Hi folks, here’s the report on last Saturday’s (21/07/2018) simply AWESOME performances at the Waratah Street Relays held at the Ourimbah campus of Newcastle Uni. As can be seen from the data, the combined Mingara/Central Coast teams far outnumbered any other City or Regional club which is testament to the brilliant attitude and camaraderie of ALL our athletes, supporters and parents. There are far, far, FAR too many people who assisted on the day to mention individually as it’ll upset me to miss mentioning anyone so, my personal thanks to everyone for your contributions, however they were made.

That said, I would like to take this opportunity to mention the sensational efforts of just a few. The Rowe’s, Cheryl Anne and Greg, were their usual selves, INCREDIBLE! Their dedication to this club is something to be seen to be believed. Without them, Mingara would find it bloody difficult to operate as successfully as it does. Nicky Kelly, whose work both on the day and beforehand, organising the teams was superb again. Margaret and Robert Beardslee, the beating heart of this great club. A special mention to Jacqui O’Neill from the sprint squad, who, after finishing her own torturous morning training session, spent quite a few hours in the afternoon and, as her biggest contribution, brought me a very, welcomed lunch!!!

On the track side of the day, Katy McCaig and Paul Kelaher deserve special thanks as both athletes ran in two different teams. Katie, in her own 35+ age group as well as the Open Women and, Paul, in both the 35+ and 45+ Men’s teams. Without their contributions, two of those teams may not have been able to compete.

Here’s the full list of results.

U12 Male 2nd 32:52* Jake Tracey, Olly Andrews-Bohringer, Bryson Norris, Charles McKee CC
U14 Male 2nd 35:53 Riley Ashe, Ryan Vesper, Charon Vander Ham, Nathan Kelly Min
U16 Male 1st 27:23 Vincent Williams, Sean Rae, Matt McKay, Joel Kemp Min
U16 Male 3rd 28:46 Sam Liddell, Gabe Scott, Talon Woodward, Spencer Andrews-Bohringer Min
U20 Male 1st 52:22* Jakob Madden, Terry Mihellis, Charlie Kaparakis, Zac Martin Min
Open Male 7th 51:42 Andrew Land, Matt Scarr, Angus Baldwin, Charlie Brooks Min
35+ Male 4th 1hr02:32 Mark Warren, Sean Williams, Matt Dunne, Paul Kelaher CC
45+ Male 9th 1hr07:40 Paul Kelaher, Deane Norris, Jason Madden, David Mehan CC
55+ Male 6th 1hr18:14 Mark Byfield, Paul Carr, Mike Randall, Tony Murphy Min
U12 Female 2nd 33:30 Azarliah Grant, Sarah Grant, Katelyn Wardell, Keira Callaghan CC
U14 Female 5th 31:00 Marianne Papalexion, Sienna Pitcher, Stella Norris, Izabella Dunne Min
Open Female 7th 1hr14:42 Therese Auton, Alyssa Betts, Bianca Grimaldi, Katy McCaig CC
35+ Female 2nd 1hr12:41 Katy McCaig, Tara Warren, Lynda Pagett, Nicky Kelly CC
35+ Female** 4th 1hr25:31 Kay Heinecke, April Carlin, Bev Durston, Sally Hunt Min
55+ Female 1st 1hr21:06* Julie Peksis, Margaret Beardslee, Sharon James, Annette Dwyer CC


 Both-our-U16-Boys-teams  Our-Gold-W55_and-Bronze-Medal-winning-W35_teams  The-Bronze-Medal-winning-U16-Boys  The-Gold-Medal-winning-U16-Boys
 The-Runners-Shop-ladies  The-Silver-medal-winning-U14-Boys  The-U14-girls  The-U20-Gold-Medal-winning-team

*Club Records. I’m including teams who ran as Central Coast as record holders as long as they had some Mingara members in them. My decision only.

**The Mingara 35+ team was awarded 3rd place in that age group as the 2nd placed team, even though it represented the Central Coast and had Mingara members in it, was ineligible for an ANSW Medal as the team wasn’t registered with ANSW as a separate club! The same ineligibility applied to any Central Coast team that placed in the Top 3. Frustrating, but, that’s unfortunately the rules.

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of the clubs that attended y’day and the number of teams they fielded. As you can see, the combined total of 15 teams from Mingara and the Central Coast, far outstripped any other club. Way to go CCCC, Mingara and Margaret for finding so many athletes.

Clubs                            Juniors             Opens              Masters             Teams Total

Striders                        6                      1                      2                                  9
Hills                              1                      2                     6                                  9
Bankstown                                           1                     8                                  9
Mingara                        5                      1                     2                                  8
Central Coast                2                      1                     4                                 7
Newcastle                    3                      2                      1                                  6
Randwick                      2                      2                     1                                 5
Norths                                                  2                      3                                  5
Syd Uni                                                4                                                          4
St George                     2                                             2                                 4
Wests                                                  1                      3                                  4
Easts                                                    3                     1                                  4
Woodstock                                           1                      2                                  3
Illawong                       1                                                                                  1
Ryde                            1                                                                                  1
Asics                            1                                                                                  1
Independent                                        1                                                          1
Girraween                                            1                                                          1
Syd Pac                                                1                                                         1
Sutherland                                                                               1                      1