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Coast Runners Shop Race Night
Tuesday 5th January 2021
(Electronic timing in use)

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Heat 1: Ernie Leseberg 7.27, Liam Coles 7.38, Dave Smith 8.64, Shaz McAbs 9.05, Paul Carr 9.20, Zac Barton 9.49
Heat 2: Jai Callaghan 8.22, Bailey Simpson 8.74, Keira Callaghan 9.19, Tahlia Goy 9.29, Jazmyn Graham 9.52, Molly Radic 9.75, Emma Blume 9.89.
Heat 3: John Wall 8.71, Shaz McAbs 8.94, Ruby Clegg 10.13, Kenzi Graham 10.35, Zahli Callaghan 10.38, Olivia Clegg 10.86, Robyn Rex 13.41.
Heat 4: Ernie Leseberg 7.17, Liam Coles 7.30, Jai Callaghan 8.34, Dave Smith 8.60, Paul Carr 8.91, Shaz McAbs 9.08, Keira Callaghan 9.30.
Heat 5: John Wall 8.57, Bailey Simpson 8.92, Shaz McAbs 8.98, Emma Blume 9.87, Ruby Clegg 10.07, Zahli Callaghan 10.47, Olivia Clegg 10.77.

Heat 1: Ashley Pernecker 2.32.48, Stuart Hayward 3.02.02, Sally Hunt 3.02.90, Riley Ashe 3.12.12, Sam Eddy 3.12.84, Stuart Eddy 3.13.13, Charles Berry 3.17.36, Coen Godfrey 3.20.40, Claire Godfrey 3.31.16, Millie Godfrey 3.34.64, Scott Godfrey 3.34.76.
Heat 2: Kane Kennett 2.28.27, Jai Callaghan 2.33.12, Keira Callaghan 2.36.23, Nicky Kelly 2.36.63, Mike Randall 2.41.39, Tara Warren 3.07.34, Chantal Mare 3.11.57, Zahli Callaghan 3.16.21, Olivia Clegg 3.32.41, Marg Beardslee 3.36.34.

Anthony Morgan 8.47.71, Stuart Eddy 9.35.39, Scott Godfrey 9.48.59, Paul Arthur 10.19.10, Jack Davis 11.16.62, Mike Randall 11.48.16, Coen Godfrey 11.55.84, Mark Byfield 11.57.75, Tara Warren 12.32.06, Sally Hunt 13.17.10, Melissa Robertson 13.20.91, Richard Clegg 13.40.74, Marg Beardslee 14.05.35, Sam Eddy 14.36.69, Marg Aurisch 15.46.00, Olivia Clegg 18.56.10, Greg Rowe (walking) 21.50.62.

Heat 1: Keira Callaghan 30.58, Jazmyn Graham 31.77, Tahlia Goy 31.81, Molly Radic 34.48, Zahli Callaghan 38.09
Heat 2: Shaz McAbs 32.55, Ruby Clegg 36.37, Kenzi Graham 39.34, Olivia Clegg 42.67, Claire Godfrey 43.61, Marg Beardslee 44.34.
Heat 3: Ernie Leseberg 22.82, Liam Coles 24.17, Jai Callaghan 27.51, Kane Kennett 28.48, Bailey Simpson 28.98, Paul Carr 29.23, Nicky Kelly 30.37, Stuart Hayward 31.86.

Tuesday night was the first race night of the year and thankfully the sun was out for us. The program was 800m, 60m, 3000m and 200m. We had 44 people competing which was a decent turnout for this time of year when a lot of people are away on holidays.
We had 2 heats of the 800m with the first heat won convincingly by Ashley Pernecker who is a national 400m and 800m runner who is just coming back from injury. Sally Hunt and Stuart Hayward had a battle for second and third with Stuart finishing just a half a second in front of Sally. Heat 2 was won by race night newcomer Kane Kennett in a very quick 2.28.27. Jai Callaghan came in second and there was a good race for third and fourth between Keira Callaghan (Jai’s little sister) and Nicky Kelly, with Keira finishing just 0.4 of a second in front.
The 60m heats are always great to watch as we have so many talented sprinters on the coast. They are usually the most popular as well with us running 5 heats tonight. Masters sprinter Ernie Leseberg dominated as always but was eagerly chased by Liam Coles. In the ladies, Masters sprinter Richelle Ingram (aka Shaz McAbs) raced several heats along with the younger girls Keira Callaghan, Tahlia Goy, Jazmyn Graham, Molly Radic and Emma Blume who are all doing 9 seconds for 60m.
The 3000m event always draws a large field at race night and tonight we had 17 runners line up. The race was taken out by Anthony Morgan who made it look very easy finishing in 8.47.71. Stuart Eddy and Scott Godfrey chased him the whole way both finishing in under 10 minutes (9.35.39 & 9.48.59). Previous City to Surf winner Paul Arthur was not far behind them finishing in 10.19.10. First female home was Tara Warren in a very nice 12.32.06 followed by Sally Hunt and ultra-trail runner Melissa Robertson. Greg Rowe race walked the 3000m finishing in 21.50.62.
We had 3 heats of the 200m, which being the last event, always draws a few tired runners wanting that final punishment of a long sprint. Most of the ladies who lined up for the 60m also backed up for the 200m. Heat 1 for the ladies was taken out by Keira Callaghan in 30.58. Ernie Leseberg ran a nice 22.82 in front of Liam Coles’s 24.17. Other Masters athletes Paul Carr (M60) and Stuart Hayward (M70) ran great times of 29.23 and 31.86 showing us that age is just a number!
A big thank you goes out to Greg Ashe, Mingara Athletics Club president, for running the electronic timing system for us, and also to all of our officials who are volunteers and who often officiate in between competing. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to hold these events.