Hi folks, as I've finally warmed up from Cross Country today held at a freezing Long Jetty, and the rugby doesn't start til 5.30pm when the All Blacks take on France, and the results are up from last night, here they are. 

The conditions at Fearnley Dawes in Newcastle last night were horrid, bitterly cold with a very, strong wind. Young Bryson Norris, though, managed a PB in his 1500m which was a sensational performance given the headwind on the front straight.

Sally Hunt W 55-59 1st 1500m 6:04.53Vicki Townsend W50-54 1st Shot Put 10.86m, 1st Triple Jump 8.08m, 1st Javelin 18.64m, 1st High Jump 1.30m, 1st 100m 16.41 Stella Norris WU14 1st Shot Put 5.22m, 1st 400m 1:14.10, 1st Javelin 13.62m

Bryson Norris MU10 2nd 1500m 5:59.69, 4th Shot Put 4.74m, 3rd 400m 1:29.53, 2nd javelin 10.35m, 3rd High Jump 0.90m, 5th 100m 19.98Geoff Crumpton M60-64 1st Shot Put 8.70m (a PW!!!!), 1st Javelin 22.13m (another PW!!)


PS The next meet is on Friday July 20th commencing at 6pm. The events are; 800m, 60m, 200m, 3000m, javelin, discus, long jump, triple jump. Hope to see more Mingara athletes there.

Hi folks, here's the list of results from the Lake Burley Griffin Racewalking Challenge held in the ACT last w'end of all the Team Overton athletes. Their clubs are listed and you'll see how many Mingara athletes performed so brilliantly.Hi folks, here's the list of results from the Lake Burley Griffin Racewalking Challenge held in the ACT last w'end of all the Team Overton athletes. Their clubs are listed and you'll see how many Mingara athletes performed so brilliantly.

Open Men's 30kmTyler Jones 1st*** 2hrs 21mins 27secsDylan Richardson*** 2nd 2hrs 31mins 19secs (an 18yrs 30km record)Ian Rayson 3rd 2hrs 35mins 33secs
Men's U20 10kmJack McGinniskin 4th 51mins 21secs*Hayden Blaskett TO 7th 52mins 12secs**2nd teams
Men's U18 5kmOscar Tebbutt TO 2nd 23mins 01secs*Kyle Bedford TO 5th 23mins 54secs*Hayden Blaskett TO 9th 25mins 59secsJoel Kemp 11th 28mins 23secs*1st Teams
Men's U16 3kmJack McGinniskin*** 3rd 13mins 36secs (U16 3km Road Record)Joel Kemp 7th 16mins 21secs
Women's Open 15kmChelsea Goodhew Team Overton 3rd 1hr 27mins 13secs*Anne Weekes TO 5th 1hr 36mins 31secs**1st team
Women's Open 5kmChelsea Goodhew TO 5th 26mins 26secs*Molly O'Neill TO 8th 28mins 53secs*Elaine Wang TO 10th 29mins 36secs*Anne Weekes TO 16th 31mins 58secs***3rd Teams**5th Teams
Women's U20 10kmHannah Mison TO 1st 57mins 50secs*Molly O'Neill TO 3rd 59mins 33secs*Janaya Lee TO 5th 1hr 00mins 14secs**Elaine Wang TO 6th 1hr 1min 1sec***1st Teams**2nd Teams
Women's U18 5kmAllanah Pitcher 1st 26mins 03secs*Hannah Mison TO 4th 29mins 07secs*Janaya Lee TO 6th 29mins 52secs*Hannah Bolton DNF*1st Teams
Women's U16 3kmAllanah Pitcher 2nd 14mins 19secs* (U16 5km Road Record)Hannah Bolton 3rd 16mins 0secs*Izabella Dunne 7th 16mins 42secs***1st Teams**2nd Teams
Women's U14 2kmIzabella Dunne 2nd 10mins 02secs**1st Teams
Women's U12 2kmSienna Pitcher 3rd 10mins 45secs**1st Teams
Women's U10 1kmCaetlin Ashby TO 7th 7mins 4secs**1st Teams
***Club Records

Congratulations to Frank and Lauren, the Team Overton coaches, to the athletes who competed, and to their parents and supporters who made the trek to what appeared to be a cold, though sunny Canberra day. Hopefully I haven't missed anyone's time, or result, and please inform me asap if I have, and apologies if I have done so.

Hi folks, here's some recent results from Team Overton's Racewalkers in April and May, and the Fearnleigh Dawes pre-departure meet held last Friday.

April 14th NSW Racewalking Club at Chipping Norton 

Molly O'Neill 2nd Mixed 10km 62:00.
Jack McGinniskin 1st Mixed 8km 42:52
Allanah Pitcher 3rd Mixed 8km 42:56
Sienna Pitcher 5th U16 3km 20:29

ANSW Team Walks Chipping Norton May 20th

Chelsea Goodhew 1st W18-34 10km 52:56
Molly O'Neill 2nd W18-34 10km 53:56
Tyler Jones 1st M18-34 10km 43:07
Carl Gibbons 2nd M18-34 10km 45:51
Dylan Richardson 3rd M18-34 10km 46:50
Tyler, Carl, Dylan 1st Team M18-34
Allanah Pitcher 1st W14-17 5km 23:27*
Chloe McLoughlin 4th W14-17 5km 29:22
Amy Walker 9th W14-17 5km 30:53
Allanah, Chloe, Amy 1st Team W14-17
Oscar Tebbutt 1st M14-17 5km 22:21
Jack McGinniskin 2nd M14-17 5km 23:00
Archie Tebbutt 4th M14-17 5km 28:49
Oscar, Jack, Archie 1st Team M14-17
Izabella Dunne 2nd WU14 3km 15:41
Sienna Pitcher 6th WU14 3km 17:26

Fearnley Dawes Pre-departure Friday May 18th

Richelle Ingram W45-49 1st 60m 8.78, 1st 200m 29.33
Vicki Townsend W50-54 1st 60m 9.80, 1st 200m 31.80, 1st Shot Put 10.68m, 1st 1kg Discus 29.24m
Stella Norris WU14 2nd 200m 34.92, 2nd overall 3000m 11:03.69 1st WU14, 4th Shot Put 5.93m, 3rd 1kg Discus 16.57mA
zarliah Grant WU10 1st 200m 35.27, 3rd overall 800m 2:52.62 1st WU10, 4th overall High Jump 1.00m =1st WU10, 10th overall Long Jump 2.97m 3rd WU10
Ange Jones W35-39 1st Shot Put 8.43m, 1st 1kg Discus 33.78m
Ashley Pernecker WU15 1st overall 800m 2:21.67
Tahj Hamilton MU12 2nd 60m 8.98*, 2nd 200m 29.70*
Bryson Norris MU10 1st 3000m 12:38.15*
Gavin Murray M60-64 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.63m, 1st 1kg Discus 43.70m
Geoff Crumpton M60-64 2nd 5kg Shot Put 9.12m, 2nd 1kg Discus 28.06m


PS Bryson's 200m time was not in the results.
*Club Records
Congratulations to Allanah, Tahj and Bryson on their new Club records.

Hi folks, I've just been doing some researching and here's a few results from last month, plus all I could find from the Sydney 10 held on the w'end.

St George Cross Country April 21st
Ashley Pernecker WU14 4km Cross Country 19th 17:08.45

Sydney 10 May
5thSam Liddell MU14 5km 5th 18:45.33* (41st overall)
Talon Woodward MU14 5km 6th 19:23.00 (49th overall)
Callan MacLeod MU20 10km 7th 33:14.66* (48th overall)
Andrew Land MOpen 10km 21st 33:32.89 (54th overall)
Charlie Brooks MOpen 10km 23rd 33:36.59 (56th overall)
Graham Kinross M65-69 10km 4th 46:53.52* (383rd overall)
Ashley Pernecker WU14 5km 9th 20:39.29* (40th overall)
Sally Hunt W50-54 10km 8th 45:42.40* (99th overall)

Congratulations to all who competed and recorded such terrific results. Once again, my apologies if I’ve missed anybody and please notify me if I have and I’ll amend the results.

Cheers. Geoff

PS Club Records. Well done to Sam, Callan, Graham, Ashley and Sally!!

Hi folks, here’s the list of Mingara, and ‘friends’ results of the National Masters C'ships being held in Perth.

Mingara Athletics Club




Day 1

January Jones W50-54 5th Heat 2 60m 9.31 DNQ for Final, 7th Heat 2 100m 15.12 Qual for Final
Sally Hunt W50-54 2nd 800m 2:48.86 (4th overall but 2nd Aussie)
Ernie Leseberg M45-49 1st 60m Final 7.43*
Brett Reid M50-54 6th 60m Final 8.12 
Vicki Townsend W50-54 6th 60m Final 9.08, 3rd Heat 1 100m 14.45 Qual for Final, 3rd Shot Put 10.76m
MIck Daly M55-59 5th 60m Final 8.31

Day 2
Ernie Leseberg M45-49 2nd 100m 11.50, 2nd in the 100m Male Champion of Champions! Wow, AWESOME result Ernie!!!
Brett Reid M50-54 5th 100m 12.74
Sally Hunt W50-54 3rd 1500m 5:46.64
Gavin Murray M60-64 2nd Discus 43.95m
Mick Daly M55-59 5th 100m 13.11
Vicki Townsend W50-54 6th 100m 14.42, 3rd 80m Hurdles 14.75, 3rd High Jump 1.30m, 2nd Discus 28.18m, 8th Javelin 19.48m
Kelly Hunter W40-44 1st Discus 40.20m, 2nd Javelin 27.33m

Days 3 and 4
January Jones W50-54 7th 400m Final 1:30.02, 8th 200m Final 33.53
Sally Hunt W50-54 4th 5000m 21:44.88, 4th 8km Cross Country 34:23.50* 
Gavin Murray M60-64 Discus 47.19m*, 3rd Throws Pent, 3600*, 2nd Weight Throw 15.88m
Ernie Leseberg M45-49 2nd 200m Final 24.22, 1st 160yrs+ 4x100m
Brett Reid M50-54 3rd= 200m Final 26.36, 1st 220yrs+ 4x100m

Mick Daly M55-49 6th 200m Final 27.64 
Vicki Townsend W50-54 1st Triple Jump 8.43m, 2nd Throws Pent, 5th 200m Final 31.39, 1st 220yrs+ 4x100m, 2nd Outdoor Pent
Kelly Hunter W40-44 2nd Weight Throw 11.53m
*Club Record