ANSW Club Championships Report

The NSW Club C’ships were held on Saturday Dec 15th with a completely, new and untried teams format which, in my opinion, worked extremely well. Sure, there were glitches and snafus but, on the whole, 22 clubs entering in excess of 100 teams only 3 weeks after the NSW State Relays competition is testament to the success of this innovative approach. It was extremely disappointing the weather intervened to cause quite a number of competitors to miss out on their events, however, not much else could’ve been done with the severity of the actual storms. There are changes that will need be made to the format, especially around the timetabling, though those decisions are for the future. In short, and in my opinion, this ‘new’ Club C’ship format is a terrific addition to the ANSW calendar and should be supported by all clubs and athletes.

Bev Durston W40 800m Ernie Leseberg M40 200m Jason Cheney 800m Kay Heinecke W40 3000m
Marianne Papalexion WU14 800m Ruby Ruane WU14 100m Scott Godfrey M40 3000m Stella Norris WU14 Sprint Relay
Tori Robertson WU14 100m Bev and Paul Carr Chris and Mark Rae  

Here’s the Mingara results from the Club Champs.

Men’s U11 team
Matt Potter 5th 100m 16.56
Coen Godfrey 7th 100m 17.45

Men’s U14 team – 7th out of 8 clubs
Chris Rae 12th 100m 13.60
Amyn Hamilton 16th 100m 16.21
Chris Rae 11th 200m 27.87*
Keenan White 15th 200m 31.45
Keenan White 7th 800m 2:28.74
Aaron Neville-Smith 10th 800m 2:35.32
Charon Van Der Ham 7th 90m Hurdles 22.25
Sprint Medley 6th 2:51.74* (Charon, Aaron, Chris, Keenan)
Charon Van Der Ham 4th Discus 19.88m
Aaron Neville-Smith 6th High Jump 1.40m
Aaron Neville-Smith 4th Triple Jump 10.22m*

Men’s U17 team
Kaya Ardita 2nd 100m Hurdles 16.06

Men’s Open team
Hilary Dube 14th 100m 11.37
Jack Smith 26th 100m 12.05
Jason Cheney 7th Discus 30.05m
Cameron Cheney 7th Javelin 33.45m

Men’s 40+ team – 2nd out of 5 clubs
Ernie Leseberg  1st 100m 11.60
Mark Rae 4th 100m 12.95
Ernie Leseberg 2nd 200m 23.04*
Jason Cheney 4th 200m 25.07
Scott Godfrey 2nd 800m 2:17.23*
Jason Cheney 8th 800m 2:48.89
Scott Godfrey 1st 3000m 10:04.18*
Sprint Medley 2nd 2:21.30* (Ernie, Jason, Mark, Scott)
Jason Cheney 3rd Triple Jump 9.67m
Paul Carr 3rd Javelin 27.88m
Mark Rae 3rd Discus 20.23m
Mark Rae 3rd High Jump 1.40m

Men’s 50+ team
Steve Smith 5th 100m 13.71
Greg Rowe 7th 100m 17.37
Steve Smith 3rd Triple Jump 7.55m

Women’s U14 team – 4th out of 8 clubs
Tori Robertson 2nd 100m 13.34*
Ruby Ruane 14th 100m 14.60
Tori Robertson 6th 200m 27.88*
Ruby Ruane 13th 200m 30.39
Stella Norris 4th 800m 2:35.81
Marianne Papalexion 5th 800m 2:39.17
Tori Robertson 1st 80m Hurdles 13.24
Sprint Medley 6th 2:46.09*
Ruby Ruane 6th Discus 17.97m
Hayley Corduroy 5th High Jump 1.50m
Hayley Corduroy 4th Triple Jump 9.97m

Women’s U17 team
Ashley Pernecker 5th 100m Hurdles 20.27

Women’s Open team
Bronte Carroll 7th 100m 12.35
Hannah Regan 14th 100m 13.18
Ange Jones 4th Discus 33.73m
Aisling Young 3rd Javelin 32.69m*
Aisling Young 7th High Jump 1.40m

Women’s 40+ team – 3rd out of 3 clubs
Ange Jones 5th 100m 15.55
January Jones  6th 100m 16.36
Nicky Kelly 3rd 200m 30.05
January Jones 4th 200m 34.89
Kay Heinecke 3rd 800m 3:02.97
Bev Durston 6th 800m 3:52.07
Sally Hunt 3rd 3000m 12:58.74
Kay Heinecke 5th 3000m 13:48.28
Sprint Medley 3rd 2:58.86*(JJ, Ange, Sally, Nicky)
Ange Jones 2nd Triple Jump 7.81m
Bev Durston 3rd Javelin 12.68m
Bev Durston 3rd Discus 12.07m
Ange Jones 3rd High Jump 1.15m

*Club Records