Hi folks, from Cairns in Far NQ, to Miranda in Southern Sydney, to a freezing, cold Autumn morning in the Nation’s capital, Canberra, Mingara athletes excelled over the past w’end. In teams and individual pursuits, club records, PBs and State, National and Masters Games medals, were won, and great times set. The added plus from the w’end was the return of the club’s grandest warrior to the track, the ageless Brian Sharpe!!! Welcome back Brian, and a new club record for the M85-59yrs 60m sprint!!

Club Relay records were set by the U12 Boys, the 30-39yrs Men, the U20 girls, and both Masters ladies teams, the 30-39yrs and 40-49yrs. With the first runner’s time counted as an official time, Individual club records were set by Bryson Norris 10yrs 2km, Mark Warren M35-39 4kms, Paul Kelaher M50-54yrs 4km, Skye Sadler W35-39yrs 4km and Super Sally Hunt W55-59yrs 4km. Kay Heinecke also set a Club Record in the W40-44yrs Half Marathon.

Special mention and heartfelt thanks to Danielle McKendrick. With ANSW changing the age ranges, Dani sacrificed a Relay spot and ran as an individual in the 30-39yrs. Go Dani!!

Here’s the results starting in Cairns with the Great Barrier Reef Masters Games, Sat and Sun May 25-26.

Brian Sharpe M85+ 1st 60m 17.44*, 1st 100m 27.55, 1st 200m 1:05.18, DNS 400m, 1st 3kg Shot 5.28m, 1st 1kg Discus 12.13m, 1st 400g Javelin 11.58m

Julie Peksis W55-59 2nd 200m 39.19, 1st 400m 1:27.59, 1st 800m 3:33.78, 1st 1500m 7:18.79, 2nd 1kg Discus 16.66m

Miranda Cross Country Relays Sat May 25th

U12 4x2km 3rd 35:50.25; Bryson Norris (10yrs rcd 8:28.55), Callum McKendrick, Matthew Potter, Coen Godfrey
U16 4x3km 9th 46:21.35; Gabe Scott, Cooper Notley, Keenan White, Vincent Williams
U18 4x3km 5th 44:33.45; Sam Liddell, Sean Rae, Joel Kemp, Tom Herbert
U20 4x3km 1st 40:16.55; Jakob Madden, Terry Mihellis, Charlie Kaparakis, Zac Martin Defending Champions!!
30-39yrs 4x4km 1st 59:22.65; Mark Warren (35yrs rcd 13:30.35), Scott Godfrey, Ryan McKendrick, Greg Scott
40-49yrs 4x4km 11th 1hr25:14.75; Paul Kelaher (50yrs rcd 17:54.65), Paul Carr, Nicholas Papalexion, Tony Murphy

U20 4x3km 6th 55:07.85; Stella Norris (14yrs in Dec), Marianne Papalexion (13yrs), Ashley Pernecker (15yrs), Isabella Jones (18yrs in Dec). A superb effort from this team!!
30-39yrs 4x4km 3rd 1hr12:22.95; Skye Sadler (W35 rcd 18:34.45), Tara Warren, Katy McCaig, Alae Brand
30-39yrs 4km Dani McKendrick 23:00.35
40-49yrs 4x4km 7th 1hr32:10.15; Sally Hunt (W55 rcd 19:28.35), January Jones, Chantal Mare, Margaret Beardslee

Australian Masters Half Marathon C’ships Canberra Sun May 26th
Kay Heinecke W40-44 2nd 1hr51:23.45*Kal Newcomb W45-49 3rd 1hr46:29.55

Cheers and congratulations everyone on your fabulous results.