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National Masters Results Melbourne 2019

Melbourne really turned it on for this year’s Masters C’ships, NOT!! Whilst there may have been a record number of competitors (just under 1000!!), the weather was bloody AWFUL! Thursday and Tuesday were both superb, 22-24 degrees, sunny, no wind. The 4 competition days were, however, horrible! Melbourne at its best, and worst! Cold (12-14 degrees), windy (ask the longer distance runners what the back straight was like), drizzling on most days, cloudy and overcast, but, the only good thing was the rain held off for almost the entire comp. Monday started to improve however, the majority of the comp was over by then.

Pur Mingara athletes performed superbly for the entirety of the C’ships with the absolute standout, Ernie Leseberg. 3rd in the Champion of Champions 100m, a NSW, C’ship and Club record in the 60m, narrowly missing Club records (by hundredths of a sec in both 100m and 200m), winning his age 100m and 200m, a 4x100m relay Gold and a 4x400m Silver! Now, if we could just get him to enter the ‘REAL’ events, the Throws, he’d make quite a good athlete I reckon, hahaha!!! Go Ernie!

Congratulations, also, to Mingara’s Eveready battery girl, Ange Jones. In the W35-39, Ange entered 10 events, medalled in 9, with PBs in 6!! And, all the while with our 3yr old Mascot in tow, little Billie Maree. Whilst I know she now competes for ACT (my doing, as I told Cherie I wasn’t going to Melbourne with her and competing for different States), I’d also like to mention my partner Cherie Myers who, despite not having trained for almost 6 months, entered 8 events in the W50-54 which is one of the most hotly contested age groups in Masters athletics. Cherie also played grandma to Billie thus freeing up Ange to compete without worrying about her little one!

All told, our little, Country Club secured 8 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals, 5 Bronze Medals, and 17 Top 10 finishes! Go Mingara!!

For those interested, next year’s Masters C’ships is being held at the QE11 Stadium in Nathan Brisbane from April 9-14th. Let’s see how many more Mingara athletes we can get to attend this awesome comp.

Damien Meyer 1st M40-44 10,000m 46:58.79*, 3rd 3000m Steeplechase 13:55.69, 1st 8km Cross Country 35:53.00*Ernie Leseberg 1st M45-49 60m 7.37**, 1st 100m 11.37, 1st 200m 23.07, 3rd Champion of Champions 100m 10.63, 1st M120+ 4x100m 46.28, 2nd M120+ 4x400m 3:34.30Stuart Sutton 4th M50-54 6kg Hammer 39.06m*, 5th 6kg Shot Put 11.29m, 5th Throws Pentathlon 3002pts* (1.5kg Discus 39.00m*. 7.26kg Weight 12.44m)Paul Carr 2nd M60-64 Short Hurdles 19.82, 3rd 300m Long Hurdles 55.14John Wall 2nd M70-74 60m 8.76, 2nd 100m 14.17, 2nd 200m 29.13, 1st M24+ 4x100m51.12Ange Jones 2nd W35-39 Short Hurdles 22.27,  1st High Jump 1.18m, 2nd Long Jump 3.50m, 2nd Triple Jump 6.98m, 3rd 4kg Hammer 29.79m*, 4th 4kg Shot Put 8.58m, 3rd 1kg Discus 34.59m*, 2nd 600g Javelin 26.60m*, 3rd Weight Throw 10.15m PB*, 3rd Throws Pentathlon 2385pts* PB (4kg Hammer 30.40m PB*)Kay Heinecke 5th W40-44 5000m 23:08.59, 2nd 10,000m 49:51.43Cherie Myers 11th W50-54 60m 10.56, 12th 100m 17.53, 6th W170+ 4x100m 1:16.26, 6th High Jump 1.09m PB, 6th Long Jump 3.74m PB, 10th 1kg Discus 14.07m PB, 10th 600g Javelin 15.59m PB Sally Hunt 4th W55-59 800m 2:59.14, 5th 1500m 5:58.60, 4th 5000m 22:19.50, 2nd 8km Cross Country 38:19.00*Bev Durston 8th W55-59 1500m 7:14.22 PB, 7th 5000m 26.31.32, 10th 1kg Discus 15.01m, 10th 600g Javelin 14.17m, 

Central Coast athletes
Kelly Hunter 1st W40-44 4th 4kg Hammer 23.84m, 1st 4kg Shot Put 9.95m, 1kg Discus 38.06m, 2nd 600g Javelin 27.59m,  1st Weight Throw 11.27m, 1st Throws Pentathlon 2975ptsVicki Townsend 5th W50-54 60m 9.06, 4th 100m 15.04, 6th 200m 31.11, 1st Short Hurdles 14.70, 3rd W220+ 4x100m 1:00.60, 5th High Jump 1.21m, 3rd Long Jump 3.99m, 4th Triple Jump 8.53m, 8th 4kg Hammer 26.94m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 11.05m, 5th 1kg Discus 23.62m, 8th 600g Javelin 19.58m, 3rd Throws Pentathlon 3016pts, 2nd Outdoor Pentathlon 2698pts

*Club Records**Club, NSW and Masters C’ship Record!!