Gold Medallists at NSW All Schools Day 1

Joel Kemp 15yrs 3000m Walk

Jack McGinniskin 16yrs 5000m Walk

Rachael Mortell 19rys 400m Hurdles

Jakob Madden 17yrs 2000m Steeplechase 6:14.99*

Silver Medallists:

Izabella Dunne 13yrs 2000m Walk

Hannah Bolton 15yrs 3000m Walk

Rachael Mortell 19yrs Triple Jump 9.77m*

Jez Navusolo 16yrs Triple Jump 12.02m*

Bronze Medallists:

Ryan Vesper 13yrs 3000m Walk

Callum Sutton 17yrs 5kg Hammer

Harley Simity 15yrs 5kg Hammer


Gabe Scott 4th 14yrs 2000m Steeplechase 6:58.32*

Qdualified for Finals:

Tom Herbert 15yrs 800m

Sean Rae 15yrs 800m

Other results:

Spencer Andrews-Bohringer 13th 12yrs 800m



Gold Medallists

Bess Chippendale 19yrs 200m Final27.68

Brad Pemberton 16-19yrs AWD 800m Final 2:09.83*

George Wells 12yrs Shot Put 14.74m*

Silver Medallists

Riley Grant 16yrs High Jump Final 1.90m*

Bronze Medallists

Jez Navusolo 16yrs 200m Final 24.89

Other results

Jarrod Smedley 15yrs 200m 15t24.15

Cameron Steer 15yrs 200m Final 5th 23.03

Taine Petersen 17yrs 200m 7th22.55

Tom Herbert 15yrs 800m Final 5th 2:05.12

Sean Rae 15yrs 800m Final 7th2:10.70

Sam Liddell 14yrs 3000m Final 10th 9:52.92

Gabe Scott 14yrs 3000m Final 14th 10:11.38

Spencer Andrews-Bohringer 14yrs 3000m Final 31st 11:14.94* (Spencer’s 12)

Zac Martin 17yrs 3000m Final 5th9:08.31

Charlie Kaparakis 18-19yrs 5000m Final 4th16:22.16

Jelle van der Ham 15yrs Javelin 19th33.74m

Jade Beavan 14yrs 200m Final 8th25.91*

Stella Norris 13yrs 3000m Final 11th11:15.85

Caitlin Fuchs 17yrs 800m Final 7th2:34.73

All Schools Day 3 results

Gold Medalists

Hayley Corduroy 13yrs High Jump 1st 1.65m*

Katie Gunn 15yrs Long Jump 5.90m

Brad Pemberton (18yrs) 16-19yrs AWD WC 100m 17.48*

Brad Pemberton (18yrs) 16-19yrs AWD WC 200m 30.64*

George Wells 12yrs Discus 47.80m*

Liam Coles 12yrs Long Jump 5.00m

Silver Medalists

Cameron Steer 15yrs 100m 11.54
Taine Petersen 17yrs 100m 11.62

Bronze Medalists


Jez Navusolo 16yrs 100m 4th12.70

Elizabeth Petrie 13yrs 1kg Discus 16th 20.14m

Rebecca Casey 16yrs 1kg Discus 4th 37.94m*
Kaya Ardita 16yrs 100m Final 9th 12.26

Ben Denham 19yrs 100m 7th 11.74

Callum Sutton 17yrs 1.5kg Discus 4th 45.59m

Cameron Steer 15yrs Long Jump 8th 5.84m

Harley Simity 16yrs 1.5kg Discus 14th 29.05m

Other results

Grace Nicholson 13yrs 100m 17th 13.45

Grace Nicholson 13yrs High Jump 10th 1.50m

Inge Ackland 13yrs 100m 35th 14.32

Scarlett Prowse 15yrs 100m 23rd 13.50

Hannah Regan 17yrs 100m 12th 13.30

Jarrod Smedley 15yrs 100m 20th 12.61

Vincent Williams 13yrs 1500m 13th 4:47.46

Day 4 results NSW All Schools

Gold Medalists

Bess Chippendale 19yrs 400m 1st 59.05

Silver Medalists

Bronze Medalists

Jakob Madden 17yrs 1500m 3rd 4:06.97


Kaya Ardita 16yrs 110m Hurdles 5th 15.91*

Keenan Whyte 12yrs 1500m 5th 5:00.80

Ikey Allen 14yrs 100m Hurdles 8th 15.95

Sean Rae 15yrs 1500m 7th 4:29.71

Zac Martin 17yrs 1500m 4th 4:09.20

Tom Herbert 15yrs 400m 7th 53.85

Cameron Cheney 14yrs Javelin 5th 39.87m*

Rachael Mortell 19yrs 100m Hurdles 3rd 18.17

Mia Barber 14yrs 90m Hurdles 7th 14.20

Hayley Corduroy 13yrs Long Jump 7th 4.91m*

Baylee Lebreton 14yrs Long Jump 12th 4.74m

Baylee Lebreton 14yrs Javelin 21st 13.07m

Stella Norris 13yrs 1500m 13th 5:14.56

*Club Records

Lake Macquarie Running Festival.August 26th 2018

Hi folks, here's the AWESOME results from the Lake Macquarie Running Festival.

Ash-Stella_and_Sam_28-08-18 Sam_Liddell_1st_U15_10.5km_Lake_Mac_28-08-18 Stella_Norris_2nd_Lake_Mac_4km_28-08-18  Ash_Pernecker-Nicky_Kelly-Sam_Liddell_28-08-18


Sam Liddell 1st MU15 42.03, 19th overall out of 661
Deane Norris 11th M45-49 50.36, 90th overall
Mark Byfield 3rd M55-59 46.32, 47th overall
Ken 'Mo' Stubbs 1st M70+ 1hr08.32, 466th overall

Therese Auton 3rd WOpen 41.43, 18th overall out of 667
Ashley Pernecker 2nd WU15 45.44, 6th overall
Sunny Starr-Carusi 5th WU15 47.54, 10th overall
Nicky Kelly 1st W45-49 50.48, 18th overall

Bryson Norris 2nd M8-10 16.30, 7th overall out of 118
Stella Norris 2nd W11-13 15.46, 2nd overall out of 111

August 26th
Hi folks, here's the FABULOUS Mingara and Team Overton results from today's National Winter Road Walking C'ships held on the Sunshine Coast.

Men’s Open 20km C’ships
Tyler Jones 1st 1hr33.02
Carl Gibbons 2nd 1hr37.41
Kyle Bedford DQ

U18 10km C’ships 
Jack McGinniskin 4th 49:15.17
Hayden Blaskett 6th 54:13.67 TO

Women’s U20 10km C’ships
Chelsea Goodhew 3rd 55:06.29 TO
Eaine Wang 4th 59:18.69 TO
Molly O’Neill 5th TO

Women’s U18 5km C’ships
Janaya Lee 6th 29:10.59 TO

Women’s U16 5km C’ships
Allanah Pitcher 3rd 24:58.11
Hannah Bolton 6th 29:04.10
Chloe McLoughlin 7th 29:52.18

Women’s U12 2km C’ships
Sienna Pitcher 2nd 10:15.38*

*Club Record

The Charlie Brooks Overseas Running Tour!

August 22nd
2nd place Lee Valley Velo Half Marathon in London 1hr17:34.55
August 25th 
2nd Evergreen Half Marathon in Washington State 1hr17:07.45

Terrigal Trotters Male Athlete of the Year. 

August 25th
2018 Australian Cross Country C’hips

Hamish Hart 46th MU16 4km 

Zac Martin 32nd MU18 6km
Jakob Madden 34th MU18 6km

Callan MacLeod 32nd MU20 8km
Charlie Kaparakis 43rd MU20 8km

Hi folks here’s the results I could find from the Sydney Harbour 5km and 10km held on Sat.

Men’sAndrew Land M20-29 17th 33.58Charles Brooks M20-29 24th 35.35Angus Baldwin M20-29 29th 36.39David MacNeil* M30-39 458th 58.47Paul Arthur* M50-59 43rd 47.34

Women’sTherese Auton W20-29 10th 40.10**Alyssa Betts W20-29 28th 44.49Congratulations Therese on a club record for this event!!

*I think David and Paul were Mingara athletes. If not, could someone let me know and I’ll delete their results please?

** Club record for this event.

Mingara, Central Coast and Team Overton results from the ANSW Long Walks held on weekend at the Chipping Norton Course.

Men’s Open 30km
Carl Gibbons 1st 2hrs30mins39sec
Dylan Richardson DNF

Men’s U20 20km
Oscar Tebbutt 1st 1hr45mins43secs
Kyle Bedford 4th 2hrs01mins34secs

Men’s U18 8km
Jack McGinniskin 1st 40.14

Women’s Open 20km
Chelsea Goodhew 2nd 2hrs01mins34secs

Women’s U20 15km
Molly O’Neill 2nd 1hr33mins37secs

Women’s U16 5km
Allanah Pitcher 1st 25.05
Izabella Dunne 3rd 28.11 (Izzy’s 13)
Chloe McLoughlin 7th 29.59 (Chloe’s 14)
Hannah Bolton DNF

Women’s U12 2km
Sienna Pitcher 1st 10.40

Congratulations to all, and especially the Mingara club athletes.


Waratah Run Series

Hi folks, here's the awesome results from Mingara's terrific Cross Country runners at Saturday`s Waratah Series Challenge event held in Nowra.

Marianne Papalexion WU14 3km 31st 31:21.50
Ashley Pernecker WU16 4km 30th 17:33.50

Hamish Hart MU16 4km 5th 13:46.00*
Sam Liddell MU16 4km 20th 14:46.50
Gabe Scott MU16 4km 24th 15:04.50
Talon Woodward MU16 4km 32nd 15:59.50
Jakob Madden MU18 6km 5th 20:10.50
Zac Martin MU18 6km 9th 20:29.10
Charlie Kaparakis MU20 8km 12th 29:54.10
Andrew Land MOpen 10km 19th 36:23.50
Ryan McKendrick M35-44 10km 3rd 39:27.10*

Congratulations to everyone on their fantastic results and I hope we can see all of you competing at Street Relays in just on a month's time.

*Club Records

Hi folks, here’s all the results I could glean from last weekend’s Bay 2 Bay Half-Marathon and 12km. There are Mingara and Central Coast athletes included. I probably missed some, and apologies if I did.


Chris Fuchs M30-39 2nd 1hr18:18.00, 8th overall and 7th Male

Damien Meyer M40-49 40th 1hr42:10.50, 123rd overall and 100th Male

Graham Kinross M60-69 4th 1hr 48:15.00, 187 overall 149th Male


Andrew Land MOpen 1st 41:19.50* (Open Men’s rcd)

Mark Warren MOpen 2nd 41:28.00* (M35-39 rcd)

Charlie Brooks MOpen 3rd 42:04.50

Angus Baldwin M20-29 3rd 45:07.00, 12th overall 10th Male

Therese Auton F20-29 2nd 48:09.00, 23rd overall 6th Female* (Open Women’s rcd)

Ryan McKendrick M30-39 7th 48:17.00, 15th overall 19th Male

Tom Herbert M12-15 2nd 49:03.50, 33rd overall 27th Male (M15yrs rcd)

James Huggins M16-19 2nd 49:40.50, 39th overall 32nd Male

Gabe Scott M12-15 4th 50:06, 43rd overall 35th Male* (M14yrs rcd)

Sam Liddell M12-15 5th 50:31.00, 45th overall 37th Male

Riley Grant M16-19 3rd 51:14.00, 50th overall 42nd Male* (M16yrs rcd)

Ashley Pernecker W12-15 1st 52:14.50, 53rd overall 9th Female* (W14yrs rcd)

Mark Byfield M50-59 3rd 53:20.00, 64th overall 54th Male* (M55-59 rcd)

Sean Rae M12-15 9th 54:07.00, 72nd overall 61st Male

Alyssa Betts W20-29 4th 53:31.50, 74th overall 12th Female

Dale Jones M20-29 16th 55:35.50, 94th overall 76th Male

Lauren Bourke W20-29 8th 56:23.00, 105th overall 19th Female

Mackenzie Penn W16-19 2nd 56:49.50, 107th overall 20th Female

Deane Norris M40-49 31st 1hr00:52.00, 179th overall 138th Male

David Mehan M50-59 20th 1hr01:47.00, 202nd overall, 151st Male

Dominic Enraght-Mooney MU12 5th 1hr02:03.50, 237th overall 173rd Male

Khali Vincent W20-29 17th 1hr 03:27.00, 239th overall, 65th Female

Teig Enraght-Mooney M40-49 48th 1hr02:55.50, 261st overall 190th Male

Sophie Lane W20-29 19th 1hr04:24.00, 266th overall 73rd Female

Mark Patterson M60-69 6th 1hr04:44.50, 273rd overall, 200th Male

Tara Warren W30-39 53rd 1hr11:27.00, 507th overall 190th Female

Margaret Beardslee W60-69 3rd 1hr11:26.00, 508th overall 191st Female* (W60-64 rcd)

Julie Peksis W50-59 26th 1hr12:02.50, 553rd overall 214th Female

Ryan Herbert M40-49 92nd 1hr 13:21.00, 592nd overall 352nd Male

Chris Rae MU12 16th 1hr18:40.00, 727th overall 406th Male* (M11yrs rcd)

Mark Rae M40-49 104th 1hr18:54.50, 730th overall 407th Male* (M45-49 rcd)

Lisa Reid W40-49 92nd 1hr21:38.50, 753rd overall 336 Female

Skyelah Townsend W20-29 61st 1hr21:17.00, 763rd overall 343rd Female

William Enraght-Mooney M12-15 41st 1hr35:06.50, 1052nd overall 522nd Male

Monica Leseberg W40-49 189th 1hr54:11.50, 1251st overall 680th Female

Jessica Horsnell W20-29 128th 1hr57:18.00, 1313rd overall 731 Female

Alice Vigors W30-39 207th 1hr57:26.50, 1314th overall 732nd Female

Julianne Horsnell W50-59 107th 1hr57:27.00, 1315th overall 733rd Female

Cheers and congratulations everyone on your terrific performances.


*Club Records

PS These times are Net, ie, from when the runner crossed the start and finish lines, not from the Gun!

PPS There are no results listed on the Bay 2 Bay website for the 3km Kids race, sorry.

Results from the NSW Racewalking Short Walks C’ships and LANSW Road Walks C’ships held on Sunday at the Penrith Regatta Centre.

Hannah Bolton 1st WU17 3000m 15:42.00

Allanah Pitcher 1st WU16 3000m 14:01.00* (W15yrs 3000m Road rcd)

Izabella Dunne 1st WU14 2000m 10:07.00

Sienna Pitcher 1st WU10 1200m 6:00.00* (WU10 1200m Road rcd)

Chelsea Goodhew 1st WOpen 15km 1hr25:55.00 Team Overton

Anne Weekes 3rd WOpen 15km 1hr34:08.00 TO

Hannah Mison 1st WU20 10km 56:15.00 TO

Molly O’Neill 2nd WU20 10km 56:24.00 TO

Eaine Wang WU20 10km 3rd 1hr 00:15.00 TO

Jack McGinniskin 1st MU17 3000m 13:26.00

Joel Kemp 1st WU16 3000m 15:26.00

Archie Tebbutt 2nd MU15 3000m 16:41.00 Team Overton

Tyler Jones 1st MOpen 20km 1hr33:45.00

Carl Gibbons MOpen 20km DNF TO

Dylan Richardson MOpen 20km DNF

Oscar Tebbutt 1st MU20 10km 49:05.00 TO

Cheers and congratulations once again to all the marvellous Walkers and their terrific coaches, Frank and Lauren, and their parents and supporters.