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SOPAC 2nd Feb - 4th Feb 2018

Hi folks, here's a summary of the results of the Mingara and Central Coast athletes who competed over the 3 days of the NSW Open C'ships at SOPAC from Friday Feb 2nd to Sunday Feb 4th.

Day 1

Jack Vane-Tempest 4th heat 3 Open Men's 100m 11.35, qualified for Semi-finals
Matt Winsor 4th heat 6 Open Men's 100m 11.35, qualified for Semi-finals
Lauren Keating 7th heat 1 Open Women's 100m 13.03, did not progress
Andrew Land 8th Open Men's 1500m 4:11.70, did not progress
Zac Martin 10th Open Men's 1500m 4:14.34, did not progress
Paul Cummins 5th heat 2 Open Men's 400m 50.15, did not progress
Tonia Brooks 12th Open Women's Discus 39.26m
Rae Anderson 1st Para Women's Discus 27.35m 72.24%

Emily Coppins 3rd heat 5 Open Women's 100m 12.45, qualified for Semi-finals
Tyler Gunn 1st heat 4 Open Men's 400m 47.54, qualified fastest for Final
Kelly Hunter 5th Open Women's Discus 43.00m
Jamie Muscat 6th Open Men's Hammer 46.28m

Day 2

A special mention to the amazing Frank Overton, Lauren and the entire Team Overton squad for their astonishing results y'day. 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th in the Open Men's 5km Racewalk, 1st and 3rd in the Women's 5km Racewalk!!! There were Mingara shirts everywhere and it was fabulous to see. Also, Allanah Pitcher. What a true champion! Completely exhausted with 100m to the finish, she 'hit the wall' some 30m out and crashed heavily onto her knees with less than 10m to go. Picked herself up, and no-one knows how, and forced herself over the line, did not get DQed and posted an incredible 1min PB!!!
Here's the results from a terrific where the rain held off until the last event had just finished.

Terry Mihellis 7th heat 3 Open Men's 800m 2:00.14, did not progress
Matt Winsor 9th heat 2 Open Men's 100m Semi-finals 11.27, did not make final
Jack Vane-Tempest 7th heat 3 Open Men's Semi-finals 11.33, did not make final
Tyler Jones 1st Open Men's 5000m Racewalk 21:16.79
Dylan Richardson (18) 3rd Open Men's 5000m Racewalk 22:17.60
Jack McGinniskin(16) 5th Open Men's 5000m Racewalk 23:24.68 (50second PB!!!)
Allanah Pitcher (15) 1st Open Women's 5000m Racewalk 24:08.10 (60second PB!!!)
Hannah Bolton (15) 3rd Open Women's 5000m Racewalk 25:53.95

Tyler Gunn 1st Open Men's 400m 47.18 World Jnr Qualifier!!!
Katie Gunn (15) 7th Open Women's Long Jump 5.56m (Team Horsnell)
Nicola Mc Dermott 1st Open Women's High Jump 1.84m (TH)
Rhys Donkin 6th Open Men's Pole Vault 3.70m
Emily Coppins 4th heat 1 Open Women's 200m 25.51, 7th B final 26.10 (LWL)
Carl Gibbons 2nd Open Men's 5000m Racewalk 22:12.68 (Team Overton)
Oscar Tebbutt 4th Open Men's 5000m Racewalk 22:28.89 (TO)


Tonia Brooks 11th Open Women's Shot Put 10.40m
Rae Anderson 3rd Para Women's Shot Put 9.10m, 1st Para Women's Javelin 24.72m
Riley Grant (16) 9th Open Men's High Jump 1.85m
Shelby Botfield-Mohr 9th Open Women's Javelin 30.58m
Matt Winsor 3rd heat 4 Open Men's 200m 22.74, 4th in B final 22.78
Jack Vane-Tempest 4th heat 4 Open Men's 200m 22.79, 9th in B final 23.50

Emily Coppins 6th 3rd Semi-final Open Women's 100m 12.53
Kelly Hunter 8th Open Women's Shot Put 11.39m

Congratulations to everyone who competed over the 3 days. You should all be extremely proud of the efforts you displayed. Next w'end is the NSW Junior C'ships and I expect there'll be plenty of Mingara shirts flying high all w'end. Unfortunately I won't be there as I'm on granpa duties in Bega but will post reports after each day. Good luck everyone!!



NSW Country C'ships 2017/18

Hi folks, here’s the report on the 2017/18 ANSW Country C’ships held at the Kerryn McCann Centre in Wollongong this past w’end. Mingara had the most entrants at 73, easily the best, brightest, most colourful, and noticeable uniform, the loudest and most enthusiastic supporters and the most AWESOME support crew in Cheryl Ann and Greg Rowe.

As you will read, there were numerous club records and Country C’ship records set and some truly awe-inspiring performances by many of our athletes and especially our 8 relay teams. As is the usual case, I’m a tad loathe to point out individual performances though the Relay teams, those that set NEW Country C’ship records and Club Records of which there are heaps,and the mighty, mighty Mo Stubbs deserve mention. Stubbsie entered 13 events in the M70+ and came home with a medal in each and every event! There hardly seemed 5 minutes between events when we didn’t see ‘the Mo shuffle’ on the Track, or jumping something, or throwing something in the Field. Ken Mo Stubbs, you are a bloody Champion of the highest magnitude.

This is easily the longest, most challenging, most pleasurable and comprehensive report I’ve prepared in the last few years. I hope everyone that bothers to read it receives as much enjoyment as I did compiling it. Here’s the full list of results and, hopefully, I’ve not missed anyone’s performances or made a mistake with your times/distances/heights and recorded them as New Club Records if they were set.

Congratulations to all and I’m 99.99% confident we retained the prestigious and fiercely contested Hooper Cup. The proper result should be out in a day or two so here’s hoping!!


Aanika_Milne_winning_the_W30-39-100m_Angie_Jones_far_right Aanika_crossing_the_line_30m_in-_front Allanah_Pitcher_and_Joel_Kemp_Racewalking Angela_Jones-Krystal_Warn-Tonia_Brooks_R_to_L. Angie_Jones_in_the_W30-39_Long_Jump

Women U12

CorabellaPapalexion(7) 2nd U9 2kg Shot Put 3.41m, 4th 100m 22.38
Sienna Pitcher (9) 2nd U15 1500m Walk 8:19.84, 1st U16 1500m 5:52.27, 2nd 800m 2:55.00

Women U13
Marianne Papalexion(10) 5th 1kg Discus 9.15m, 7th 100m 15.24*, 3rd 500g Javelin 6.68m*, 2nd 1500m 5:41.96, 5th 200m 32.18, 4th 800m 2:47.90

Women U14
Tori Robertson 1st 76.2cm Hurdles 13.22***, 2nd 200m Hurdles 33.31*, 4th 100m 13.96, 3rd 500g Javelin 17.87m*, 6th 200m 29.03, 3rd Long Jump 4.47m
Hayley Corduroy 1st High Jump 1.52m*, 1st Long Jump 4.73m*
Izabella Dunne 1st U16 1500m Walk 7:30.72, 8th 100m 15.82

Women U15
Ashley Pernecker 8th 3kg Shot Put 6.23m, 2nd U16 3000m 11:24.37, 3rd Triple Jump 9.32m, 6th 1kg Discus 18.12m, 2nd 1500m 5:02.81*, 8th 400m 1:05.81, 2nd U16 2000m Steeple 8:03.56*, 11th 200m 28.56, 3rd 800m 2:26.02, 5th High Jump 1.40m*
Jade Beavan 5th 100m 13.17*, qual 7th 200m 27.03 didn’t run final
Allanah Pitcher (14) 1stU18 3000m Walk 13:55.48***, 5th 1500m 5:12.91

Women U16
Ella Robertson 4th 76.2cm Hurdles 20.07, 3rd 1500m Walk 8:38.67, 6th 500g Javelin 13.53m
2nd 4x100m Relay 54.31 Hayley Corduroy, Tori Robertson, Ashley Pernecker, Jade Beavan

Women U17
Jezebel Navusolo 1st 100m 12.49, 1st 200m 25.80, 1st Triple Jump 10.37m (Jez already has National Qualifiers in all 3 events)

Women U18
Hannah Regan 2nd 100m 12.75, 4th 200m 26.91
Isabella Jones 3rd 1500m 6:12.68,5th 400m 1:09.84, 6th 200m 31.18, 5th 800m 2:57.79, 4th Long Jump 3.54m

Women U20
Rachael Mortell 3rd 84cm 100m Hurdles 17.33, 2nd 400m Hurdles 1:12.88*

Cam_Cheney_MU15_Long_Jump Charlie_Brooks_M_Open_Steeplechase Izabella_Dunne_and_Greg_Rowe_Racewalking John_Wall_winning_the_M70100m_Mo_Stubbs_3rd Julie_Peksis_in_one_of_her_many_runs

Women Open

Shelby Botfield-Mohr 3rd 4kg Hammer 25.80m, 5th 1 kg Discus 25.18m, 2nd 600g Javelin 31.67m*
Krystal Warn 4th 4kg Hammer 20.83m, 7th 1 kg Discus 24.18m, 9th 4kg Shot Put 7.49m, 5th 600g Javelin 16.02m
Bronte Carroll 3rd 100m 12.48, 3rd 200m 26.03
Lauren Keating 4th 100m 12.79, 4th 200m 26.95
Tonia Brooks 2nd 1kg Discus* 42.31m**, 3rd 4kg Shot Put 10.63m*
1st 4x100m Relay 50.18* Lauren Keating, Bronte Carroll, Hannah Regan, Jez Navusolo

Women 30-39
Angela Jones 2nd 4kg Shot Put 8.29m*, 3rd 4kg Hammer 19.16m*, 1st High Jump 1.35m, 1st 1kg Discus 34.18m*, 5th 100m 14.83, 3rd Triple Jump 8.49m, 4th Long Jump 3.82m, 2nd 600g Javelin 23.01m*
Aanika Milne 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles** 15.23***, 1st 100m 12.55
Melanie-Anne Trimboli 2nd 1500m 5:59.54, 3rd 800m 2:57.10
1st 4x100m Relay 55.02 Nicole Robinson, Nicky Kelly, Richelle Ingram, Aanika Milne
4th 4x100m Relay 1:03.89 Cherie Myers, January Jones, Sally Hunt, Angela Jones

Women 40-49
Nicole Robinson 3rd 4kg Shot Put 7.15m, 1st 76.2cm 80m Hurdles 14.73, 1st 100m 13.50, 1st Triple Jump 8.11m
Richelle Ingram 4th 1kg Discus 21.36m, 3rd 100m 13.87, 3rd Long Jump 3.46m, 2nd 200m 29.31
Cherie Myers 9th 1 kg Discus 11.49m, 7th 100m 16.13
Nicky Kelly 1st 1500m 5:42.89, 3rd 400m 1:08.00*

Women 50-59
January Jones 4th 3kg Shot Put 6.70m, 3rd 100m 14.77, 3rd Long Jump 3.28m, 2nd 400m 1:14.64, 3rd 200m 31.15, 6th 800m 3:36.81
Sally Hunt 1st 3000m 12:55.96, 1st 1500m 5:54.47, 3rd 400m 1:17.56, 2nd 800m 3:01.47
Julie Peksis 3rd 3000m 15:35.88, 9th 100m 17.71, 5th 1kg Discus 17.10m, 2nd 1500m 7:06.60, 6th 400m 1:24.01, 7th 200m 35.76, 3rd 800m 3:21.93
Bev Durston 7th 1kg Discus 13.45m, 8th 1:37.60, 8th 200m 42.60, 7th 800m 3:45.26

Men U12
Oliver Andrews-Bohringer(9) 2nd 750g Discus 22.26m*, 1st U11 3kg Shot Put 7.83m*, 1st 800m 2:55.73
Nathan Kelly (10) 7th Long Jump 3.51m, 6th 100m 15.25*, 5th MU13 200m 32.50*

Men U13
Spencer Andrews-Bohringer 3rd 1kg Discus 17.85m, 7th U16 3000m 11:45.61*, 6thLong Jump 3.65m, 4th 1500m 5:49.46, 3rd 800m 2:48.44
Dion Papalexion 8th Long Jump 2.92m, 8th 100m 16.22
Chris Rae 4th 1kg Discus 15.96m, 4th Long Jump 3.86m, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 6.51m, 2nd 100m 13.71, 4th 200m 29.16*

Men U14
TimoLeseberg 5th Long Jump 3.79m, 12th 100m 16.06, 11th 1500m 6:11.83, 9th 200m 33.63, 6th 800m 2:48.65

Men U15
Samuel Liddell 4th U16 3000m 10:45.29, 2nd 1500m 4:47.99, 3rd 800m 2:24.99
Cameron Cheney 3rd 4kg Hammer 20.20m, 2nd 700g Javelin 31.47m, 3rd Long Jump 4.07m, 5th 4kg Shot Put 8.10m, 7th 100m 14.99, 5th 200m 31.65, 2nd Triple Jump 8.01m, 4th 1kg Discus 25.74m

Men U16
Cameron Steer 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles 14.88***, 2nd 700g Javelin 32.16m, 1st 100m* 11.35**, 2nd 200m 23.57
Sean Rae 2nd 200m Hurdles 32.97*, 2nd U17 400m Hurdles 1:10.01*, 3rd 1500m 4:39.77, 4th 800m 2:14.54
Tom Herbert 4th 400m 54.73
Riley O’Neill 1st 1kg Discus 43.17m
Joel Kemp (15) 1st U17 3000m Walk 14:19.99***
1st 4x100m relay 50.70 Chris Rae, Sean Rae, Tom Herbert, Cameron Steer

Men U17
Harley Simity 1st 5kg Hammer 36.28m, 3rd 1.5kg Discus 31.25m

Men U18
Ben Denham 4thMOpen 100m 11.15, 10thMOpen 200m 23.41
Jason Kovacs 7th 200m 26.89

Men U20
Jack Smith 15th Open 100m 11.90
Jye Kovacs 6th 100m 11.41, 2nd Long Jump 5.99m, 5th 200m 23.72

Jye-Kovacs_Nicky-K_Lauren-Keating_Shaz L-R_Ben-Denham_Jack-V-T_Jack-Smith_Nick-P_Mark-Rae_Nicky-Kelly_Nicole-Robinson_Shaz_McAbs L-R_Tom-Herbert_Sean-Rae_Cam-Steer_Chris-Rae_victorious_MU16_4100m_Relay Nick_Papalexion_in_the_M40-49_400m_Hurdles Nicky_The-Gazelle_Kelly_in_the_1500m

Men Open

Charlie Brooks 1st 5000m 16:16.03, 5th 1500m 4:28.39, 1st 3000m Steeple 10:52.77, 6th 800m 2:14.54
Chris Lill 16th 100m 12.06, 2nd Long Jump 5.97m
Kevin Tuene 4th Long Jump 5.40m
Matt Winsor 4th 100m 11.07, 4th 200m 22.51
Jack Vane-Tempest 8th 100m 11.33, 5th 200m 22.54
Hillary Dube 9th 100m 14.40 (injured during race)
Andrew Land 1st 1500m 4:11.19
3rd 4x100m Relay 44.73 Jye Kovacs, Matt Winsor, Jack Vane-Tempest, Jack Smith

Men 30-39
Will Connors 2nd 7.26kg Shot Put 8.03m, 1st 7.26kg Hammer 28.49m*, 1st 800g Javelin 33.82m, 3rd Long Jump 3.62m*, 4th High Jump 1.30m, 2nd 2kg Discus 28.36m*
Paul Cummins 1stMOpen 400m50.53*, 6thMOpen 200m 22.57* (records set as a 30-34yr old)
1st 4x100m Relay 47.05*** Jason Cheney, Paul Cummins, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid
3rd 4x100m Relay 52.88 Steve Smith, Nicholas Papalexion, Paul Kelaher, Mark Rae

Men 40-49
Mark Rae 4th 7.26kg Shot Put 8.47m, 6th 13.08, 4th 800g Javelin 33.89m, 5th Long Jump 4.31m, 7th 200m 28.44, 4th 2kg Discus 24.79m
Paul Kelaher 8th Long Jump 3.45m, 3rd High Jump 1.25m, 4th 1500m 5:07.31, 4th 400m 1:01.01, 10th 200m 30.88, 2nd 800m 2:20.44
Jason Cheney 5th 7.26kg Shot Put 8.26m, 2nd 7.26kg Hammer 22.24m, 3rd 100m 12.44, 6thMOpen Long Jump 5.03m, 7th 800g Javelin 28.19m, 1st Long Jump 4.74m, 3rd 200m 25.92, 2nd 2kg Discus 26.98m, 1st Triple Jump 8.80m
Matt Dunne =2nd Long Jump 4.60m, 2nd 1500m 4:46.91, 6th 400m 1:02.47
Nicholas Papalexion 1st 400m Hurdles 1:17.72, 7th 400m 1:02.55, 9th 200m 29.49, 4th 800m 2:31.29


Ernie Leseberg 1st 100m* 11.40***, 11thMOpen 200m 23.44, 1st 200m 23.44***
George Papalexion 5th 800g Javelin 32.23m, 10th 400m 1:06.65, 9th 100m 13.39

Men 50-59
Greg Rowe 6th 6kg Shot Put 7.08m, 3rd 6kg Hammer 20.42m, 1st 3000m Walk 21:13.15, 6th 1.5kg Discus 19.57m, 7th 100m 17.45, 6th Long Jump 2.72m, 6th 200m 38.31
Mark Byfield 2nd 5000m 20:22.15
Brett Reid 2nd 100m 12.86, 2nd Long Jump 3.94m, 3rd 200m 27.51
Steve Smith 6th 100m 13.55, 4th Long Jump 3.86m, 5th 200m 28.87

Men 60-69
Gavin Murray 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.98m, 1st 5kg Hammer 40.45m***, 1st 1kg Discus 44.02m, 2nd 600g Javelin 28.33m
Mike Randall 2nd 1500m 5:22.48, 2nd 400m 1:07.98, 1st 800m 2:35.27

Geoff Crumpton 3rd5kg Shot Put 9.18m, 2nd Open 7.26kg Hammer 19.61m, 4th 5kg Hammer 27.94m, 7th 7.26kg Open Shot Put 6.71m, 4th 1kg Discus 27.58m, 4th 100m 20.79, 4th 600g Javelin 23.44m, 3rd Long Jump 1.85m

Men 70+
Ken Stubbs 3rd 4kg Shot Put 8.74m, 2nd 4kg Hammer 24.81m, 2nd 3000m 19:37.35, 1st 1kg Discus 24.39m, 3rd 100m 19.33, 3rd 500g Javelin 22.66m, 1st Long Jump 2.63m, 2nd 1500m 8:50.01, 2nd 400m 1:38.89*, 3rd 2000m Steeple 13:59.04, 2nd 200m 43.21, 1st 800m 4:04.20*, 1st High Jump 0.90m
John Wall 1st 100m 13.83***

*Club Records
**National Qualifiers
***Country C’ship records

Sienna-Pitcher_leading_Ella-Robertson_Racewalking Super_Sally-Hunt The_Great-Ken-Mo-Stubbs Team_Photo_1 Team_Photo_2

New ANSW Country Championship Records set by Mingara athletes

Tori Robertson 1st 76.2cm Hurdles 13.22
Allanah Pitcher (14) 1st U18 3000m Walk 13:55.48
Aanika Milne 1st 84cm Hurdles 15.23
Joel Kemp (13) 1st U17 3000m Walk 14:19.99
Cameron Steer 1st 84cm 100m Hurdles 14.88
1st 4x100m Relay 47.05Jason Cheney, Paul Cummins, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid
Ernie Leseberg 1st 100m 11.40, 1st 200m 23.44
Gavin Murray 1st 5kg Hammer 40.45m
John Wall 1st 100m 13.83

Central Coast athletes

Keira Callaghan WU10 1st Long Jump 3.18m, 1st U9 100m 16.02, 1st 200m 32.44, 1st 800m 2:48.75
Azarliah Grant WU10 2nd 100m 16.20, 2nd 200m 33.52, 2nd 800m 2:50.04
Sarah Grant U9 2nd U12 1500m 5:57.75, 1st 800m 2:59.61
William Hunter MU12 6th 750g Discus 14.36m, 2nd U11 3kg Shot Put 5.61m, 3rd Long Jump 2.73m
Nicholas Bignall MU17 2nd 5kg Hammer 27.57m, 2nd 6kg Shot Put 11.61m, 1st 1.5kg Discus 40.03m
David Bignall M40-49 2nd 7.26kg Shot Put 10.02m, 2nd 7.26kg Open Shot 9.90m, 2nd Open 800g Javelin 39.07m, 1st 800g Javelin 41.03m
Jessica Hunter WU13 2nd 1kg Discus 24.60m, 1st 500g Javelin 16.49m, 8th 400m 1:17.83, 3rd Long Jump 3.64m, 2nd 3kg Shot Put 7.19m
Kelly Hunter W40-49 1st 4kg Hammer 21.74m, 3rd High Jump 1.10m, 1st 1kg Discus 41.05m, 1stWOpen 1kg Discus 42. 45m, 4thWOpen 4kg Shot Put 10.59m, 3rdWOpen 600g Javelin 26.87m, 1st 600g Javelin 28.34m
Joshua Farrant MU14 2nd 4kg Discus 30.15m, 2nd 4kg Shot Put 9.05m, 2nd 600g Javelin 24.85m
Lachlan Gunn MU14 5th 4kg Discus 20.39m, 9th Long Jump 3.44m, 8th 4kg Shot Put 8.41m, 13th 100m 16.50, 4th 600g Javelin 20.37m, 10th 200m 35.30, 3rd Triple Jump 7.15m
Kynan Johnson MU14 8th 1kg Discus 16.91m, 5th 76.2cm 90m Hurdles 17.71, 2nd 76.2cm Hurdles 80m 17.11, 3rd Long Jump 3.98m, 11th 100m 15.60, 6th 600g Javelin 17.88m
Jarryd Walter MU20 2nd 6kg Hammer 20.95m, 3rd 6kg Shot Put 10.08m, 3rd 700g Javelin 46.39m, 3rd Long Jump 5.98m
Sophie Daniel WU153rd 3kg Shot Put 6.68m, 14th 100m 15.65, 5th 1kg Discus 20.65m, 15th 200m 34.69
Katie Gunn WU162nd 3kg Shot Put 8.39m, 1st Triple Jump 10.51m, 1st 100m 12.48, 4th 1kg Discus 18.01m, 1st 200m 25.84, 5th 500g Javelin 20.39m, 1st Long Jump 5.52m
Ethan Jeffrey MU15 1st 84cm Hurdles 21.64m, 2nd 4kg Hammer 27.43m, 4th 700g Javelin 25.18m, 1st Long Jump 4.56m, 3rd 1kg Discus 34.01m
Brittany Williams WOpen2nd 84cm Hurdles 24.22, 9th 100m 14.28, 2nd High Jump 1.25m
Chloe Daniel U17 2nd 3000m 14:00.46, 8th 100m 14.19, 3rd 1500m 6:34.91, 8th 400m 1:18.14, 7th 800m 3:19.01
Tyler Gunn U20 2nd6kg Shot Put 11.73m, 2nd 700g Javelin 46.74m, 1st 100m 10.73, 1st 400m 49.55
Jai Callaghan MU12 1st Long Jump 4.53m, 2nd 100m 14.15, 1st 200m 29.03, 1st 800m 2:28.63
Connor Gunn MU12 5th Long Jump 3.39m, 5th 100m 15.49, 5th 1500m 6:20.18, 5th 200m 32.95, 7th 800m 3:08.64
Kiarna Johnson WU14 11th 100m 16.57
Emily Gunn WOpen 7th 4kg Shot Put 8.42m, 4th 600g Javelin 21.96m

State Relays, Club C’ships and Treloar Shield

Hi folks, here’s a comprehensive summary of the Mingara Club’s simply AWESOME results so far in Season 2017/18. It covers State Relays, Club C’ships and Treloar Shield (SEE BELOW), 3 of the 4 team events upon which the club concentrates. Our results have been truly remarkable for a small non-Metro based club, despite our proximity to Sydney. Yes, we basically have outperformed, overall, all other Country-based clubs, which is due to our proximity though, it has to be stated and stated quite clearly, both Wollongong Clubs are no further away from the Sydney venues than is Mingara and we leave them far, far, FAR behind. Our collective, and individual, results are testament to the ability, talent, determination, commitment and club loyalty displayed by so many of our Junior, Open and Masters athletes, their parents and supporters.

Treloar Shield Juniors

Now, for the BIG one, the NSW Country C’ships. With only 2.5 days in which to enter, we currently have some 50 athletes willing to give up part, or all, of their Australia Day w’end to compete for their club. This is fantastic news and gives us a more than even chance of retaining the Hooper Cup, which is awarded to the points score winner of these c’ships. We’ve won it for the past 3 consecutive years and I firmly believe we’ll retain it again for the 4th time this year in Wollongong. At the time of writing, we have athletes available to fill all 6 relay teams, the U16, Open and Masters 4x100m in both Men’s and Women’s, which is, once again, an enormous achievement. Naturally, being greedy but also wishing to see as many athletes compete at this MAJOR C’ship, I’d love heaps more to enter over this coming w’end. Entries close at 9am Monday morning so, come on, all who haven’t entered yet, but are thinking about it. Enter, support your club, support your fellow athletes, this is THE major Team-based Club competition of the year and is rated as highly at ANSW as any other competition.

The following lists are quite comprehensive so, bear with me as you read through them. They paint a simple, straightforward picture of how well Mingara is doing in comparison to the much larger and better funded Metro clubs.

Just by way of explanation and, unfortunately this is quite complicated and no-one, apart from those at ANSW who use it, completely understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, at the end of each round of the Treloar Shield, once the points are tallied, the club with the highest number on the day is allocated a ranking of 1. The 2nd highest pointscoring club is allocated 2, the third highest is 3, and so on until the lowest score. At the end of the season, regardless of how many points the club tallied, it’s the weekly rankings that determine the Overall standings. Therefore, you will notice the 3rd and 4th clubs, in the Overall standings, both scored more points than the 2nd placed club, however, on the weekly totals, Syd Uni achieved, by virtue of the ridiculously unfair x4 weighting allocated to points scored in Open events, higher rankings thus they finished 2nd overall.

What is blindingly evident, however, is that Mingara is one of the few clubs to have athletes competing in ALL 3 areas, Juniors, Opens and Masters, an achievement of which we can all be extremely proud.

Cheers and looking forward to Mingara SMASHING everyone at the Country C’ships over the Australia Day long w’end.


State Relays

Junior State Relays Overall

Boys Girls Total Place
Norths 194 217 411 1st
Trinity 249 0 249 2nd
S’land 47 190 237 3rd
Westfields 129 95 224 4th
C’town 76 135 211 5th
St George 33 112 155 6th
C’brook 75 78 153 7th
Illawong 38 113 151 8th
Asics 69 78 146 9th
Bankstown 92 22 114 13th
Ryde 22 121.5 143.5 10th
Armidale 70 71 141 11th
Mingara 52 72 124 12th

Opens State Relays Overall
Boys Girls Total Place
Syd Uni 134 197 331 1st
Norths 171 150 321 2nd
I’wong 59 47 106 3rd
C’town 43 57 100 4th
Wests 51 36.5 87.5 5th
C’brook 29 47 73 6th
Armidale 55 12 67 7th
Mingara 30 36 66 8th
Syd Pac 21 19 40 9th
UNSW 18 8 26 10th
IBS 20 5 25 11th
St G 0 25 25 11th

Masters State Relays Overall
Boys Girls Total Place
Norths 202 135 337 1st
Mingara 168 131 319 2nd
Hills 123 62 185 3rd
AEast 55 42 97 4th
Syd Pac 54 41 95 5th
I’wong 34 57 91 6th
Armidale 69 0 69 7th
IBS 45 20 65 8th
Balmain 37 0 37 9th
Mounties 36 0 36 10th
S’land 31 0 31 11th
G’ween 31 0 31 11th

State Relays Overall Placings
Juniors Opens Masters Total Place
Norths 411 321 337 1069 1st
Mingara 124 66 319 509 2nd
Syd Uni 0 331 0 331 3rd
C’town 211 100 0 311 4th
S’land 237 19.5 31 287.5 5th
Armidale 141 67 69 283 6th
Wests 146 87.5 30 263.5 7th
Trinity 249 0 0 249 8th
C’brook 153 73 0 226 9th
W’fields 224 0 0 224 10th
B’town 114 20 0 114 11th

Club Championships

Junior State Club C’ships Overall 44 clubs
Boys Girls Total Place
C’town 483 644 1127 1st
C’brook 545.5 502 1047.5 2nd
Norths 309 639 948 3rd
Mingara 593.5 314 907.5 4th
Trinity 838 0 838 5th
Wests 244 525 769 6th
Hills 166.5 364 530.5 7th
St George 158 354 512 8th
Bankstown 364 120 484 9th
Illawong 225 258 483 10th

Opens State Club C’ships Overall 26 clubs
Boys Girls Total Place
Syd Uni 427 486 913 1st
Norths 238 141 379 2nd
Illawong 100 108 238 3rd
Wests 93.5 109 202.5 4th
Bankstown 87 101 188 5th
C’town 112 35 147 6th
C’brook 59 77 136 7th
UNSW 78 44 122 8th
Syd Pac 71 42 113 9th
S’land 48 43 91 10th
Mingara 0 32 32 16th

Masters State Club C’ships Overall 34 clubs
Boys Girls Total Place
Norths 798 556 1354 1st
Mingara 519 113 632 2nd
Balmain 590 0 590 3rd
Epping 119 397 516 4th
Masters 119 352 471 5th
Wests 340 114 454 6th
C’brook 155 299 454 6th
AEast 115 161 276 8th
Mounties 222 56 278 9th
Striders 236 30 266 10th

Overall State Club C’ships 50+ clubs
Jnrs Opens Master Total Place
Norths 948 379 1354 2681 1st
C’brook 1047.5 136 454 1637.5 2nd
Mingara 907.5 32 632 1571.5 3rd
Wests 769 202.5 454 1425.5 4th
C’town 1127 147 0 1274 5th
Syd Uni 0 913 0 913 6th
Trinity 838 0 0 838 7th
Illawong 483 238 0 721 8th
B’town 484 188 0 672 9th
Balmain 0 0 590 590 10th

Treloar Shield

Points Summary

Juniors Points Place
Asics 5274 1st
Norths 4610.83 2nd
Cherrybrook 4082.5 3rd
Campbelltown 3952 4th
Trinity 3503.83 5th
Hills 2305 6th
Bankstown 2215.5 7th
Westfields 2145.5 8th
Sydney Pacific 1727.5 9th
Mingara 1644.5 10th

Opens with x4 weighting (instead of 30pts for a 1st, in Opens you are awarded 120pts!)
Sydney Uni 9440 1st
Norths 7544 2nd
Asics 6960 3rd
Cherrybrook 4418 4th
Syd Pac 3362 5th
Uni NSW 3240 6th
C’town 3232 7th
Bankstown 2520 8th
Illawong 2448 9th
Sutherland 2356 10th
Mingara 784 18th
Trinity 656 20th

Norths 6628 1st
Mingara 2129 2nd
Asics 1994 3rd
Balmain 1099 4th
Aths East 992 5th
Syd Pac 983 6th
NSW Masters 878 7th
C’brook 811 8th
Epping 692 9th
Mounties 690 10th

Overall Treloar Shield (with x4 weighting for Opens plus tally for Juniors and Masters)
Norths 18,782.33 1st
Asics 8,203 2nd
Syd Uni 10,576 3rd
C’brook 9,311.50 4th
Syd Pac 6,248.50 5th
Bankstown 5,124.50 6th
C’town 7,304 7th
Illawong 4,470 8th
Mingara 4,583.50 9th
Trinity 4,243.83 10th

Overall without x4 weighting for Opens
Norths 13124.5 1st
Asics 9008 2nd
C’brook 5998 3rd
C’town 4880 4th
Mingara 3969.5 5th
Trinity 3,667.83 6th
Syd Pac 3551 7th
Bankstown 3153.5 8th
Hills 3043 9th
Illawong 2630 10th


Geoff Crumpton Athletics reports 2018 (1)

Hi folks, whilst a few of us were at SOPAC for Treloar last Saturday, a few hardy individuals travelled to Dubbo for the 41st edition of their New Year's Carnival. With temperatures soaring into the low 40s, Dubbo had their sprinklers out, plenty of shade awnings and lots and lots of water available. Thankfully, apart from January Jones getting a dash of sunburn with her incredibly fair skin, all appear to have survived!

Here's the results and I thank Dubbo Athletics for publishing results per athlete as well as per event. The amount of time saved is enormous!

January Jones W50+ 1st 100m 14.79, 1st 200m 30.46, 1st 400m 1:22.63, 2nd Long Jump 3.54m, 2nd Shot Put 6.99m, 2nd Javelin 14.02m

Ryan Vesper MU14 4th 200m 32.73, 2nd 400m 1:20.97, 1st 800m 2:57.13, 1st 1500m 5:54.45, 2nd 80m Hurdles 17.78, 3rd Long Jump 3.77m, 3rd Triple Jump 8.41m, 3rd High Jump 1.15m, 2nd 1kg Discus 20.59m, 4th 500g Javelin 15.28m

Congratulations to both January and Ryan for their brilliant efforts.


Hi folks, here’s the final report for this season’s Treloar Shield. We were fairly well represented across the 3 age Pennants and there were some outstanding results from many of our athletes. As I reported late in December, we were going very well in all 3 Pennants. Our Juniors (12-19yrs )were placed 10th out of 51 clubs and were far and away the leading Country-based club. Our Opens were our only ‘weak’ link for the simple reason we have so few athletes competing in this age group (20-29). They were placed 19th out of 33 clubs and third Country behind Illawarra Blue Stars and Macquarie Hunter. Masters, for those aged 30 and above, were comfortably placed in 2nd behind only UTS Norths, the largest and most well-funded club in the state. We were the leading Country Club by a long way. The updated Pennants tally wasn’t available when I wrote this report and I’ll post it as soon as I can. Suffice to say, on a preliminary count, I suspect neither the Juniors nor the Opens moved upwards or downwards, whilst I’m confident our Masters had a large enough points buffer to stay ahead of 3rd placed Asics Wests.

Congratulations to both Riley Grant and Gav Murray for their new Club records!!

Here’s the results and thankfully ANSW has published the ages so I can bring you the correct age result not just the overall place!

Ben Denham MU20 4th 100m 11.54, 4th 200m 23.22
Noah Rogers MOpen 17th 100m 11.93, 6th 400m 52.88
Jason Cheney M40-49 4th 100m 13.05, 1st 200m 25.62, 2nd 2kg Discus 26.25m, 2nd 7.26kg Hammer 21.47m
Cameron Cheney MU16 8th 100m 15.78, 8th 200m 31.48, 3rd 4kg Hammer 14.78m
John Wall M60+ 2nd 100m 15.85
Tom Herbert MU16 1st 400m 54.34
Riley Grant MU18 1st High Jump 1.80m*
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st 1kg Discus 42.18m, 1st 5kg Hammer 43.25m*
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 4th 100m 21.23, 3rd 1kg Discus 28.44m, 3rd 5kg Hammer 26.09m

Hannah Regan WU18 13th 100m 13.02, 12th 200m 27.04
Lauren Keating WOpen 7th 100m 13.11, 6th 200m 26.91
Julie Peksis W50-59 6th 100m 17.73, 3rd 200m 36.47, 2nd 400m 1:25.41
Ashley Pernecker WU16 9th 1500m 5:22.27, 13th 200m 28.10, 4th 400m 1:03.39
Jade Beaven WU16 12th 100m 13.63, 10th 200m 27.83


*Club Records

Hi folks, last one for today I promise, well I hope so anyway!! Our final, and most important Club competition, is the weekend after next.

The ANSW Country C'ships are being held in Wollongong, commencing Friday Jan 26th Australia Day, and concluding Sunday Jan 28th. So far, our entrant numbers are quite good but we need EVERYONE who is a registered club member to enter!!! I know it's a holiday w'end, and the end of the school holidays, however, those two relatively minor impediments aside (hahaha!!!), come to the Gong for a w'end of tremendous athletics!

Mingara has won the Hooper Cup for the past 3 consecutive years and it doesn't belong anywhere else! We're the best non-Metro club in the entire State and, retaining this incredibly prestigious trophy should be our main aim for the season. State Relays, Club Champs, Road Relays, Treloar Shield, all pale into comparison to the Country C'ship.

Wollongong's a terrific place to visit and it's only for a weekend. Enter as many events as you can, step outside your comfort zone, after all, the more events you enter, the more points gained by the club!

Cheers and I hope to see our entrant numbers EXPLODE in the next week and a half. Entries close next Monday Jan 22nd at 9am, so that only gives you 11 full days. Please don’t wait until the last minute, get your entries in now, book your accommodation and help retain the Hooper Cup!!



Treloar Shield (last)

Hi folks, here's the report from the last Treloar Shield Rd for this year, held over both venues at SOPAC last w'end. Mingara was brilliantly represented with one of, if not, the largest contingent of athletes this season.

Riley Grant MOpen 5th High Jump 1.75m
Cameron Cheney MU14 2nd 3kg Shot Put 9.74m*, 1st Triple Jump 7.87m, 1st Long Jump 3.75m, 1st 600g Javelin 30.44m, 77th MOpen 100m 15.65, 51st MOpen 200m 31.56
Gavin Murray M60+ 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.76m, 1st 1kg Discus 43.14m, 1st 5kg Hammer 39.77m, 1st 600g Javelin 30.48m
Jason Cheney M40-49 1st 2kg Discus 23.86m, 1st 7.26kg, 3rd 100m 12.58, Hammer 17.97m, 1st Triple Jump 9.44m, 2nd Long Jump 5.02m, 1st 800g Javelin 31.56m, 2nd 200m 25.45
Chris Rae MU14 3rd 1kg Discus 16.83m, 71st MOpen 100m 14.12*, 49th MOpen 200m 29.71
Zac Martin MOpen 4th 1500m 4:06.90*, 29th 400m 54.82
Sean Rae MOpen 23rd 1500m 4:39.73, 29th 800m 2:12.76
Noah Rogers MOpen 16th 400m 51.39, 5th 110m Hurdles 15.10
Tom Herbert MOpen 28th 400m 54.15, 29th 800m 2:12.76
Nicholas PapalexionMOpen 42nd 400m 1:03.85, 39th 2:31.81
Ikey Allen MU14 2nd 90m Hurdles 14.54*, 68th MOpen 100m 13.98
Jye Kovacs MOpen 29th 100m 11.75
Jason Kovacs MOpen 56th 100m 12.79
Kaya ArditaMOpen 31st 100m 11.76, 18th 200m 23.44
Jakob Madden MU18 2000m Steeple 6:46.61
Geoff Crumpton M60+ 3rd 5kg Shot Put 8.70m, 2nd 1kg Discus 18.92m, 3rd 5kg Hammer 25.66m, 2nd 600g Javelin 20.21m, 4th 100m 21.62

Bess Chippendale WOpen 5th 400m 57.18*, 18th 200m 26.54
Jacqueline O'Neill WOpen 15th 400m 1:01.35, 24th 200m 26.96
Marianne PapalexionWOpen 30th 400m 1:11. 44, 21st 2:47.72, 64th 100m 16.05, 48th 200m 32.19
Julie PeksisWOpen 35th 400m 1:23.01, 24th 800m 3:18.88, 55th 200m 36.72
Ashley PerneckerWOpen 8th 800m 2:22.87
Tori Robertson WU14 80m Hurdles 13.43, 49th WOpen 100m 14.33
Lauren Keating WOpen 22nd 100m 13.08, 19th 200m 26.59
Jez NavusoloWOpen 10th 200m 25.97*

Congratulations to everyone, but especially Chris Rae, Ikey Allen, Cameron Cheney, Zac Martin, Bess Chippendale and Jez Navusolo for their new club records.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year to all,


*Club Records

PS ANSW didn't post the ages of the competitors with these results so I was unable to give results in correct age groups, thus the MOpen and WOpen with results. In a couple of cases, mine included, I knew the ages so those results reflect the place in the correct age. I suspect we Masters may have caught and passed Asics after this Treloar as we appeared to have many more competitors than they did.

Treloar attendance Summary Season 2017/18.

Hi folks, I just had a quick look at my Treloar posts and last w'end was far and away the most competitors we've had at any of the other 5 meets this year. The only one to come close, and it had barely 50% of the numbers, was Treloar 1 with 16. Treloar 2 had 13, Treloar 3 had 11, Treloar 4 had 8 and Treloar 5 had 6.

A BRILLIANT effort so close to Christmas and everyone is to be congratulated for ensuring the best and most colorful club singlet was seen flying high all Saturday!!