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Hi folks, here’s the results from the Pan Pacific Masters Games held on the Gold Coast over the last week.

Mingara Athletics Club

Ryan McKendrick M35-39 3rd Beach Mile 7:26.10, 3rd 5km Road Race 17:51.25*, 3rd 4km Cross Country 14:33.25, 3rd 10.5km Trail 39:36.50 Danielle McKendrick W30-34 4th Beach Mile 13:37.15, 4th 5km Road Race 28:02.35, 5th 4km Cross Country 22:44.55, 3rd 10.5km trail 1hr01:43.45

I’ve created a separate Records list for this 4 race event. 

Ryan and Danielle entered a 4 race non-stadia event where each race had Individual places and, for those who entered all 4, a combined placing. My best estimation is that Ryan finished 3rd in the 4 Race event and Danielle also 3rd.

Ange Jones W35-39 7th 100m 15.91, 1st Short Hurdles 21.78, 5th Long Jump 3.96m, 3rd High Jump 1.25m, 4th Triple Jump 9.09m*, 3rd 4kg Hammer 21.60m*, 2nd 4kg Shot Put 9.44m*, 1st 1kg Discus 34.02m, 2nd 600g Javelin 27.52m*, 3rd Weight Throw 8.75m*, 2nd Throws Pentathlon 2245pts*

Nicky Kelly W45-49 2nd 800m 2:36.74*, 2nd 5000m 23:02.25
Bev Durston W50-54 6th 800m 3:33.16, 2nd 1500m 7:18.99, 1st 5000m 27:07.17, 9th 3kg Shot Put 5.35m, 7th 1kg Discus 14.81m, 7th Javelin 14.71m, 5th Weight Throw 4.54m
January Jones W50-54 6th 60m 9.92, 4th 100m 15.59, 5th 200m 33.97, 1st 4x100m relay 58.98, 7th 3kg Shot Put 6.63m
Cherie Myers W50-54 6th 100m 17.22, 5th Long Jump 3.30m PB, 3rd High Jump 0.95m PB, 5th 3kg Shot Put 7.68m PB, 9th 1kg Discus 11.79m PB
Sally Hunt W55-59 2nd 800m 2:53.71, 2nd 1500m 5:51.01, 1st 5000m 22:32.86
Julie Peksis W55-59 3rd 800m 3:30.74, 4th 1500m 7:07.66, 6th 1kg Discus 17.89m
Vicki Townsend W50-54 2nd 60m 9.36, 2nd 100m 14.73, 2nd 200m 31.29, 1st Short Hurdles 14.67, 1st 4x100m relay 58.98, 1st Long Jump 4.06m, 1st High Jump 1.25m, 1st Triple Jump 8.84m, 3kg Hammer 25.54m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 10.74m, 2nd 1kg Discus 26.42m, 6th Javelin 18.87m, 2nd Weight Throw 10.67m, 2nd Throws Pentathlon 2795pts

Will Connors M40-44 2nd 7.26kg Shot Put 11.10m, 5th Discus 23.40m
Gavin Murray M60-64 5th 5kg Hammer 40.58m, 2nd 5kg Shot Put 12.53m, 1st 1kg Discus 43.58m**,  2nd 600g Javelin 31.17m, 3rd 9.07kg Weight Throw 15.92m, 1st Throws Pentathlon 3600pts
John Wall M70-74 1st 60m 8.54, 1st 100m 13.68**, 1st 200m 29.53 
Geoff Crumpton M60-64 8th 8th 5kg Hammer 28.75m, 4th 5kg Shot Put 8.81m, 6th 1kg Discus 29.94m, 4th 600g Javelin 24.86m, 8th 9.07kg Weight Throw, 6th Throws Pentathlon 2451pts


* Club Records
**Pan Pacific Records