Hi folks, here’s the full list of results from the ANSW State Relay C’ships held over the w’end at SOPAC. Mingara was very, well represented, especially in the Masters where we fielded 39 teams, plus there were 5 Racewalking teams from the Team Overton squad, and 5 Junior and 4 Open teams. A grand total of some 53 teams, which was probably the 2nd or 3rd largest entry of all the clubs that participated. Hopefully, next year, we can field even more teams, especially from the Juniors and Opens.

MU14 4x100m 6th 52.49* Amyn Hamilton, Tahj Hamilton, Aaron Neville-Smith, Chris Rae

MU16 4x400m 4th 3:51.02* Sam Liddell, Ashley Pernecker, Tom Herbert, Sean Rae

MU16 4x800m 5th 9:11.83 Tom Herbert, Sean Rae, Ashley Pernecker, Sam Liddell

MU16 4x1500m 6th 19:34.33* Gabe Scott, Ashley Pernecker, Sean Rae, Sam Liddell

MU18 4x1500m Racewalk 1st 30:23.55 Jack McGinnniskin, Joel Kemp, Archie Tebbutt, Jesse

MOpen 4x100m 10th 43.07 Jack Vane-Tempest, Matt Winsor, Ben Denham, Kaya Ardita

MOpen 4x1500m 4th 17:03.88 Jakob Madden (17), Zac Martin (17), Charlie Kaparakis (18), Craig Cameron (24). 3 Juniors and one Open finished 4th in an Open event, ASTONISHING RESULT!!!!!

MOpen 4x1500m Racewalk 1st 23:27.37* Dylan Richardson, Oscar Tebbutt, Carl Gibbons, Tyler Jones
MOpen 4x7.26kg Shot 34.96m* Gavin Murray (64), Stuart Sutton (49), Mark Rae (47), Geoff Crumpton (64), a team of Masters athletes finished 4th only 1.05m from a medal against the kids!!

MOpen 4x2kg Discus 5th 112.30m* Gavin Murray (64), Jason Cheney (44), Stuart Sutton (49), James Wood (60), a team of Masters athletes throwing finished 5th, wow!!

M120+ 4x100m 1st 44.92* Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, Paul Cummins, Josh Ross

M120+ 4x200m 3rd 1:38.52* Jason Cheney, Brett Reid, Ernie Leseberg, Josh Ross

M160+ 4x100m 1st 45.62* Jason Cheney, Brett Reid, Ernie Leseberg, Josh Ross

                        4th 52.77* Steve Smith, Matt Dunne, Mark Rae, Paul Kelaher

M160+ 4x200m 1st 1:34.89* Mark Rae, Josh Ross, Ernie Leseberg, Paul Cummins, this time was less than 0.1 of a second from bettering the State record that has stood since 2002!!

M160+ 4x400m 3rd 4:21.00 Matt Dunne, Paul Kelaher, Steve Smith, Jason Madden

M160+ 4x1500m DNF Paul Kelaher, Paul Kelaher, Tony Murphy, Matt Dunne

M160+ 4xHammer 2nd 101.53m** Ange Jones, Jason Cheney, Gavin Murray, Geoff Crumpton, Ange had to throw the 7.26kg Hammer as she was in a Men’s event. What a performance!! Go Ange!!

M160+ 4xShot Put 3rd 33.88m* Paul Kelaher, Jason Cheney, Mark Rae, Matt Dunne

M160+ 4xJavelin 3rd 102.20m* Olly Milne, Paul Kelaher, Jason Cheney, Steve Smith

M200+ 4x100m 3rd 50.26 Dave Smith, Ernie Leseberg, Jason Cheney, Dave Smith

                          4th 52.72 John Wall, Paul Carr, Mark Rae, Olly Milne

M200+ 4x200m 2nd 1:52.65 Steve Smith, Mark Rae, Paul Kelaher, John Wall

                          6th 1:59.62 Paul Carr, James Wood, Jason Madden, Matt Dunne

M200+ 4x400m 4th 4:22.18 Jason Madden, Paul Kelaher, Steve Smith, Paul Carr

M200+ 4x800m 4th 10:20.53 Paul Kelaher, Paul Carr, Jason Madden, Matt Dunne

M200+ 4xShot Put 3rd 31.57m* Stuart Sutton, Matt Dunne, Steve Smith, Brett Reid

M240+ 4x100m 4th 68.16 Tony Murphy, James Wood, Paul Carr, John Wall

M240+ 4x200m 2nd 1:52.05* John Wall, Paul Kelaher, Paul Carr, David Smith

M240+ 4xShot Put 1st 40.12m** Gavin Murray, James Wood, Paul Carr, Geoff Crumpton

M240+ 4xJavelin 1st 104.76m** James Wood, Paul Carr, Gavin Murray, Geoff Crumpton

WU14 4x1500m Racewalk 1st Sienna Pitcher, Izzy Dunne, India Dugid, Georgia Payne

WU18 4x100m 5th 50.05* Ava Zappia, Emelyn Wheeler, Jade Beavan, Jez Navusolo

WU18 4x1500m Racewalk 1st 29:35.70* Hanah Bolton, Allanah Pitcher, Chloe McLoughlin, Chelsea Payne

WOpen 4x1500m Racewalk 1st 30:29.48* Chelsea Goodhew, Molly O’Neill, Elaine Wang, Amy Lee Walker

W120+ 4x100m 1st 55.52 January Jones, Ange Jones, Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne

W120+ 4x200m 3rd 2:13.31 Ange Jones, Cherie Myers, Nicole Robinson, Karen Angell

W120+ 4x400m 1st 5:42.17 Kal Newcomb, Cherie Myers, Lynda Pagett, Ange Jones

W120+ 4x800m 2nd 13:07.04 Ange Jones, Kal Newcomb, Nicole Robinson, Lynda Pagett

W120+ Shot Put 2nd 29.89m* Julie Peksis, Kal Newcomb, Ange Jones, Nicole Robinson

W120+ 4xJavelin 2nd 61.29m* Lynda Pagett, Kal Newcomb, Ange Jones, Nicole Robinson

W160+ 4x100m 3rd 57.39 Nicole Robinson, Karen Angell, Ange Jones, January Jones

W160+ 4x200m 2nd 2:05.73 Ange Jones, January Jones, Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne

W160+ 4x400m 2nd 5:04.86 Sally Hunt, Lynda Pagett, Kal Newcomb, Nicole Robinson

W160+ 4x800m 2nd 12:53.93 Julie Peksis, Lynda Pagett, Kal Newcomb, Sally Hunt

W160+ 4x1500m 3rd 26:31.45 Lynda Pagett, Sally Hunt, Kal Newcomb, Julie Peksis

W200+ 4x100m 3rd 70.35 Sally Hunt, Kal Newcomb, Cherie Myers, January Jones

W200+ 4x200m 3rd 2:20.39 January Jones, Cherie Myers, Karen Angell, Sally Hunt

W200+ 4x400m 1st 7:26.06 Nicole Robinson, January Jones, Julie Peksis, Sally Hunt

W200+ 4x800m 2nd 15:25.75* Cherie Myers, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, January Jones

W200+ 4x1500m 1st 33:10.96* January Jones, Cherie Myers, Nicole Robinson, Julie Peksis, this was the last event of the day and we only had 4 ladies fit enough to run and 3 are sprinters!!!

W200+ Shot Put 2nd 22.64m* Sally Hunt, January Jones, Cherie Myers, Karen Angell

W200+ 4xJavelin 2nd 49.56m* Cherie Myers, Sally Hunt, Julie Peksis, January Jones

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and to the mums and dads who came down to cheer on their children and the rest of the team. The entire team performed astonishingly well, with State Records being set in the Masters Throws, club records smashed everywhere, and a huge number of medals and PB performances.

Special mention to Jason Cheney, January Jones, Frank Overton, Lauren Richardson and Nick Papalexion for their efforts in securing and organising teams, and Billie Marie, Ange Jones’ 2.5yr old daughter, who is our Team Mascot!!

Now, for Club C’ships in 3 weeks and then the BIGGIE! The NSW Country C’ships at Glendale in Newcastle over the 4 days of the Australia Day Long Weekend. We need EVERY Mingara athlete to enter, and enter multiple events, even those out of your comfort zone, so we can retain the Hooper Cup for the 5th consecutive year.

Come on Mingara! Glendale is basically a home games for us so no excuses. Enter Country and help SMASH every other Country club!!!



PS A big thank you to Michael Horvath for his filming and photos. Your efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated Michael. I encourage everyone to watch his videos as they contain some seriously good racing.

* Club Records
** State Masters Records