Jump 3.02m, 6th 6kg Hammer 17.56m, 6th 6kg Shot Put 6.45m, 5th 1.5kg Discus 18.39m, 6th 11.34kg Weight Throw 6.16m, 1st 5000m Racewalk 35:28.45*
Mark Byfield M55-59 2nd 5000m 20:08.99
John Wall M70-74 1st 60m 8.77, 1st 100m 14.17, 1st 200m 30.26,
Ken Stubbs M70-74 3rd 60m 11.60, 3rd 100m 18.98, 4th 200m 43.18, 3rd 400m 1:44.12, 1st 2000m Steeple (no time recorded ??), 1st 4kg Hammer 23.57m, 2nd 4kg Shot Put 9.15m, 3rd 1kg Discus 24.37m, 2nd 500g Javelin 23.43m, 1st 7.26kg Weight Throw 9.50m 2nd Long Jump 2.56m, 2nd High Jump 1.10m
David Smith M60-64 2nd 60m 8.73, 2nd 100m 13.33
Brett Reid M50-54 3rd 60m 8.37, 3rd 100m 12.89, 4th 200m 26.57 (by 0.01!!)
Ernie Leseberg M45-49 2nd 60m 7.65*, 1st 100m 11.53, 1st 200m 23.95
George Papalexion M45-49 5th 60m 8.52, 6th 100m 13.20, 5th 200m 27.99
Jason Cheney M40-44 4th 60m 8.53, 4th 100m 12.56, 5th 200m 25.77, 4th Long Jump 4.81m, 3rd 2kg Discus 27.69m
Michael Randall M60-64 1st 800m 2:32.17, 2nd 1500m 5:16.93*
Paul Kelaher M45-49 4th 800m 2:19.77
Gavin Murray M60-64 1st 5kg Hammer 42.74m, 1st 9.08kg Weight Throw 15.59m, 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.78m, 1st 1kg Discus 44.85m
Will Connors M40-44 3rd 800g Javelin 34.45m*

January Jones W50-54 7th 100m 15.25, 5th 200m 31.30, 3rd 400m 1:14.30, 10th 3kg Shot Put 6.34m
Richelle Ingram W45-49 3rd 60m 9.11, 1st 100m 14.12, 3rd 200m 30.06, 5th 4kg Hammer 13.11m, 3rd 1kg Discus 21.59m, 6th Javelin 17.32m, 4th 9.08kg Weight Throw 5.80m, 3rd Long Jump 3.39m
Nicole Robinson W40-44 2nd 60m 8.64, 2nd 100m 13.51, 1st 80m Hurdles 14.89 1st 4kg Shot Put 7.48m
Ange Jones W35-39 5th 60m 9.85, 6th 100m 15.31, 2nd 80m Hurdles 23.89, 4th 4kg Hammer 16.90m, 3rd 4kg Shot Put 8.61m*, 1st 1kg Discus 32.95m, 1st 600g Javelin 22.91m, 5th 9.08kg Weight Throw 7.38m*, 4th Long Jump 4.05m, 3rd Triple Jump 8.65m, 2nd High Jump 1.30m
Julie Peksis W55-59 3rd 400m 1:21.17, 2nd 800m 3:14.82, 6th 200m 35.88, 5th 1kg Discus 17.47m
Sally Hunt W50-54 2nd 800m 2:48.95, 2nd 1500m 5:38.93 PB!!!
Melanie Anne Trimboli W35-39 5th 800m 2:54.97, 2nd 1500m 6:04.80
Aanika Milne W35-39 2nd 60m 8.35, 1st 100m Hurdles 16.32

Mingara has just the BEST group of talented, committed, determined, skilful and supportive in all NSW Masters Athletics. I doubt any of club can match our camaraderie. Congratulations to all.



*Club Records