Mingara Athletics Club

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Saturday 3rd February 2018
C Program

Mingara Athletics Club - CCRJT

Dale Jones 8.58.5
Ernest Leseberg 9.17.8
Bryson Norris 9.24.8
Jake Tracey 9.27.8
Stella Norris 9.58.9
Khali Vincent 10.32.1
Paul Carr 11.15.9
Riley Ashe 12.26.9

Andrew Smee 5.02.9
Nicky Kelly 5.48.0
Khali Vincent 6.13.8
Julie Peksis 6.51.6
Bev Durston 7.28.3
Greg Rowe 9.48.7

Paul Kelaher 1.38.89
Dale Jones 1.57.39
Ernest Leseberg 2.06.00
Jye Kovacs 2.09.26
Ernie Leseberg 2.12.49
Paul Carr 2.14.84
Jake Tracey 2.18.45
Katelyn Wardell 2.23.81
Bryson Norris 2.24.35
Riley Ashe 2.39.50
Bev Durston 2.49.09
Greg Ashe 3.01.60

Jason Cheney 26.55m
Cameron Cheney 26.41m
Dale Jones 24.41m
Bryson Norris 15.12m
Ernest Leseberg 12.36m
Jake Tracey 12.31m

Tonia Brooks 37.89m
Laura Reeves 23.86m
Lilly-Ann Campbell 21.64m
Stella Norris 12.71m
Bev Durston 11.45m
Khali Vincent 11.36m
Sienna Jones 2.16m

Heat 1:
Jye Kovacs 24.71
Ernie Leseberg 25.97
Jason Kovans 26.86
Jason Cheney 27.10

Heat 2:
Nicky Kelly 30.85
Khali Vincent 33.11
Karen Angell 35.15
Katelyn Wardell 39.75
Elena Leseberg 43.22
Bev Durston 45.83

Heat 3:
Dale Jones 27.12
Paul Carr 29.63
Cameron Cheney 32.76
Ernest Leseberg 34.91
Riley Ashe 35.47
Stella Norris 36.42
Bryson Norris 41.76

Long Jump & Triple Jump
Triple Jump Male:
Jye Kovacs 9.72m
Jason Cheney 9.18m
Cameron Cheney 7.77m

Triple Jump Female:
Khali Vincent 5.17m

Long Jump Male:
Jye Kovacs 5.18m
Jason Cheney 4.94m
Dale Jones 4.77m
Ernest Leseberg 3.58m
Bryson Norris 2.85m
Jake Tracey 2.83m
Riley Ashe 2.73m

Long Jump Female:
Khali Vincent 3.60
Nicky Kelly 3.59
Katelyn Wardell 3.31
Laura Reeves 3.20
Stella Norris 2.91
Bev Durston 2.20

4 x 100m Relay
Jason & Cameron Cheney and Jye Kovacs 53.99
Riley Ashe and Paul Carr 1.05.26
Stella & Dean Norris, Bev Durton and Nicky Kelly 1.07.89
Ernie, Elena, Ernest and Emma Leseberg 1.11.37
Bryson Norris and Jake Tracey 1.19.64
Khali Vincent, Dale and Sienna Jones and Katelyn Wardell 1.40.38