Hi folks, here’s the report from last w’ends events at Bankstown, the NSW Multi-events C’ships and the Allcomers meets, and the ACT.

Sally Hunt Ken Stubbs

Hamish Hart MU16 2nd 1500m 4:21.43 (3rd overall!!)Andrew Land MOpen 32nd 5000m 16:11.20Mark Byfield M60-64 2nd 5000m 20:14.75*Ken Stubbs M75-59 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 1258pts*

January Jones W50-54 2nd Outdoor Pentathlon 1785ptsSally Hunt W55-59 1st 800m 2:53.72 (Missed her own club rcd by less than 0.05!!)

ACT Allcomers

Kelly Spencer WOpen 1st 400m Hurdles 1:03.86 (National Open qualifier!!)

*Club Records

ANSW Country C'ships - Day`s 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Day 1.

Hi folks, here’s the ANSW Country C’ships report. Before I begin, a huge bunch of praise must be given to Cheryl Ann and Greg Rowe, not only for their unabashed and unlimited love for the club and its people, but for their unflagging spirit, their amazing generosity and their team spirit. I’ve never known two people so willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure everyone they are associated with at this wonderful athletics club Mingara, be it parent, athlete, supporter or sibling, achieves their own goals. I personally cannot thank either of them enough and am even actually willing to give Greg the benefit of the doubt for being a Wests Tigers supporter, hahaha!!!

Now to the real athletics! What a superb team represented their club over 4 of the toughest days of competition I’ve been involved in for years. Even baking in the outfield at cricket had nothing on what we all experienced especially over the w’end. Saturday’s temperatures reached 46 degrees, which is a ridiculously high temperature in anyone’s language. Thankfully, the area in which Greg and Cheryl Ann pitched the tent did provide all of us with shade for the majority of the day which helped enormously.

The entire team performed superbly. From our littlest and youngest competitor Bryson Norris right the way through to the grand ‘old man’ of the team Ken Mo Stubbs, everyone gave their utmost to ensure Mingara had the best, possible chance of retaining the Hooper Cup, for the 5th year in a row! Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the points tally hadn’t been compiled so we don’t know yet if our lofty ambitions have been achieved. Whilst I can’t single out any one person for their performances, suffice to say, the amount of podium finishes achieved by the entire team will be hard to surpass in the coming years.

Special mention must go to Frank Overton and Lauren Richardson for the incredible results from their Racewalkers. All told there were 14 Walks events and their team placed in 10 of them with 9 Gold, 4 Silvers and a Bronze!!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the LWL coaches and their squad, the mighty Tominators, Team Momentum and their throwers, and Margaret and Robert Beardslee’s middle- and long-distance runners, for their superb effors.

The actual results speak for themselves as you can now read. These results are Day 1 only.

Ruby Mullane WU9 1st Shot Put 3.90m (Lily’s little sister!)

Corabella Papalexion WU9 3rd Shot Put 3.67m (George and Mel’s daughter)

Lily Mullane WU14 3rd U16 3kg Shot Put 10.53m*

Sienna Pitcher WU14 1st 1500m Walk 8:12.10

Tori Robertson WU15 5th 200m Hurdles 37.09

India Duguid WU15 1st 1500m Walk 7:43.83

Izabella Dunne WU16 1st 1500m Walk 7:35.40, 2nd WOpen 3000m Walk 16:40.14

Chloe McLoughlin WU16 1st U18 3000m Walk 16:39.39

Ashley Pernecker WU16 1st 2000m Steeplechase 7:55.72

Allanah Pitcher WU17 1st 3000m Walk 14:23.45

Hannah Bolton WU17 2nd 3000m Walk 15:26.91

Ella Robertson WU17 2nd 2000m Steeplechase 10:06.88*

Lilly-Anne Campbell WU18 3rd 4kg Shot Put 9.50m

Krystal Warn WOpen 8th 4kg Hammer 22.48m

Kelly Spencer WOpen 1st 400m Hurdles 1:04.54

Amy Walker WOpen 1st 3000m Walk 15:57.87

Aanika Milne W30-39 1st 400m Hurdles 1:16.14

George Wells MU14 1st 3kg Shot Put 15.27m*

Lincoln Markulin MU14 3rd 200m Hurdles 38.55, 3rd 1500m Walk 11:32.22, 3rd 3kg Shot Put 9.21m

Chris Rae MU14 4th 3kg Shot Put 8.96m

Timo Leseberg MU15 3rd 200m Hurdles 44.01


Day 2 ANSW Country C’ships Glendale Newcastle Jan 25th 2019

Corabella Papalexion WU9 8th 100m 21.63

Millie Godfrey WU9 2nd 800m 3:24.50 (Scott and Kerrie’s daughter)

Ruby Mullane WU9 5th 800m 3:40.14

Lily Mullane WU14 1st Hammer 26.25m*

Bella Steele-Minett WU14 9th 100m 15.75

Marianne Papalexion WU14 7th 800m 2:43.47

Hayley Corduroy WU15 1st High Jump 1.62m

Stella Norris WU15 8th 100m 15.67, 2nd 800m 2:30.16

Jade Beaven WU16 2nd 100m 12.85

Ashley Pernecker WU16 2nd 800m 2:19.85, 3rd High Jump 1.45m

Ava Zappia WU17 qual 9th 13.50 for 100m final, DNS Inj

Jez Navusolo WU18 1st 100m 12.38*

Lilly-Anne Campbell WU18 1st Hammer 26.89m

Hannah Regan WU20 4th 100m 13.16

Isabella Jones WU20 1st 800m 2:49.32, 3rd Long Jump 3.71m

Bronte Carroll WOpen 2nd 100m 12.22

Krystal Warn WOpen 13th Shot Put 6.44m

Jacqueline O’Neill WOpen 1st 800m 2:34.66

Nicole Robinson W40-49 1st 100m 13.35, 2nd Shot Put 7.75m

Nicky Kelly W40-49 2nd 800m 2:37.56

Karen Angell W50-59 3rd 100m 15.28

Sally Hunt W50-59 2nd 800m 2:53.66*

Julie Peksis W50-59 4th 800m 3:28.62

Bev Durston W50-59 5th 800m 3:35.87

Cherie Myers W50-59 5th 100m 16.78, 1st Shot Put 7.65m, 4th Long Jump 2.84m

Margaret Beardslee W60-69 1st 800m 3:20.59*

Callum McKendrick MU10 2nd 100m 17.13, 5th 800m 3:09.89 (Ryan and Dani’s son)

Bryson Norris MU10 3rd 100m 17.66, 3rd 800m 2:46.79*

Coen Godfrey MU12 4th 800m 2:54.30

Tahj Hamilton MU12 1st 100m 13.81*

Cooper Jones MU13 5th 100m 14.19

Chris Rae MU14 3rd 100m 13.66

Dion Papalexion MU14 7th 100m 15.62

Keenan White MU14 2nd 800m 2:31.68

Cooper Noble MU16 7th High Jump 1.50m

Cameron Cheney MU16 3rd Hammer 21.61m

Cameron Steer MU17 2nd 100m 11.28

Jarrod Smedley MU17 3rd 100m 11.63

Riley de Courcey Reginato MU17 7th 100m 12.01

Tom Herbert MU17 2nd 800m 2:03.47

Sean Rae MU17 6th 800m 2:07.42

Riley Grant MU18 1st High Jump 1.80m

Alexander Herford MOpen 4th Long Jump 6.40m

Josh Ross MOpen 1st 100m 10.57

Matt Winsor MOpen 5th 100m 11.14

Ryan McKendrick M30-39 3rd 800m 2:14.23*, 2nd Long Jump 5.25m*, 1st Shot Put 8.52m

Scott Godfrey M30-39 4th 800m 2:16.15

Jason Cheney M40-49 6th 100m 12.69, 2nd Long Jump 4.88m

Mark Rae M40-49 7th 100m 13.42, 3rd Long Jump 4.75m, 5th Shot Put 9.39m

Ernie Leseberg M40-49 7th Open 100m 11.36* (age record), 1st Age 100m 11.49, 2nd 800m 2:35.88

George Papalexion M40-49 8th 100m 13.95

Paul Kelaher M50-59 1st 800m 2:19.98, 6th Shot 8.27m

Brett Reid M50-59 2nd 100m 12.78

Greg Rowe M50-59 6th 100m 17.77, 6th Long Jump 2.62m, 10th Shot 6.61m

Steve Smith M50-59 4th 100m 13.50, 9th Shot 7.42m

Paul Carr M60-69 3rd 100m 14.05, 4th 800m 3:10.42, 4th Long Jump 3.99m, 4th Shot Put 8.27m

David Smith M60-69 1st 100m 13.51

Gavin Murray M60-69 1st Shot Put 11.48m

Geoff Crumpton M60-69 2nd Shot Put 9.03m

Mike Randall M60-69 3rd 800m 2:36.74

Ken Stubbs M70+ 3rd 100m 20.58, 1st 800m 4:40.17*, 1st Long Jump 2.40m*, 2nd Shot 8.05m*

John Wall M70+ 1st 100m 14.15

Ron Van Luyn M70+ 2nd 100m 14.60

314pts approx on Day 2. Combined total after 2 days is 507.


*Club Records


Day 3 results NSW Country C’ships Sat Jan 26th Glendale Newcastle

Ruby Mullane WU9 7th Long Jump 2.20m

Stella Norris WU14 9th 200m 32.25, 3rd Javelin 15.83m

Hayley Corduroy WU15 1st Long Jump 4.59m

Ashley Pernecker WU16 3rd Long Jump 4.73m, 7th Javelin 20.37m

Jade Beaven WU16 4th 200m 26.88

Ella Robertson WU17 8th 100m Hurdles 21.26, 8th Javelin 14.90m

Jez Navusolo WU18 1st 200m 26.08

Lilly-Ann Campbell WU18 1st Discus 28.27m

Bess Chippendale WU20 2nd 200m 27.82

Hannah Regan WU20 3rd 200m 27.94

Isabella Jones WU20 4th 200m 31.71

Aisling Young WU20 2nd Javelin 34.08m

Krystal Warn WOpen 9th Discus 22.34m

Bronte Carroll WOpen 1st 200m 24.78

Jacqueline O’Neill WOpen 5th 200m 27.49

Open 4x100m Relay 1st 49.62* Hannah Regan, Kelly Spencer, Bronte Carroll, Jez Navusolo

Aanika Milne W30-39 1st 200m 28.36

Ange Jones W30-39 2nd 100m Hurdles 21.59, 2nd Triple Jump 8.16m, 6th Open Discus 32.15m, 2nd Age Discus 33.34m

Dani McKendrick W30-39 5th Triple Jump 6.47m, 6th Discus 13.44m

Nicky Kelly W40-49 2nd 200m 30.69

Nicole Robinson W40-49 1st 80m Hurdles 15.65

Julie Peksis W50-59 6th 200m 39.01, 5th Discus 15.09m

Bev Durston W50-59 6th Discus 13.19m

Cherie Myers W50-59 5th 200m 37.91, 7th Discus 10.91m

Karen Angell W50-59 2nd 200m 32.40

W30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 56.32 Karen Angell, Nicky Kelly, Nicole Robinson, Aanika Milne

Bryson Norris MU9 2nd 200m 36.34, 2nd Long Jump 2.81m

Callum McKendrick MU9 3rd 200m 38.70, 3rd Long Jump 2.57m

Cooper Jones MU13 5th 200m 29.85

Lincoln Markulin MU14 2nd 90m Hurdles 17.50, 1st Javelin 25.99m

Chris Rae MU14 3rd 200m 28.04, 4th Long Jump 4.16m

Cameron Cheney MU16 9th 200m 29.50, 6th Long Jump 4.71m, 2nd Javelin 39.87m

Cooper Noble MU16 9th Long Jump 4.31m

Jarrod Smedley MU16 3rd 200m 24.43

Tom Herbert MU16 6th 200m 25.13

MU16 4x100m Relay 3rd 54.80 Chris Rae, Gabe Scott, Cameron Cheney, Hayley Corduroy

Cameron Steer MU17 2nd Long Jump 6.21m

Riley Grant MU18 2nd Long Jump 6.47m

Matt Winsor MOpen 5th 22.69

Paul Cummings MOpen 7th 200m 23.09

Ben Denham MOpen 13th 200m 24.40

Open 4x100m Relay 2nd 43.72 Cameron Steer, Enzi Dube, Matt Winsor, Taine Petersen

Ryan McKendrick M30-39 2nd Triple Jump 11.02m, 1st Discus 22.74m

Olly Milne M30-39 3rd 200m 29.24

Jason Cheney M40-49 6th Open Discus 28.11m, 5th Age Discus 25.85m, 3rd 200m 26.92

Ernie Leseberg M4-49 1st 200m 23.59

Mark Rae M40-49 6th Discus 25.35m, 5th 200m 28.81

Brett Reid M50-59 2nd 200m 26.87

Steve Smith M50-59 3rd 200m 28.68

Paul Kelaher M50-59 4th 200m 28.75

Greg Rowe M50-59 5th 200m 39.71

Gavin Murray M60-69 1st Discus 34.73m

Geoff Crumpton M60-69 2nd Discus 28.18m, 3rd Javelin 25.16m

Paul Carr M60-69 2nd 200m 29.27, 1st 90m Hurdles 18.66*, 2nd Triple Jump 7.77m, 4th Discus 19.66m, 1st Javelin 27.57m

Ken Stubbs M70+ 1st Discus 20.74m

John Wall M70+ 1st 200m 29.15

Rob Van Luyn M70+ 2nd 200m 31.50

M30+ 4x100m Relay 1st 46.94* Paul Cummings, Jason Cheney, Ernie Leseberg, Brett Reid

M30+ 4x100m Relay 2nd 51.94 Paul Carr, Steve Smith, Olly Milne, Mark Rae

M30+ 4x100m Relay 6th 1:00.34 Rob van Luyn, Paul Kelaher, Greg Rowe, John Wall


*Club Records

293pts approx. Approx cumulative total 796pts


Day 4 results NSW Country C’ships Sat Jan 26th Glendale Newcastle

Corabella Papalexion WU9 8th Discus 7.91m

Sienna Pitcher WU13 2nd 1500m 5:42.51, 8th Discus 11.16m

Lily Mullane WU14 1st Discus 32.79m, 3rd WU16 Discus 35.46m* (12yrs Rcd)

Marianne Papalexion WU14 8th 400m 1:13.58, 5th 1500m 6:23.32

Hayley Corduroy WU15 1st Triple Jump 10.01m

Ashley Pernecker WU16 2nd 400m 59.65*, 1st 1500m 5:04.51, 1st 3000m 10:52.51*

Stella Norris WU16 4th 400m 1:12.72, 1st 1500m 5:16.50, 2nd 3000m 10:57.84

Ella Robertson WU17 2nd 3000m 14:04.81

Jez Navusolo WU18 1st Triple Jump 11.65m*

Isabella Jones WU20 5th 400m 1:10.53

Kelly Spencer WOpen 1st 400m 58.55

Bess Chippendale WU20 2nd Open 400m 59.13

Jacqueline O’Neill WOpen 4th 400m 1:00.90

Dani McKendrick W30-39 5th Javelin 10.86m

Bev Durston W50-59 4th 1500m 7:36.37, 1st 3000m 15:22.11, 4th Javelin 13.65m

Cherie Myers W50-59 2nd High Jump 1.10m

Julie Peksis W50-59 4th 400m 1:29.07, 3rd 1500m 7:20.28, 3rd 3000m 15:39.39

Sally Hunt W50-59 2nd 400m 1:16.98, 1st 1500m 5:58.24*

Margaret Beardslee W60-69 2nd 1500m 6:57.45*, 2nd 3000m 14:16.42*

Bryson Norris MU10 5th U16 3000m 12:01.95*, 3rd U12 1500m 5:31.21, 7th U14 400m 1:22.98

Coen Godfrey MU12 4th 1500m 5:48.85

Spencer Andrews-Bohringer MU14 6th U16 3000m 12:10.22

Keenan White MU14 1st 1500m 4:58.07

George Wells MU14 1st Discus 42.89m*

Chris Rae MU14 4th Discus 19.58m

Lincoln Markulin MU14 6th Discus 17.32m

Vincent Williams MU15 2nd 1500m 4:51.47

Timo Leseberg MU15 6th 400m 1:14.47

Cooper Noble MU16 4th Triple Jump 10.21m

Cameron Cheney MU16 6th 400m 1:09.67, 5th Triple Jump 9.91m, 4th Discus 25.49m, 3rd Open Javelin 38.81m**

Sam Liddell MU16 2nd 3000m 10:05.58

Tom Herbert MU17 4th 400m 53.74, 1st Triple Jump 10.90m

Sean Rae MU17 3rd 1500m 4:26.20

Jakob Madden MU18 2nd Open 1500m 4:05.35

Zac Martin MU18 3rd 400m 55.49, 4th Open 1500m 4:08.72

Terry Mihellis MU20 5th Open 1500m 4:11.51

Charlie Kaparakis MU20 7th Open 1500m 4:17.50

Andrew Land MOpen 8th 1500m 4:18.15

Craig Cameron MOpen 1500m Pacemaker DNF

Paul Cummings MOpen 2nd 400m 50.65

Matt Winsor MOpen 4th 400m 51.23

Ryan McKendrick M30-39 2nd 1500m 4:37.36, 2nd High Jump 1.50m*, 1st Javelin 36.25m*

Scott Godfrey M30-39 1st 1500m 4:36.60*, 1st 5000m 18:00.97

Mark Rae M40-49 4th High Jump 1.35m

Jason Madden M40-49 2nd 400m 1:06.86

Paul Kelaher M50-59 3rd 400m 1:01.75, 1st 1500m 4:55.22, 7th Javelin 22.93m

Greg Rowe M50-59 9th Javelin 13.84m

Mark Byfield M50-59 2nd 5000m 20:28.76

Steve Smith M50-59 4th 400m 1:07.49

Michael Randall M60-69 2nd 400m 1:08.92, 2nd 1500m 5:23.21

Paul Carr M60-69 3rd 400m 1:10.62, 4th 1500m 7:23.44

Ken Stubbs M70+ 1st High Jump 0.90m*, 1st Javelin 21.86m*


Approx 319pts. Approx cumulative total for the 4 days by my reckoning is 1115pts. In my opinion of we don’t win the Hooper Cup based on that total, I can’t count!!

*Club Records

**Open record set by 15yr old Cameron is counted as he threw the 800g Open weight implement.

Hi folks, Mingara and Central Coast athletes were in action from Newcastle to Canberra, the Illawarra to Bendigo this past w’end. Here’s the results from all venues.

NSW 60m and Mile C’ships Beaton Park Wollongong

Cherie Myers W50-54 60m C’ship 1st 10.32, Illawarra Blue Stars 60m 1st 10.06, 100m 1st W50-54 16.82 Jez Navusolo WU18 3rd 12.50

Ben Denham MU20 100m 4th 11.49Geoff Crumpton M65-59 60m C’ship 1st 13.34, IBS 60m 1st 16.72, 5kg Shot Put 8.44m

Newcastle All Comers

Tori Robertson WU16 1st 90m Hurdles 14.18*, 1st 100m 13.68, 3rd 200m 29.47Stella Norris WU16 2nd 800m 2:38.04, 2nd 400g Javelin 20.78mSally Hunt W55-59 1st 800m 2:59.94*, 1st 200m 37.23

Ikey Allen MU16 1st 100m Hurdles 15.39, 5th 100m 13.63Bryson Norris MU10 1st 800m 2:52.27, 1st 200m 37.52, 1st 5000m 23:03.45*

ACT Multi-events C’ships

Ashley Pernecker WU16 1st Heptathlon 3700pts* National U16 Qualifier!!January Jones W50-54 1st Outdoor Pentathlon 991pts

Australian Masters Multi-events C’ships Bendigo

Vicki Townsend W50-54 1st Heptathlon 4159pts

Tori Robertson Stella Norris Sally Hunt Ash_Pernecker


ANSW Club Championships Report

The NSW Club C’ships were held on Saturday Dec 15th with a completely, new and untried teams format which, in my opinion, worked extremely well. Sure, there were glitches and snafus but, on the whole, 22 clubs entering in excess of 100 teams only 3 weeks after the NSW State Relays competition is testament to the success of this innovative approach. It was extremely disappointing the weather intervened to cause quite a number of competitors to miss out on their events, however, not much else could’ve been done with the severity of the actual storms. There are changes that will need be made to the format, especially around the timetabling, though those decisions are for the future. In short, and in my opinion, this ‘new’ Club C’ship format is a terrific addition to the ANSW calendar and should be supported by all clubs and athletes.

Bev Durston W40 800m Ernie Leseberg M40 200m Jason Cheney 800m Kay Heinecke W40 3000m
Marianne Papalexion WU14 800m Ruby Ruane WU14 100m Scott Godfrey M40 3000m Stella Norris WU14 Sprint Relay
Tori Robertson WU14 100m Bev and Paul Carr Chris and Mark Rae  

Here’s the Mingara results from the Club Champs.

Men’s U11 team
Matt Potter 5th 100m 16.56
Coen Godfrey 7th 100m 17.45

Men’s U14 team – 7th out of 8 clubs
Chris Rae 12th 100m 13.60
Amyn Hamilton 16th 100m 16.21
Chris Rae 11th 200m 27.87*
Keenan White 15th 200m 31.45
Keenan White 7th 800m 2:28.74
Aaron Neville-Smith 10th 800m 2:35.32
Charon Van Der Ham 7th 90m Hurdles 22.25
Sprint Medley 6th 2:51.74* (Charon, Aaron, Chris, Keenan)
Charon Van Der Ham 4th Discus 19.88m
Aaron Neville-Smith 6th High Jump 1.40m
Aaron Neville-Smith 4th Triple Jump 10.22m*

Men’s U17 team
Kaya Ardita 2nd 100m Hurdles 16.06

Men’s Open team
Hilary Dube 14th 100m 11.37
Jack Smith 26th 100m 12.05
Jason Cheney 7th Discus 30.05m
Cameron Cheney 7th Javelin 33.45m

Men’s 40+ team – 2nd out of 5 clubs
Ernie Leseberg  1st 100m 11.60
Mark Rae 4th 100m 12.95
Ernie Leseberg 2nd 200m 23.04*
Jason Cheney 4th 200m 25.07
Scott Godfrey 2nd 800m 2:17.23*
Jason Cheney 8th 800m 2:48.89
Scott Godfrey 1st 3000m 10:04.18*
Sprint Medley 2nd 2:21.30* (Ernie, Jason, Mark, Scott)
Jason Cheney 3rd Triple Jump 9.67m
Paul Carr 3rd Javelin 27.88m
Mark Rae 3rd Discus 20.23m
Mark Rae 3rd High Jump 1.40m

Men’s 50+ team
Steve Smith 5th 100m 13.71
Greg Rowe 7th 100m 17.37
Steve Smith 3rd Triple Jump 7.55m

Women’s U14 team – 4th out of 8 clubs
Tori Robertson 2nd 100m 13.34*
Ruby Ruane 14th 100m 14.60
Tori Robertson 6th 200m 27.88*
Ruby Ruane 13th 200m 30.39
Stella Norris 4th 800m 2:35.81
Marianne Papalexion 5th 800m 2:39.17
Tori Robertson 1st 80m Hurdles 13.24
Sprint Medley 6th 2:46.09*
Ruby Ruane 6th Discus 17.97m
Hayley Corduroy 5th High Jump 1.50m
Hayley Corduroy 4th Triple Jump 9.97m

Women’s U17 team
Ashley Pernecker 5th 100m Hurdles 20.27

Women’s Open team
Bronte Carroll 7th 100m 12.35
Hannah Regan 14th 100m 13.18
Ange Jones 4th Discus 33.73m
Aisling Young 3rd Javelin 32.69m*
Aisling Young 7th High Jump 1.40m

Women’s 40+ team – 3rd out of 3 clubs
Ange Jones 5th 100m 15.55
January Jones  6th 100m 16.36
Nicky Kelly 3rd 200m 30.05
January Jones 4th 200m 34.89
Kay Heinecke 3rd 800m 3:02.97
Bev Durston 6th 800m 3:52.07
Sally Hunt 3rd 3000m 12:58.74
Kay Heinecke 5th 3000m 13:48.28
Sprint Medley 3rd 2:58.86*(JJ, Ange, Sally, Nicky)
Ange Jones 2nd Triple Jump 7.81m
Bev Durston 3rd Javelin 12.68m
Bev Durston 3rd Discus 12.07m
Ange Jones 3rd High Jump 1.15m

*Club Records

Hi folks, sorry this report is so late, however, in my defence, almost every spare minute’s been taken up organising the Mingara teams for the Club C’ships the Saturday after next. Here’s the report from Treloar Rd 5 held at SOPAC on Sat Dec 1st.

Jade Beavan WU16 100m 7th 13.02Jacqueline O’Neill WOpen 400m 8th 1:01.03Bess Chippendale WU20 400m 3rd 1:02.32

Jack Vane-Tempest MOpen 100m 11th 11.41, 400m 7th 50.92Matt Winsor MOpen 100m 13th 11.51Ben Denham MU20 100m 9th 11.62Jason Cheney M40-44 100m 2nd 12.66, 2nd 7.26kg Hammer 23.44m, 2nd Long Jump 4.92mCameron Cheney MU16 100m 13th 14.26, 1st 4kg Hammer 21.04m, 3rd Long Jump 4.74mGavin Murray M60-64 5kg Hammer 1st 34.39m, 1st 5kg Shot Put 11.60m

Cheers and congratulations to all

PS here’s the current Treloar Shield Pointscores at the end of Rd 5.
Junior – 14th out 0f 48 clubs, 2nd Country
Open – 19th out of 35 clubs, 3rd Country
Masters – 4th out of 26 clubs, 1st Country

Once again, our little, country club is well and truly up there with the ‘big’ boys from Sydney Metro.